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At Toi Ohomai we truly believe that your success is key to the success of our whole region. That’s why we’re here - to help make your dreams a reality.

More than 13,000 students just like you study with us across nearly 86 delivery sites, having chosen their course from more than 200 study options.

Toi Ohomai is a network of purposeful connections with our community and industry – together we are forming constellations of excellence, knowledge, people, partnerships and innovation throughout the region, united in the exchange of knowledge. We are all here to be awakened and inspired by learning and to ensure our people, communities and region continue to prosper and flourish.

We are one of the largest tertiary providers in the Bay of Plenty. Our five main campuses can be found throughout the beautiful Bay of Plenty.

Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW-10)

Want to work on a super yacht, cruise ship, oil rig, merchant vessel or in the commercial maritime industry? You'll need industry certification first as it's an international safety requirement.

There's no sea time involved and if you do all five courses it takes just a week to complete. This is the amended version of STCW-78.

Upon successful completion of each topic you will receive the relevant certificate of competency in:

  • STCW Basic Firefighting
  • STCW Elementary First Aid
  • STCW Personal Safety and Social Responsibility
  • STCW Personal Survival
  • STCW Security Awareness

If all five topics are successfully completed you'll receive the award of:

  • International Maritime Organisation STCW-10 Basic

Please note that this course is currently only offered in Tauranga at our Windermere Campus. 

STCW Training Centres

Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology have their training centre located in Tauranga, New Zealand.

Customer Reviews

Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology reviews as published on Google:

  • Halen Tipene

    Halen Tipene

    Average rating: 2 months ago

    Absolutely terrible service at the Windermere Hair Salon, had my hair booked in for a bleach and tone, then canceled on me an hour before, first person I spoke to was great, informed me 4 people were off sick and could not be done, however the second person was dreadful, just constant excuses she was rude and condescending with a massive ego, she said it could be done, then couldn’t be done, and then when I asked why not she got flustered and tried talking over me the entire time, Whoever this was lacks interpersonal skills and not well informed , very unprofessional.
    I get it mistakes and miscommunication happens, but work around it, make it work, inform your clients and give them the right information properly the first time.
    So in the end, no appointment and no alternative I put time aside from work to get this done and just have a massive window now. No consideration for your time but expect you to be of theirs, so I can’t recommend them to anyone, just look at the previous complaints in regard to how they treat their own students?

    Edit - reached out, no response, just like others have said they don’t give a damn, terrible all round, don’t study, don’t visit, don’t support this place

  • Jeremiah_ Was

    Jeremiah_ Was

    Average rating: 4 months ago

    Greatest place I have had the pleasure to study. Amazing facilities and the absolute best tutors

  • Chris Dawson

    Chris Dawson

    Average rating: 4 months ago

    Fantastic place to go and get an awesome education.
    Knowledgeable tutors that are enthusiastic to give the student the best opportunity to gaining what is required for a qualification.

  • Caitlyn Elliot

    Caitlyn Elliot

    Average rating: 7 months ago

    Tutors do the bare minimum and you could barely call that teaching. Confidentiality doesn't exist and expect biased grading. If you fail a course expect the tutors to announce it to the other students. Very embarrassing. Bare minimum contact from tutors via email and they will turn around and become hostile once called out. Not only that but I've come to learn that the courses and degrees from this institution aren't recognised worldwide. An absolute waste of time and money. Anne Marie is a tutor to avoid and expect that she will be disrespectful and will not hesitate to look down on you, encourage you to leave and ultimately talk **** about you to staff and students. Very unprofessional and upsetting. Do. Not. Study. Here.

  • jobenjit kaur

    jobenjit kaur

    Average rating: 6 months ago

    Would never recommend any international student to took admission here. They will play with your future

  • Joel Edlin

    Joel Edlin

    Average rating: 26 December 2022

    Awesome tutors, but some only tell instead of teach

  • RAS


    Average rating: 24 November 2022

    studied beauty and was an absolutely terrible experience. tutors had terrible communication, i was supposed to receive disability support for my adhd and never did. when doing spray tanning in class, we had run out of disposable bras (which the tutor knew would happen since our first day but didnt order and more) and when i asked for what i should do for decency she just shrugged her shoulders and said id have to go nude. this made me feel violated and assaulted and terrible. was promised id get an apology from the tutor and never received one, and she never faced any repercussions.

  • jordan camping

    jordan camping

    Average rating: 27 October 2022

    I go there and its a great place to learn and study

  • Stuart Naysmith

    Stuart Naysmith

    Average rating: 8 August 2022

    A highly inspirational and motivational, fun environment where it feels anything is possible.

  • Mike Downs

    Mike Downs

    Average rating: 13 July 2022

    Great learning college awesome Tudors they are all their to get your education qualifications finalized and your new career started, it's up to your efforts if you fail here.

  • Willy


    Average rating: 7 July 2022

    just visited the information desk for some help with studylink and the lady there was exceptionally helpful. thank you

  • Trickybrino 928

    Trickybrino 928

    Average rating: 6 April 2022

    A lot better than normal school in every way

  • Aisling Fahey

    Aisling Fahey

    Average rating: 4 March 2022

    My Daughter does waterpolo there.great pool,I don't know about the rest of the place. Looks nice

  • Rae Williams

    Rae Williams

    Average rating: 21 February 2022

    Great introduction to what looks like a top class sustainable primary industries program at ever evolving practical hands-on facilities with whoa-to-go improvement projects. You figure out the project requirements, design, materials & resources, pricing, ordering then assemble with the skills you gain through this program. Empowering self-sufficient life skills!

  • Carl Prebensen

    Carl Prebensen

    Average rating: 17 January 2022

    After months of correspondence with the polytechnic, there was nothing stating that I required a vaccine pass. I went for an interview and was rudely turned away at the front door for not declaring my vaccination status. Your website has a tiny covid19 tab. You are supposed to be a place of information. Do a better job! I will never return for any future study.

  • Tania Nichols

    Tania Nichols

    Average rating: 13 January 2022

    I believed Toi Ohomai to put all students Education first, but they have chosen to discriminate against unvaxxed students, for some, mid way through their course. As an Educational institution they have chosen to teach learners that discrimination is acceptable, that students health and vaccination status is not confidential, and that they themselves need educating as whether a student is vaxxed or unvaxxed, they can catch and transmit covid.

  • Shakti “shaktipat” Pat

    Shakti “shaktipat” Pat

    Average rating: 4 August 2021

    It's not the building, it's the people that make this such a great environment to learn in.

  • Malcolm Robinson

    Malcolm Robinson

    Average rating: 17 June 2021

    Attend open night. Staff helpful, friendly and providing practical advice. Premises was clean.

  • Amrinder singh

    Amrinder singh

    Average rating: 5 May 2021

    Don't go if you are immigrant
    pure racism

  • charlotte pope

    charlotte pope

    Average rating: 22 February 2021

    Wasn't planning on going here but ended up being really happy and successful here. Tutors are great and really care about the learning of there students. I was in animal management.

  • Tee T

    Tee T

    Average rating: 21 February 2021

    Great place to learn a new skills or up skill towards employment. Highly recommended.

  • Sylvia Dovaston

    Sylvia Dovaston

    Average rating: 25 January 2021

    Went to the pool, looks fab since repaint. Staff friendly as always, look forward to going back next week

  • Mojo Bartle

    Mojo Bartle

    Average rating: 3 November 2020

    They need a map at every gate for visitors lol. But a good place.



    Average rating: 5 September 2020


  • Jasmin Dearlove

    Jasmin Dearlove

    Average rating: 30 July 2020

    Both the barber shop and hair salon where amazing great experience will be back

  • KipperBill


    Average rating: 21 July 2020

    It is a really cool place, nice and relaxed. The coffee I've heard is average (at the two cafès) but the wedges ain't bad! So far it's a great place to learn your passion and get you that career or next step you need through doing practical NOT theoretical! Love it!

  • Bonnie Keepin

    Bonnie Keepin

    Average rating: 10 June 2020

    Great beauty treatment

  • Kenrick Knowlson

    Kenrick Knowlson

    Average rating: 25 May 2020

    Helpful friendly staff.

  • Football Rebels

    Football Rebels

    Average rating: 12 May 2020

    Not suprised to see other bad reviews.
    Marine Course tutors are rude and arrogant. Reported to Human Resources, who did not help at all and did not seem to care.
    Would not recommend attending this
    No need to send me the 'copy and pasted' apology to this review.

  • Ananda kc

    Ananda kc

    Average rating: 14 December 2019


  • Natalie


    Average rating: 19 September 2019

    As much as the staff are really lovely and go out of their way to help students it seems impossible for them to address issues relating to lots of politics involved in the management. I've been sent around circles at the course starting point, charged my course fee and enrolled me, relocated to a different campus without informing me and failed to inform me for weeks!
    They can't sort out a simple thing without confusion. Went to their health centre for a check, they got my sample to send to the lab and asked to come back following week for results, the following week when I went there I was told that samples were thrown in the bin as there is a fee for international students. Absolutely horrendous customer service!!!

  • Jodi Cargill

    Jodi Cargill

    Average rating: 17 June 2019

    They updated the WiFi and let me tell you. Don't bother. You'll have better luck with the passby busses. You can't study with it. Never been so frustrated over trying to sort my study out then when I get here and need to use the facilties to find out half of them don't work.

  • Tourism Bay of Plenty

    Tourism Bay of Plenty

    Average rating: 24 May 2019

    Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology is the largest tertiary provider in the Bay of Plenty. The Windermere Campus is located on the outskirts of Tauranga city.

  • Chris Moran

    Chris Moran

    Average rating: 2 April 2019

    I don't know why its acceptable to be selling V drinks to students on campus?

  • Cameron Green

    Cameron Green

    Average rating: 1 April 2019

    Staff are rude and unhelpful. I can't believe this is actually a school for higher learning. Seems more like a job centre for retired people.

  • josh b

    josh b

    Average rating: 16 March 2019

    So far everything has been great, will update to 5 stars if it continues like that

  • Anna Ivanna

    Anna Ivanna

    Average rating: 22 February 2019

    not a reliable and not a serious educational institution.

  • Gurvinder Kaur

    Gurvinder Kaur

    Average rating: 18 February 2019

    All the glitters is not gold. Pathetic services. Compaints went unanswered. Email not answered. Employ_NZ is way better. They help my brother a lot and make him feel like a family. At toi courses got cancelled after paying fees, you ll get an email after 10 days if u ll ask for help.
    Disappointed :-(

  • Naveen Turner

    Naveen Turner

    Average rating: 17 August 2018

    I had all my loan, allowance and course related costs all confirmed.. went to the polytechnic office and paid course related costs.

    Only then I find out the course had been cancelled!
    I have to wait one week to be refunded.

    I've had to cancel everything with studylink.
    I've had to return the boots I bought for the course.
    Talking to inland revenue today, about returning course related costs..
    I also have to pay an administrative fee of $60.. it feels like I'm being penalised for being myself mucked around.

    If you're signing up for a it the day you start.
    No one will contact you immediately to tell you your course has cancelled.

  • Lena Matthews

    Lena Matthews

    Average rating: 11 July 2018

    Bad experience with the staff. Not enough resources to access. Save your money and study with a university.

  • Barry Black

    Barry Black

    Average rating: 21 June 2018

    Great facility and campus layout

  • Seona


    Average rating: 12 October 2017

    So quiet place and good for reading during weekdays. I visited the school library here.
    You can enjoy outside here even weekends.

  • Zane_Waves


    Average rating: 29 July 2015

    great friendly bunch. experienced and full of knowledge. also they have a very comfortable working environment. recommended anyone to study there.

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STCW Basic Safety Training (New Entrants)
Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW-10)