Free Fall Lifeboat Training Course

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Course Type:
STCW ➜ Additional STCW courses
Training School:
Reval Marine & Offshore Training
Tallinn, Estonia
1 day

FREE FALL LIFEBOAT TRAINING COURSE according to STCW 1978 as amended 2010 Code A-VI/2-1 ja B-I/14.

This course provides training in free fall lifeboats and is based on the provisions of table A-VI/2-1 of the STCW Code. Course participants will be competent to operate free fall lifeboat during or after launch.

They will also be able to operate a free fall lifeboat engine and manage survivors and free fall lifeboat after abandoning ship. Course content:

  • Introduction; safety and launching of free fall lifeboat
  • Launching arrangements
  • Evacuation and recovery of free fall lifeboat
  • Actions to take when clear of the ship
  • Free fall lifeboat engine and accessories
  • Handling Free fall lifeboat in rough water
  • Actions to take when aboard a Free Fall Lifeboat

Course includes at least one actual free fall launch of free fall lifeboat.

Approval: Course is approved by Estonian Maritime Administration.

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