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Looking for a career on the water?? We provide hands-on training on the water, in the classroom, and online. With the Captain School Key West, you have choices!

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Captain School Key West have their training center located in Key West, FL, United States of America.

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  • Eric Cagle

    Eric Cagle

    Average rating: 5 years ago

    Just an awesome experience.. Going to send every one i know Who Want a license here.. Thanks Mark and Kim

  • russ gray

    russ gray

    Average rating: 4 years ago

    Without a doubt an AMAZING experience!!! Mark and Kim are not only paticent, professional and extremely knowledgeable in any facet of the marine industry, but they also treat you with the highest level of respect. I feel privileged to be able to take my courses with them. I have gained a vast amount of knowledge to help propel my marine career to the next level. Thank you, to The Captains School Key West. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

  • Brett Irvin

    Brett Irvin

    Average rating: 6 years ago

    Had a fabulous experience with the Captains School of Key West. The classes were set up in an exceptional learning atmosphere with hands on demonstration and knowledgeable explanations of all maritime scenarios, situations, and practical applications of all equipment. Dr. Woods and his wife make a great team. Mark is a wealth of wisdom and experience, as well as, an extraordinary teacher with the ability to instruct and clarify rules of the road to even the greenest of captains to be. Kim is a pleasure as well, she helps to clarify all documentation and certifications through out the process of applying and obtaining your license. The Captains School of Key West is definitely the most convenient and friendly Captains School around. Thank you for all of your help and support.

  • Terry Haupt

    Terry Haupt

    Average rating: 6 years ago

    I have had the opportunity and pleasure to attend the Captain School for my Captain's License and later upgrade for Towing Assistance and Masters upgrade. Mark is very knowledge with content and dedicated to ensure you understand the content. He takes the time to help others who struggle until the get it. One thing I really like, and you don''t get with online courses is on the water instruction and pyrotecnic demonstration. If you're looking to get your license or upgrade come see Mark and Kim you will be glad you did.

  • caraeceo .gmail

    caraeceo .gmail

    Average rating: 6 years ago

    Mark and Kim Woods are by far the most professional in the game. I've personally had the most amazing experience with this school and even received job opportunities from other captains just because my schooling was done with them. I've gone to the larger schools in South Florida and i've gone to the "best" classes in Newport but nothing has been able to compare to Key West Captains School. Mark has an insane amount of maritime teaching experience and has a real encounter with each and every rule. Mark makes sure he doesn't just teach you to "pass the test" but he teaches you to really learn the material- which of course makes passing the test the easy part. Kim is a paperwork guru, if you follow her instructions well, the same day you get your certificate she can make sure you're mailing into the REC the same day. All the Key West Captains School classes are flexible to your schedule and all of them have many different opportunities throughout the busy year. I have traveled thousands of miles to go to Key West Captains School and will do it again and again.

  • Reverend Gweko

    Reverend Gweko

    Average rating: February 13, 2018

    Dr. Mark Woods is probably the most professional educator of his kind in the Key West Region not only has he helped hundreds of people understand the mechanics of marine propulsion and being a captain the captain school has produced many many fine Captain's here in Key West and I highly recommend it for anyone that has any business on the water.

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