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MTC Maritime training center is a leader in maritime training located in Tampa, FL. We offer a multitude of courses whether getting your captains license, ordinary seaman, able seaman, or needing STCW endorsements we have the classes for you. Our goal is to provide each student with an amazing training experience.


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Our teaching methods are designed to enrich the students learning experience so you can reach your potential, that's why our success rate is nearly flawless.

Our classes are designed to encourage students to ask questions. We want the student to leave our class knowing they have the knowledge, understanding, and proficiency to get the job done.


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MTC Maritime Training Center have their training centre located in Tampa, Florida, United States of America.

Customer Reviews

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  • Don Stevens

    Don Stevens

    Average rating: 7 months ago

    Fantastic program run by Capt John Mincey, a retired Coast Guard Chief with a huge depth of knowledge which he graciously shared with us. I have considerable experience and John greatly enhanced my knowledge and skillsets. I highly recommend!

  • Lars Lund

    Lars Lund

    Average rating: 9 months ago

    I want to thank MTC, particularly captain John Mincey. Not only does he possess the experience necessary to competently teach the class, he also has the ability to gauge his students. He spent the right amount of time on all the material we needed to cover. I would highly recommend the in class experience as John was an invaluable resource for the variety of questions. It really helps you to understand and apply what you’re learning. Great job, thanks again!

  • Preston Cleary

    Preston Cleary

    Average rating: 9 months ago

    Don’t bother paying for them to send your package in for you, I did and it got kicked back 3 times and then the instructor ghosted me after the cost guard threw my application out completely. It was a good course well thought out and they will work with you if you’re having trouble on a subject. I’m still currently fighting the battle with the coast guard on my own which was never my intention since I paid them ensure I had what I needed. Sometimes you don’t get what you pay for.

  • nate watts

    nate watts

    Average rating: 6 months ago

    Amazing course! Captain John ensured the knowledge was retained with "real world application". I was worried about the complexity of the material, but John made it relatable. Very comfortable environment. No denying it, this is a tough course! Instructed with expertice and professionalism. Definitely recommend this in person course!

  • Jim Sperzel

    Jim Sperzel

    Average rating: a month ago

    Highly recommend in-class learning experience for OUPV certification. A difficult course with a ton of information packed into 7 days, but Captain John made it informative, fun and useful!

  • Todd String

    Todd String

    Average rating: 26 July 2023

    I recently completed my OUPV - 6 pack license with MTC Maritime Training Center and have nothing but great things to say about the MTC Maritime school and my teacher Captain John Mincey. Captain John is an outstanding teacher, very knowledgeable, always available, and has tons of experience on the water. Captain John is very patient with you and willing to help you understand the material no matter how many times he must explain it to you. I want to thank Captain John and MTC Maritime Training Center for helping me obtain my Captains License. If I was to ever upgrade my license, I am choosing MTC Maritime Training Center. Captain John, you are a great teacher brother!

  • Neil Kvocka

    Neil Kvocka

    Average rating: 17 June 2023

    I recently had the pleasure of taking a CPR, First Aid, and AED course at MTC Maritime Training Center taught by John, and I couldn't be more impressed!

  • Bennett Elkins

    Bennett Elkins

    Average rating: 26 September 2022

    Couldn't have been happier with the professionalism and patience from Captain Jamie Shaffer and his team. Jamie is an outstanding teacher and has my full respect. I will definitely be booking all future certifications with him.

  • Chad MacDonald

    Chad MacDonald

    Average rating: 2 August 2022

    Captain Jamie did an amazing job, lots of info in a short time and he has found a way to to make it understandable and still keeps it fun! And if you're in from out of town, they have a hook up at an air bnb, and there's a nice brewery minutes away

  • jevaughn wright

    jevaughn wright

    Average rating: 15 July 2022

    This is not one of those schools where you pay and they give you a certificate, You actually have to pass these test so if you fail it's on you, But Jamie is a very good instructor so if you pay attention in class you shouldn't have a problem

  • Alvin Klasi

    Alvin Klasi

    Average rating: 6 July 2022

    Our instructor Jamie was awesome! He was very knowledgeable and patient. If your looking into getting your Captains License, I would highly recommend Jamie and MTC.

  • Savanna Galloway

    Savanna Galloway

    Average rating: 28 April 2022

    I attended the training center for my OUPV captains license and the Masters upgrade course. Jamie was the best instructor I've had throughout my life thus far! The facility was clean, well kept, and easy to find. I learned a great deal during my time at the training center, and the staff I've had the pleasure of meeting were very welcoming and kind. I felt at home and I'm looking forward to attending more courses in the future! Highly recommend.

  • Renee` Galloway

    Renee` Galloway

    Average rating: 14 April 2022

    Oh behalf of our daughter Savanna G., we are so incredibly grateful to Jamie and the MTC Maritime Training Center for instructing this class with so much knowledge and professionalism! The bonus making it fun to learn has been essential with retaining all you've taught. We have not seen our daughter so happy to learn about becoming a Master Captain! Thank you, Jamie and MTC team!

  • Dan Shaughnessy

    Dan Shaughnessy

    Average rating: 17 March 2022

    Captain Jamie did an amazing job teaching the material and taking his time with each student so they understood the content! I was extremely worry about chart plotting and navigation but he put my mind at ease and made me realize that if I just stick with it, I will get it! Everything Jamie said about the class was true, it is NOT easy by any means but through his teaching style I accomplished my goal! I will be sending all of my future captains here. Thanks again for a great class and experience

  • Christina Hennessy

    Christina Hennessy

    Average rating: 5 February 2022

    My husband Arnold couldn’t be happier. Thank you for your awesome help!

  • Rachel Young

    Rachel Young

    Average rating: 13 November 2021

    I took the AB course with Jamie and it was a blast. Jamie is knowledgeable, a clear communicator and makes the classroom comfortable. One of the best things about the course was how easy it was to ask any and all questions. Jamie went above and beyond to not only give clear answers, but not make an question seem dumb, or irrelevant. I flew across the country for this course and I will do it again in the future. Another thing I greatly appreciated was the help he gave in trying to figure out what courses are relevant, what ones you need or don't, and how to complete paperwork. I can't say enough good things about this Training Center, and how great the course was!

  • Jason Hellem

    Jason Hellem

    Average rating: 28 September 2021

    I recently just finished with the OUPV Captains 6-Pack and 100 Ton Masters courses and could not be happier! Subject matter was challenging, however Capt. Jamie Schaffer does an excellent job presenting information, breaking everything down literally step by step. When it comes to exam prep, does an excellent job preparing students with the knowledge necessary in order to excel on every test. If you want to go from zero, to an abundance of knowledge, take these courses! As happy as a sailor coming in to port to see his woman!

  • Jeff Ivie

    Jeff Ivie

    Average rating: 27 September 2021

    This class was absolutely awesome, we learned WAY more than I expected, if fact I liked it so much I stayed to get my 100 ton upgrade! Jamie, our instructor took the time to make sure we understood what it took to not only receive our certificate in order to get our Coast Guard Captains license, but more importantly what it took to make sure me, my crew, and my customers would all get back safe to fish another day. He know his stuff for sure! Again, an awesome job and thanks!! The trip all the way from Texas was more than worth it!!!

  • janet cox

    janet cox

    Average rating: 13 July 2021

    My husband took this course and it was not easy. Especially being out of a classroom for many years. Captain Jamie was great and he really knows his stuff Joe said. Great teacher!! and not boring, kept Joe on his toes.

  • Jay Gensing

    Jay Gensing

    Average rating: 26 June 2021

    To anyone considering this course at this location, I highly recommend you do it. It's a lot of information crammed into a 7 day course but with Jamie Shaffer as the instructor and a willingness to learn you Are gonna pass. The instructor is very knowledgeable about all the curriculum bc he uses all the same information on a daily basis. He's able to break it down and explain it in different ways so that everyone is able to grasp the information and retain it. I've seen it first hand. The facility is very nice, well kept and has a welcoming feeling. The information given is useful to all levels. I am very happy with my experience and very happy with my results. Thank you to everyone at Maritime Training Center I look forward to leveling up and attending again.

  • Tony Hill

    Tony Hill

    Average rating: 24 June 2021

    The entire experience was absolutely amazing! The instructors were extremely experienced and knowledgeable. For me this is a renewal and I left the course feeling as if it was my first time given the amount of info that was shared; particularly outside the curriculum requirements.

  • Al Antolik

    Al Antolik

    Average rating: 23 June 2021

    Jamie is one of the best instructors I have had in a long time. He has expert knowledge in the marine field and is able to translate that expert skill to learners like me. He is patient and willing to teach until the student understands the material; even if this means he has to work with the student one on one until they do. I am SO glad I took this class instead of some no name online captain class! Thanks again Capt. Jamie!

  • Mike Stone 112

    Mike Stone 112

    Average rating: 15 June 2021

    I took my 200T upgrade and VSO with these guys. Capt Jamie is a very knowledgeable guy and kept the class very involved in what we were learning. This is a small school with a relaxed learning environment. 10 out of 10 recommended

  • Fowl_Activity_Outdoors


    Average rating: 3 April 2021

    This course was outstanding and I’d highly recommend. I traveled 5 states to take it with this group and it was definitely worth it. MTC with Jamie and Robert was precessional, organized, and very informative they know what they are doing.

  • John Posey

    John Posey

    Average rating: 31 March 2021

    Great experience. Thank you Capt. Jamie Shaffer. As someone who works in the marine industry, I have already begun to apply what I have learned in your course. I look forward to continuing my maritime education at M.T.C.

  • Marie Kinard, P.A.

    Marie Kinard, P.A.

    Average rating: 29 March 2021

    Our instructor, Captain Jaime, was excellent. He encourages everyone and helps explain when you are not sure

  • Gene Mishkevich

    Gene Mishkevich

    Average rating: 29 March 2021

    Capt Jamie Schaffer is an excellent instructor, patient and takes his time to make sure the class understands the material. Seamless experience! I will be back for my upgrade classes.

  • David Swimm

    David Swimm

    Average rating: 16 February 2021

    Capt Jamie Schaffer presented the course material in a professional and understandable fashion. I chose MTC because it’s a turn key program. CPR and safety programs are offered along with personal help to submit all the necessary papers to the Coast Guard. The facility is Coast Guard approved and promotes a learning atmosphere second to none.

  • Adrian Cleveland

    Adrian Cleveland

    Average rating: 29 December 2020

    This was without doubt a really enjoyable learning experience, captains Jamie and Bubba had the patience of saints and really went above and beyond their pay grades to ensure success, I have to thank you both I know I was pretty high up there on the all time challenging student list.
    Much appreciated and great value for money, if your considering doing this mainstream online “stop” call captain Jamie instead, set the time aside, invest in yourself and enroll in his class, it will be the best decision you made.

  • Brianna Dennison

    Brianna Dennison

    Average rating: 29 September 2020

    Captain Jamie was well versed in the practical information and practical application. He was fantastic about taking his time to make sure everyone keeping on track and understood the content. I’ll definitely be taking my next course with him.

  • Rachelle McClain

    Rachelle McClain

    Average rating: 12 July 2020

    MTC offers the best maritime training in the area! Captain Shaffer trains his seaman well, and he stands by his seaman to ensure their paperwork is correct and that they succeed in the industry. I appreciate all of the assistance that my husband and I recieved during and after the training.

  • Gerald McClain

    Gerald McClain

    Average rating: 12 July 2020

    Maritime Training Center and Captain Jamie Shaffer offer the best training and classes in the area! I can't thank them enough for all of their consideration and support!!

  • Shell McClain

    Shell McClain

    Average rating: 12 July 2020

    MTC is an AMAZING school! They prepare and support all of their seaman. Highly recommend for anyone!!

  • Connor O'Brien

    Connor O'Brien

    Average rating: 6 July 2020

    MTC has helped guide me to achieve my 100 masters license and has been there every step of the way. From class work to home work to submitting paperwork with the coastguard Jamie has been there through it all. MTC offers a productive clean class room with lots of aids to help you achieve whatever license you so desire. I will recommend to all my friends and anyone in this industry looking to get a leg up. I Will continue to come back for years to come.

  • Eric Ryan

    Eric Ryan

    Average rating: 23 May 2019

    As someone who is trying to get into the maritime industry Capt. Shaffer gave me some great information so I can start the process to get on the water.

  • Cameron Johnson

    Cameron Johnson

    Average rating: 5 December 2018

  • ztugs


    Average rating: 5 December 2018

  • A Google User

    Average rating: 4 December 2018

    An awesome USCG approved school to help accomplish the goal of being a licensed mariner. Convenient location in Tampa near the port. Instructor was professional and knowledgeable and was a current Commercial mariner!

  • Lawrence LeDuc

    Lawrence LeDuc

    Average rating: 4 December 2018

    An awesome USCG approved school to help accomplish the goal of being a licensed mariner. Convenient location in Tampa near the port. Instructor was professional and knowledgeable and was a current Commercial mariner!

  • Jason Campbell

    Jason Campbell

    Average rating: 21 November 2018

    Very knowledgeable staff that not only helped me with my OUPV class, but went the extra mile to help ensure all my paperwork was in order with the USCG. Thank you Captain Shaffer.

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