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The Superyacht Crew Academy was established in 2002, and is Australia’s leading Superyacht and maritime education provider. Providing training in a number of different fields, they are accredited to provide MCA-approved IYT international certification, as well as the Australian AMSA certification, which is required to work in Australia. The Superyacht Crew Academy operate entry level courses, including the internationally mandatory STCW95+10 Basic Safety Training, and Deckhand and Stewardess courses, through to the more advanced Master of Yachts and Celestial Navigation courses. AMSA courses, including General Purpose Hand, Coxswain, Master <24m, MEDII & MEDIII, are also offered as part of their curriculum.
Our Fastrack program is also held twice a year, training you from zero experience to the Superyacht Master of Yachts 200 ton Captain ticket in 11 weeks, for crew wanting to jump start their Superyacht careers.

It does not matter if you have years of boating experience behind you, or you have never set foot aboard a boat; the Superyacht Crew Academy can get you qualified, competent and job-ready to start your career in only a matter of weeks. The Academy will take you through all the relevant training and certification required to be totally capable, employable and a valuable crew member on board a Superyacht. All our courses are taught by highly experienced, certified trainers, who will provide you with the relevant skills and knowledge to excel in any role.

Obligation-free and cost-free Superyacht industry consultation is also available for anyone wishing to pursue a career onboard. Team members take you through all the details required to make an informed decision about your future one-on-one, and discuss the Superyacht industry, which career path would suit you best, and how to get started and settled in Australia or overseas.

With Superyacht and maritime training courses operating every 3 weeks throughout the year, the Superyacht Crew Academy is the best start in the Superyacht and maritime industries, wherever in the world that you choose.

STCW Training Centres

Superyacht Crew Academy have their training centre located in Warriewood, NSW, Australia.

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Customer Reviews

Superyacht Crew Academy reviews as published on Google:

  • Billy Heath

    Billy Heath

    Average rating: 2 weeks ago

    Warning not AMSA recognised for STCW 95!
    Only place in Australia that isn’t, if your vessel requires it in Australia it is completely invalid.
    Really good courses apart form that

  • Ben Kirk

    Ben Kirk

    Average rating: a month ago

    Done the STCW refresher. All training held by the team here was executed at a high level of professionalism and quality.

    Although the fire training a decent journey, the facilities out there were worth it .

  • Anastacia Buhagiar

    Anastacia Buhagiar

    Average rating: a month ago

    i had a really great experience with the super yacht crew academy and would recommend it to anyone wanting to join the industry

  • Emily Hamilton

    Emily Hamilton

    Average rating: in the last week

    Awesome! Great content and even better staff!

  • Lia Alzamora Valdez

    Lia Alzamora Valdez

    Average rating: a month ago

    I did stcw with these guys and it wa Sam amazing experience 100% recommended. They were so helpful and kind

  • Chris Smith

    Chris Smith

    Average rating: 2 March 2024

    Great facility, informative training, passionate trainers.

  • Caine Linhart

    Caine Linhart

    Average rating: 15 December 2023

    Lovely people, very inviting environment.
    Would highly recommend

  • Michelle Maricic

    Michelle Maricic

    Average rating: 10 October 2023

    I did the STCW95+10 with Superyacht Crew Academy. It was a great course, very thorough with the information, the practical days were very good, you will learn a lot from this course.

  • Lara Carpenter

    Lara Carpenter

    Average rating: 25 July 2023

    I did the IYT Interior course with Berna and it was so informative. Berna is still extremely passionate about the yachting industry and taught us absolutely everything we need to know. She really went above and beyond. Came out of the course feeling so much more confident. Would highly recommend doing this course to anyone starting out in yachting.

  • sarah woodger

    sarah woodger

    Average rating: 1 April 2023

    Great training, super friendly and helpful staff with a welcoming atmosphere. Best place to go to for super yacht training, if i ever need to do additional training in the future I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  • Willow Lewis

    Willow Lewis

    Average rating: 3 February 2023

    I recently completed my Master 24. All the staff were very professional & helpful. From Kristy being a great help with my course enrolment to, to Peter my Master 24 teacher with extensive knowledge and to Roberta & Greg with great professionalism & tips in the Superyacht industry! I throughly enjoyed my time here and I would highly recommend anyone to upskill or wanting to work overseas!

  • sam stevenson

    sam stevenson

    Average rating: 20 February 2022

    Great school to do your entry level Superyacht tickets at. I attended here 4 years ago, and it set me up for the future.

  • Oscar


    Average rating: 16 February 2022

    Done my coxswain through super yacht crew academy and I first I thought this school was really great until it started getting towards the end of my course and I started to notice the teachers losing interest in our group as another group had started so they were juggling both. Eventually I was told that I had finished my course but then a few weeks later got called in to say I had more to complete, I went in and then got told again that was it and I was finished, few months went buy and I sent them an email asking when I was gunna receive my certificate and if I had actually fully finished the course as the way it ended seemed strange as I just got never contacted again. All that work and effort and money to just be not responded to is pretty disappointing!

  • Izaak Smit

    Izaak Smit

    Average rating: 16 June 2021

    It is very important to note that the STCW training provided by Superyacht Crew Academy is NOT recognised in Australia by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. Whilst it can help you with a career in some countries outside of Australia, it is not recognised within Australia, rendering it more or less useless if you want a career here.

    I have just lost a great position within a company in Australia because my STCW certification is not valid. I can't understand why a training organisation in Australia would offer certification that isn't valid within it's own borders. Please consider this before enrolling with this organisation.

    When I explained the situation to them, and with them having known full well that I've come from the construction industry with no prior knowledge of the maritime industry, I was offered no compensation, instead I was told that I knew what I was signing up for which clearly I did not. I feel in my personal opinion that I was taken advantage of and after speaking to some of my other classmates I have confirmed that they were not aware either.
    Now we need to pay for and sit this course again with an AMSA approved rto to get our certifications recognised.

    On a side note, when we questioned why we hadn't received our LONG RANGE OPERATOR CERTIFICATE OF PROFICIENCY (LROCP) 6 months down the track, we were informed that the exams hadn't even been submitted to the Australian Maritime College and I personally had to make my way back down to Sydney to sit the exam for the second time.

  • Gerhard Meiring

    Gerhard Meiring

    Average rating: 15 December 2020

    SCA was excellent from registration through to wrapping up 2 and a half weeks of hands-on courses. The breadth of experience the instructors shared with the classes throughout the STCW, Deckhand and Powerboat courses was honest and realistically portrayed the industry and what to expect as a newcomer. Very much worth the cost for the practical experience gained from ex crew members themselves. Thanks team!

  • Tayla McIntyre

    Tayla McIntyre

    Average rating: 11 December 2020

    Such an incredible experience with the most amazing and helpful instructors. Would highly recommend Superyacht Crew Academy to help you start your journey in this industry!

  • Cormac Brown

    Cormac Brown

    Average rating: 11 July 2019

    Completed Master 200 Ocean with Superyacht worth every dollar spent. Cheers

  • Temperament Enterprise

    Temperament Enterprise

    Average rating: 12 October 2018

    Did my MOY 200t limited here, excellent school, great instructors!

  • korhan ozakman

    korhan ozakman

    Average rating: 8 February 2018

    Very grateful for the team at super yacht crew academy ! From day one the support and guidance start to get you ready for an epic journey of adventure and personal growth in the industry.
    And still 8 months on the team help me and support me in the journey !
    Could not ask for a better academy to get the ball rolling .
    Much appreciated super yacht crew academy !
    Ahoy legends !!!!!

  • zac cheney

    zac cheney

    Average rating: 4 April 2017

    Really enjoyed the training, it was of the highest standard and very realistic! I recommend spending the extra money and doing the additional training ( deckhand and stew courses) as you learn so much more.

    Stuart and the entire team went above and beyond even allowing me and a few of the other deckhands to get some additional hours onboard the tenders after the course was completed.

    Within a day after the course I had day work and within a week had a job on board a yacht and had advice through the entire process.

  • Declan Verlin

    Declan Verlin

    Average rating: 28 March 2017

    Amazing training facility! The guys and girls made me and the others in my group feel like we were part of a little family during our time at the academy. Stuart went above and beyond to help me with my CV, knowledge and even gave me a few connections to find work over in Antibes!
    I'll be back for my Master of Yachts for sure!!!

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STCW95+10 Basic Safety Training
STCW Refresher
STCW 95+10 Refresher