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Maritime Safety Training and Development (Pty) Ltd can count itself as one of the pioneers and expertise in the maritime field as we have a very strong background and it is striving into the future with the latest information and expertise.

Maritime Safety Training and Development (Pty) Ltd has been the first training centre that was purposely built for STCW training and consists of the most up-to-date facilities in Cape Town, South Africa.

Cape Town:

The facilities consists of 750m² and, each classroom is constructed for the subject matter at hand:
The Survival pool was specially designed and constructed to allow proper, one-on-one survival training for our learners:


The Leon Ferreira Fire Station in Boksburg North houses the Ekurhuleni Emergency Services Training Centre, of which we have the full use of.
The very latest and best fire fighting facility is used to train our very own STCW learners. It also consists of all the other facilities that is needed to do STCW survival training.

STCW Training Centres

Maritime Safey Training and Development (Pty) Ltd have their training centre located in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

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  • Candace Bennett

    Candace Bennett

    Average rating: 7 months ago

    This Maritime School is a MUST.
    I have just completed my course to obtain my STCW & I'm pretty sad it's over.
    I'm convinced that all the instructors are part time comedians because there was great humour and laughs every day. Steven, Marthinus, Randall & John have great knowledge and life experience with all the topics that are taught. When you go there you are getting taught by people who know EXACTLY what they are talking about.
    All admin staff and those behind the scenes are efficient & helpful. Thank you for everything!
    My only "fault" (for lack of a better word) is that people should be aware that the PULSE Firefighter training does not take place on the property, therefore, there is an additional cost(R600) to your course should you use transport that Maritime put forward. Should you choose an alternative transport, such as Uber, your costs will be even higher.

    Either way, my partner and I had a fantastic time and I highly recommend them!

  • Diego Esau

    Diego Esau

    Average rating: 3 months ago

    The mission is to keep yourself safe so
    Your crew mates it's all about the plan do you have plan when you on sea because I have a plan for my crew

  • Zoe X Young

    Zoe X Young

    Average rating: 6 months ago

    The best!! Absolutely, training is enjoyable personal are friendly and understanding. Courses are exciting and lectures are very passionate.

  • Sarah Zhou

    Sarah Zhou

    Average rating: a year ago

    Honestly, the staff are very friendly, the lectures are well presented and also very well delivered. The environment is conducive and safe for everyone. I highly recommend this institute. Thank you guys for the experience! I'm really going to miss this place, especially Randel he is a very funny guy☆

  • fabian kemp

    fabian kemp

    Average rating: 5 months ago


  • Blessing Hove

    Blessing Hove

    Average rating: 9 February 2023

    I had one of the best experiences ever. Comfortable and welcoming environment, owesome facilitators and interesting students. Keep up the good work. @ Randal, the hose pipe

  • mamre_girl lilwolf

    mamre_girl lilwolf

    Average rating: 24 January 2023

    Best place to to your stwc. Facilitators are extremely knowledgeable and kind. Especially thank you to Kacy and Debbie. They are the most Kindest souls iv ever met. Thank you for all the support and care.

  • Dee Mlase

    Dee Mlase

    Average rating: 5 December 2022

    Good place to learn your STCW course, you will be tought with professionals. The environment is good. Friendly staff members

  • Stephan Badenhorst

    Stephan Badenhorst

    Average rating: 4 November 2022

    I initially did my first course here and completed my refresher this year, and I can definitely say that the lecturers bring a wealth of knowledge, and are excellent in their respective field/subjects. There has definitely been an improvement on the content of both theory and practical. I'd like to thank all the fantastic lecturers, and amazing admin team who organised everything to a T.

  • Herbert Maganga

    Herbert Maganga

    Average rating: 21 October 2022

    I will definitely refer more people, well organized

  • Zhou Felix

    Zhou Felix

    Average rating: 14 October 2022

    Dear Maritime Safety training Staff

    (Ernest, Bronwyn, Kacie, Nosie, John, Tolgha, RANDAL, DEBBIE and VAUGHN)

    Im am really pleased and more than the word happy itself to do my STCW full course training. For about 11 days on the facility i could feel that am at home. The kind of welcome from the staff was way above imagination.

    From day one when i started my training in Personal survival technics with Mr Randal eish i can't even explain the happiness in me. The staff members are so so knowledgeable and ever smiling and accommodating irregardless of other students who sometimes act childish or slow learning, Maritime staff not forgetting Debby an Ever smiling laddy who makes everything flow through her welcoming smile, I just want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU GUYS i really enjoyed the training from day 1 Upto day 11 doing PST, PSSR, EFA, CSA AND Marine Fire Fighting and Fire prevention.

    I don't have much to say but May the Good lord continue to Bless you in What you are doing.


  • Byron Ravenscroft

    Byron Ravenscroft

    Average rating: 3 October 2022

    Professional training. The staff are knowledgeable, with decades of real life experience and provide a fantastic learning experience. I recommend using this facility.

  • Brenden ॐ

    Brenden ॐ

    Average rating: 26 September 2022

    Pioneers of the industry in SA since 1998. *****

  • Celisca van Rooyen

    Celisca van Rooyen

    Average rating: 17 August 2022

    Literally 10 emails later, back amd forth along with phone calls hetting my certificate to me. Literally just a shrug of the shoulders. It's only my problem now.

    Replying to the reply:

    Why do you think I went elsewhere with my courses in the 1st place? Because of your attitude. But seeing the owner has an attitude of not caring. I see where the personnel gets it from. Secondly, I didn't demand my reissued certificate, it was mentioned in my 1st email in 2017. And no, your not sorry. I am sorry doing my certificate with you. Thirdly, as explained. There was no way I could have fetched my certificate. Why would I bother asking to help get it to me then? No, I am not the spiteful kind like you. You don't even know my whole story, so put your ego aside please and help me get my certificate, which I paid for!

  • Johan Van Jaarsveld

    Johan Van Jaarsveld

    Average rating: 1 June 2022

    It was very good the people was very vrendley and helpful. They do the training very well

  • Connor Burns

    Connor Burns

    Average rating: 9 February 2022

    Best STCW training around great staff super friendly and knowledgeable! Will definitely be coming back!

  • Jan Buhrmann

    Jan Buhrmann

    Average rating: 1 September 2021

    Awesome thanks, great lectures

  • gevea lee johnson

    gevea lee johnson

    Average rating: 26 June 2021

    Great experience

  • Riaan Vorster

    Riaan Vorster

    Average rating: 28 September 2020

    Very happy with end result. Good value for money

  • Johan Du Plessis

    Johan Du Plessis

    Average rating: 9 March 2019

    They issued me with a PSSR Certificate that has an expiry date after 5 years, where the STCW does not require a refresher in this course. The STCW only requires refreshers in Fire Fighting and Survival at Sea. Trust me looking for time, later in your yachting career, to redo a course unnecessarily is not fun, do your PSSR elsewhere.

    When I tried to contact them, they just ignored me. Just another South African company that exploits people who are eager to get into yachting.

    Addded: Spoke to SAMSA and it seems the legislation in SA requires the 5 year expiry. They are in the process to amend it.

  • Michelle Bothma

    Michelle Bothma

    Average rating: 22 January 2019

    Absolutely awesome! STCW courses are completed in a world class facility by experienced, professional and inspiring teachers! From my experience, T. Watson , who was a facilitator during some of my courses , goes over and above what is expected, each and every student in my class can agree that his training was thorough and well presented! Safety first can now be practiced with confidence! Thank you!

  • nkosikhona ernest siboya

    nkosikhona ernest siboya

    Average rating: 28 August 2018



    Average rating: 19 August 2018

    Did the full STCW course. Very professional, Definately recommended! Will be back in 5 years.

  • shane de Stadler

    shane de Stadler

    Average rating: 14 November 2016

    Ive done my PST and LV3 first aid a few times and this company has been the best so far to go to. Great courses and very professional.

  • Kevin Blythe-Wood

    Kevin Blythe-Wood

    Average rating: 1 July 2016

    As advertised

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