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Ship Mate Ltd. is a Bahamas Maritime Authority approved STCW training facility. The STCW Courses are designed to satisfy the requirements for Basic Safety Training on all size vessels. There are no tonnage limits on this course and it is appropriate for all crewmembers and pleasure craft users. Ship Mate Ltd will provide STCW training based on IMO Modal course minimum requirements.

With centers in Nassau and Freeport; training courses include STCW Basic Safety Training (PSSR, PST, Fire Prevention and Firefighting and Elementary First Aid)​.

STCW Training Centres

Ship Mate Training Center have their training centre located in Nassau, Bahamas.

Customer Reviews

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  • Javier King

    Javier King

    Average rating: 2 months ago

    Ship mate is the best maritime school in the Bahamas .Excellent instructors who are straight forward and very knowledgeable therefore making training and learning easy and fun.

  • Lala B

    Lala B

    Average rating: 3 months ago

    Fully recommend! Shipmate has all the equipment needed to start your career as a sea bearer!

  • Ramone Cartwright

    Ramone Cartwright

    Average rating: 7 months ago

    Recently did the STCW course with the team here at Shipmate, I must say it was more than I expected! They definitely went above & beyond to make the course comfortable as well as making the info fun to learn which was a big plus for me! Definitely recommended to my crew we'll be attending more sessions for sure

  • Jeremy Francis

    Jeremy Francis

    Average rating: 7 months ago

    I must say this was a very good and knowledgeable course. Instructor Mr. Evans And Mr. Dean was very informative and was not boring I would recommend anyone and everyone to take these classes STCW or Captains it don’t matter. Also thank u to the wonderful staff who provided information tea and coffe!!

  • Wellington Laing

    Wellington Laing

    Average rating: 7 months ago

    As a result of the classes I took with Mr. Burrows at Ship Mate in reference to C.P.R protocols and percidure I was able to save a ladys life today at Goodmans Bay Beach by administering C.P.R and reviving until the ambulance came. Without this knowledge and teachings I am 100% sure that I would not have been able to perform this life saving percidure. Me and Ms . Bethy thanks Shipmate and Mr. Burrows for there excellent training to be able to assist her in her life threatening situation.

  • Harold Chipman

    Harold Chipman

    Average rating: 24 January 2023

    The place look amazing. Teachers and staff were very friendly, helpful and professional. They made the stcw so fun for me now Im going back for a B captain license I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to learn about boating.

  • Ashwell Moss

    Ashwell Moss

    Average rating: 24 January 2023

    Did my Class B licensing and STCW certification here, I recommend this institution to everybody… great instructors and staff and they made sure I got the correct training and learning to get my certifications.

  • Lord Soahc

    Lord Soahc

    Average rating: 14 July 2022

    Best classroom best teachers! Highly recommend to take STCW and captin masters license (A and B) !!!

  • Alvin Sweeting

    Alvin Sweeting

    Average rating: 7 May 2021

    Love ship mate ! Love the staff very friendly an well educated in there area of training. Cant wait to go back for my B captain licenses then move on to my A

  • Jamaal McIntosh

    Jamaal McIntosh

    Average rating: 10 July 2020

    Absolutely professional... courses are well organized and on time ... I did an eight week course and loved it... would like to see more classes offered in the future...

  • Marcus Laing

    Marcus Laing

    Average rating: 23 March 2018

    I was gifted a class B captains license course and didn’t know what to expect. Shipmate’s course was organized, supported by knowledgeable professionals and it’s recognized by the port department. I really enjoyed the course and would recommended it to seasoned sea goers or others just interested in learning new things. Thumbs up Shipmate and keep up the stellar work.

  • Trevor Mitchell

    Trevor Mitchell

    Average rating: 14 December 2017

    Hey listen this place is awesome for anyone who wants to become sea worthy. They offer great courses at a great price that comes along with damn good teachers. The atmosphere is clean and cool and staff are like family so dont think twice about going.

  • Dario Mckinney

    Dario Mckinney

    Average rating: 25 November 2017

    I’ve always had a love for boats since I was a kid because I started going to work with my dad in the summers and he was a bartender on a catamaran. So I’d be up from 5am and excited to get on the boat and sail away every day every summer. However all my life I’ve been a banker and corporate manager with the curiosity of the boat life on the back burner. I stumbled across the page on Facebook one day and immediately caught my eye. The tuition had a payment plan and the overall cost was very affordable. It was exactly what any persons who doesn’t know anything about the sea needs. It’s basically Boat Masters for Dummies if you want to be blunt. The very first line on the first print out is “What is a boat?” I was sold from there. This is for me because I’m a dummy! At the end of the course I was using tools I’ve never seen in my life and plotting a course on a chart from the Bahamas into international waters and calculating fuel and wind speed. This place is nothing short of superb!

    Thanks Shipmate.

  • Nelson Johnson

    Nelson Johnson

    Average rating: 17 November 2017

    My experience here was an awesome one. I've learned so many new things that I never knew, had a great teacher their course was very professional, flawless, outstanding... I can go on and on about how they handle and train their students. If anyone is looking to do their training in navigation or trying to become a captain. I highly recommend this school go everyone.

  • Melissa Harding

    Melissa Harding

    Average rating: 17 November 2017

    My experience at Shipmate was an amazing experience. Very informative, the staff and instructors were a great help through the entire course. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking forward to start a career in the maritime field.

  • Ryan McCartney

    Ryan McCartney

    Average rating: 17 November 2017

    Much thanks and appreciation to Shipmate Ltd. For such an amazing course. It's was hands on, informative and fun at the same time. I didn't sleep at all in this class lol but seriously thanks to Deborah, Capt. Campbell and team ( Capt Evans & Dean ) for such a good time, they made the environment comfortable in all areas it is.....Thank You!!!!

  • malik green

    malik green

    Average rating: 16 November 2017

    Many thanks to ShipMate ltd. for their training being so TOP NOTCH and professional. I must say that I have being given hands on and theoretical training that has been very effective in many ways. The guided help I received in training made me more prepared, responsive and flexible in the field I have been trained for. Nonetheless, I recommend the training for anyone renewing their certificates, seeking knowledge or even looking for something new to do. With the classes being very informing and positive and all others being attuned to the same mindset, it makes training a more comfortable and passive environment.

    Cheers, Sail on.

  • D'Atra Munroe

    D'Atra Munroe

    Average rating: 15 November 2017

    Great team and well planned curriculum. I did my Class B Boatmasters training at Ship Mate and was impressed with the structure, facility and knowledge of trainers. Capt Campbell has put together a well planned program. It was great meeting other mariners and gaining friends in the industry's I would highly recommend this training center for all maritime training.

    Capt Munroe

  • Miller Boy

    Miller Boy

    Average rating: 20 June 2017

    As a whole my experiences with Shipmate Ltd. Have been remarkable, the staff is extremely knowledgeable and more than happy to answer any and every question you could possibly have. I've found they pride themselves on doing nothing short of the best often times going above and beyond the call. The classrooms and facilities are immaculately kept. The group as a whole feels more like a family than a business which adds even more of a push for success. The amount of knowledge and experience available was really mind blowing, the attention to detail is unmatched.

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