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In YACHT POINT, you can acquire the necessary knowledge for each qualification with the best professionals in the sector. We also offer a continuous monitoring to each student, including personalized advice. We will accompany you throughout this nautical adventure.

We teach theoretical and practical classes that will allow you to obtain official qualifications to sail.

STCW Training Centers

Yacht Point have their training center located in Barcelona, Spain.

Customer Reviews

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  • Carlos Sierra

    Carlos Sierra

    Average rating: a year ago

    What a great experience!

  • J Sim

    J Sim

    Average rating: 2 years ago

    I had to do the stcw 10 course for work which can be hard to fin the right school. One I email yacht point I new this would be the best place to take the course. They respond very fast with there emails and answer your questions in full, they have a very nice atmosphere in the school and the office is a lot of help and always friendly. Everyone in my class was happy with there course and would go back to yacht point at a different time...

  • Jesper Bejer

    Jesper Bejer

    Average rating: 2 years ago

    I did the YM Offshore with Yacht Point. A very positive experience, both because of the logistical and administrative support from Yacht Point allowing the candidates to focus on learning and because the instructor for the exam preparation managed the five days very well allowing us to learn the necessary skills for the exam. And then, of course, Aquitat III is a great boat.

  • Dmytro Pylypenko

    Dmytro Pylypenko

    Average rating: a year ago

    The studying through 5 days trip was really useful for me, to get basics in sailing and get experience for complete navigating, mooring and things, in a ship from point A to B. Probably, I will plan to pass new courses and get certifications through Yacht Point.

    Thanks to Liam, we had good practical studying and thoughtful answers from him.

  • Enric del Rey

    Enric del Rey

    Average rating: 2 years ago

    Yesterday finished the Day Skipper practical course. Five days on a Sun Odyssey 49 sailboat, doing lots of practice on handling skills as tacking, gybing, docking/undocking man overboard drills, etc. Everyone improved a lot during the course, so really a big step to become confident. Great boat, great crew and special mention for Liam, excellent instructor, lots of pacience, friendly and supportive when you're sweating in a new drill.

  • Lilia Czułajewska

    Lilia Czułajewska

    Average rating: June 19, 2020

    Just finished the Day Skipper practical course with Liam. Everything was perfect, a lot of practice, good team work, calm learning atmosphere. Everyone improved a lot during the course and picked up on new skills and confidence. Thank you so much! I ll be back for more :)

  • Sven Willemse

    Sven Willemse

    Average rating: February 8, 2020

    Very motivated and professional team! The course was interesting to follow, we had a good time!

  • Enrique De Hoyos Vallejo

    Enrique De Hoyos Vallejo

    Average rating: January 20, 2020

    I have done with Yacht Point the Yachtmaster course. It has been a very positive experience. A very practical way to learn, that helps you navigate with confidence.

  • Hendrik van dok

    Hendrik van dok

    Average rating: January 8, 2020

    I did my Yacht Master Offshore course here late last year. I can't say anything but positive, they were professional, bi lingual, super well equipped and more than helpful with any administrative issues I had.
    The boat was perfect for the practical training and the instructor was a pro!
    I'll recommend Yacht Point for anyone who wants to do nautical training!

  • Deleted Deleted

    Deleted Deleted

    Average rating: August 8, 2019

    It was a wonderful week: sea, sun, nice people around and a lot of sailing practice.
    Once in a life experience, highly recommended !

  • Rafael C. Simoes

    Rafael C. Simoes

    Average rating: July 8, 2019

    I am a student in Yacht Point sailing school and I am very satisfied. The teachers explain everything very understandable and it's even fun to learn something there. If you have a question, you will always reach someone. The Yacht Point team takes time for someone and they are very friendly. The courses are kept small, so you do not sink in the crowd. Its a great school and only recommendable.

  • Bastien


    Average rating: June 7, 2019

    I am a student at the school Yacht Point and I found that the team is very competent, very nice and very welcoming.

    The entire team provides constant help to us whether it's over the phone or face to face.

    Thereby that's why I recommend you to choose this sailing school because she will accompany you throughout your learning by explaining everything to you and being at your disposal with kindness.

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