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Somos Faro Escuela Marítima STCW, un centro de enseñanzas profesionales especializados en la formación profesional según el convenio STCW, homologados por la DGMM.

Nuestro equipo de docentes está en la vanguardia de la formación europea, así como su formación pedagógica. Nos gusta que la gente aprenda y disfrute del mundo náutico.

Con sedes en Valencia, Madrid y Alicante.

STCW Training Centres

Faro Escuela Marítima have their training centre located in Valencia, España, Spain.

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  • Marco Trovato

    Marco Trovato

    Average rating: in the last week

    Very good service and pleasant and attentive staff.
    Something quite negative is a bit of lack of seriousness, children/children of a participant during the practical and explanatory classes between us, taking photos and joking. Some participant singing and dancing...etc..
    Too much fun being important and NOT CHEAP courses.
    They looked like cooking class more than STCW.
    In general little control of seriousness.
    Another point, it is not the fault of the obituary, but it would be good in the case of updating the course to add FIRST AID.

  • Elenita


    Average rating: 2 months ago

    For me it has been an incredible experience, not only have I acquired a lot of new knowledge, I have also met incredible people with whom I have strengthened ties during the days we have shared.

    Professional, qualified, and above all, I greatly value the effort they have put into teaching us how to best put into practice the new knowledge that could one day save our life or someone else's.

    Thank you very much for everything Hugo and Carmen, it has been a pleasure to have you as teachers/instructors.

  • Irene Bort

    Irene Bort

    Average rating: 2 months ago

    Very interesting course! I have discovered a new world that amazes me as well as terrifies me, but Hugo has made me see it from his experience, from his love for sailing, and I loved it. Thank you for this experience.

  • Ana Díez

    Ana Díez

    Average rating: in the last week

    They taught us the STCW in Madrid and it was a shame.

    The teachers were not informed even of the group to whom they had to teach the course. And therefore it was not adapted. Half of the information, due to our condition, was of no use to us, leaving vital issues in our work unexplained.

    The book is chaos. Not corresponding to the power points.

    Very weak practices. We did 3 exercises of the 14 that appeared in the Index.

    We have left UNFORMED.

  • Ricardo José Fiorilli Gutiérrez

    Ricardo José Fiorilli Gutiérrez

    Average rating: 2 months ago

    Hello, good evening, I apologize for the delay in publishing my opinion about the school.
    I have had the opportunity to take the Basic Training courses in Maritime Safety, Maritime Protection and Passenger Ships. I must say that, of all the institutes where I have taken the OMI courses, you, the El Faro School, far exceeded my expectations, the teaching system and the human quality of its members is, by and large, wonderful. The level of professionalism of Hugo, and of each of the instructors with whom I was lucky enough to receive classes, (the first aid girls, the Maritime Protection Col., Eric from the practices, and not least, the girls of administration), in short, as they say here, "you are machines. I thank you, with all my heart, for helping me with this instruction. In the same way, I thank God for having come across you and the wonderful group with whom I shared during the time of studying these courses.
    I recommend them with my eyes closed, both to those who have experience and to those who are just starting out in this wonderful world of navigation. "Good wind and good sea"

  • Chef max

    Chef max

    Average rating: 16 March 2024

    Great professionalism, excellent and high level of teaching and friendliness, those who need training in this segment choose El Faro


  • José Miguel Vicente

    José Miguel Vicente

    Average rating: 15 March 2024

    I enrolled in this academy to take the professional course of Basic Maritime Safety Training (STCW). The knowledge and good work of the teachers who give us theory and practice is very high, I am very satisfied and learning a lot, and without a doubt I would enroll with this academy again in a new course I take.

  • Georgiy Lapin

    Georgiy Lapin

    Average rating: 15 March 2024

    I want to thank Hugo and the entire team! You are the best! I have passed the STCW course in Faro. 100% recommended!!! Thank you very much, professionals!

  • L.


    Average rating: 23 September 2023

    I successfully completed the revalidation of my Basic Security Training last week, in a period of two days. The course was practical and was carried out in person, following the guidelines established by the SCTW (Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers).

    The course program was divided into two parts. The first consisted of pool exercises that involved the use of survival equipment, such as life jackets, rafts and immersion suits. The second part focused on the handling of firefighting equipment, including fire extinguishers, hoses and breathing apparatus.

    He had previously studied this course within a degree at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Náutica de Santander and completed three other advanced courses at the Jovellanos Center.
    My previous experience allowed me to appreciate that this course met all the standards expected for a program of this nature. Furthermore, the issuance of the certificate of sufficiency by the DGMM was carried out without problems.

    I send a cordial greeting to the instructors and thank you for the opportunity to have participated in this course.

  • jose Villanueva

    jose Villanueva

    Average rating: 18 September 2023

    Very good experience!! It is a course that is practical and enjoyable, they really teach you!!, it is not just in theory, they go down to concrete situations and what can happen to you, I will continue learning with them!!

  • Julio Garzon

    Julio Garzon

    Average rating: 4 September 2023

    The advice from the team has been very good, they explained perfectly the different options that would best suit me. The theoretical and practical course has been intuitive and fun to learn, very good professionals, I am looking forward to continuing to the next stage with them. Thank you

  • Natalia T

    Natalia T

    Average rating: 17 August 2023

    Faro Maritime School STCW is the best School!!! And the best group of colleagues!!
    A brilliant beacon that will enlighten you with knowledge and skills in the fascinating world of maritime navigation.
    The teachers not only have deep theoretical knowledge, but also have extensive practical experience in nautical, first aid and police. Their ability to convey complex concepts in a clear and accessible manner makes the learning process fluid and engaging. Always willing to provide additional advice, resolve doubts and share anecdotes that enrich the understanding of the topics. Real master classes!!! The facilities and resources are top notch. The entire team is great, very professional as well as friendly.
    Ultimately, a combination of excellent teachers, high-quality resources and a focus on the importance of safety, maritime responsibility and respect for the environment make it an enriching and transformative experience. You will have a great time and you will also learn!!! SUPER GRATEFUL!!!! THANK YOU ALL!!

  • Clara Seguí Pruñonosa

    Clara Seguí Pruñonosa

    Average rating: 8 August 2023

    A wonderful experience in Faro! Very good organization and professional teachers who motivate their students :) I am satisfied with the treatment received and everything learned at this School. I recommend!

  • Lojain Albasatinah

    Lojain Albasatinah

    Average rating: 8 August 2023

    Very professional , teachers are nice and helpful
    Amazing experience

  • Gonzalo Morro

    Gonzalo Morro

    Average rating: 25 July 2023

    I am super happy with the treatment received and above all with how well the teacher explains and the involvement he has with the students, so it is a pleasure to get titles, already waiting to do the next ones

  • Well Ramada Adalid

    Well Ramada Adalid

    Average rating: 31 May 2023

    I decided to set my life on course again and go back to the sea, they recommended the school to me. I have to say that my experience in it has been the closest thing to feeling at home.
    Hugo!!!! Very direct and close...
    Lucía was charming, María was very attentive and with Lola great communication.
    Highlight the great PROFESSIONALISM, DEMAND AND PATIENCE of CARLOS GUERRA, a teacher who makes his classes very fun, with his experience and delicacy, solving all possible doubts. After 15 consecutive days of the course, I did not want it to end because every day makes that you get more hooked ..
    We'll definitely see you back...
    Good bow Team!!!

  • carolina berbegal

    carolina berbegal

    Average rating: 18 April 2023

    It is, without a doubt, the BEST maritime school I have ever been to.
    Very attentive from start to finish. Special mention to Lucia at the reception and to the teacher Carlos Guerra.
    To repeat. Many thanks for everything.

  • mariolina cocchinone

    mariolina cocchinone

    Average rating: 5 April 2023

    The best school! Carlos, the very good and very professional teacher, could not have chosen a better school!
    At the end of the courses they also help you find a job! I recommend it 100%

  • Umberto Ramón Zamorano

    Umberto Ramón Zamorano

    Average rating: 4 March 2023

    Unbeatable cake from the people at the reception to the teachers.
    They make the courses bearable and internalize the agenda in a dynamic way.

    Special thanks to Denis (radio course teacher) for his dedication and passion for transmitting his knowledge.

    Definitely to repeat!

  • javier font

    javier font

    Average rating: 3 March 2023

    Very good course, the best teacher Denis, a great professional and he knew how to make the course a very fun and enjoyable experience from which I learned a lot of super interesting things, 100% recommended.

    Thank you very much denis!!!

  • Fran C.

    Fran C.

    Average rating: 3 March 2023

    An excellent treatment by the school team, Professor Denis is unbeatable and very professional, it shows that he is very qualified for the position, I will repeat the next courses with them without a doubt

  • David González

    David González

    Average rating: 27 February 2023

    The level of this school is excellent by all accounts.
    Both for its internal management, the faculty, treatment and dedication to students and the requirement of their courses.
    Without a doubt, they are and will be a national benchmark in terms of nautical training.

  • Carlos Blasco

    Carlos Blasco

    Average rating: 13 February 2023

    A great school, with the syllabus required by law, but with teachers who make you learn a lot in a very enjoyable and practical way. A 10 for the Faro team in Valencia.

  • Tania Gracia

    Tania Gracia

    Average rating: 6 February 2023

    I just finished the basic training course in maritime safety. And it is worth noting the unbeatable treatment from the first moment. Excellent teachers! The price of the courses very well! And in practice I had a great time! It was a little cold in the water ones for the dates we are on! But I would repeat again!!! For the next courses that I am going to do, I will choose this school without a doubt!

  • Gabriele Malinauskaite

    Gabriele Malinauskaite

    Average rating: 22 November 2022

    The excellent teachers, the magnificent treatment, they are very close, it gives you a lot of confidence. At the reception they treated me super well, they are very attentive and if you need something they are always willing to help you. VERY GOOD PROFESSIONALS! After getting the titles, I leave there very happy and very grateful to everyone! It has been one of the best experiences I have had. It's been a pleasure, if I'm going to need to get any more titles, I'll definitely come back! Congratulations to the entire team at the Faro Maritime School because you are doing a great job. Thank you for everything and see you soon!

  • Marian Mnn

    Marian Mnn

    Average rating: 17 November 2022

    By far it is the best! The attention is first class, the teachers and classes are a luxury! The practices were an unforgettable experience. Attention forgiven by WhatsApp, mail, telephone and in person, they respond quickly, they give payment facilities, Every penny is worth it !!!

  • Sara Alonso

    Sara Alonso

    Average rating: 17 November 2022

    Excellent Nautical Training Center.
    Thanks to your courses I have managed to work in the cruise sector.

  • Gregorio Espinar Luque

    Gregorio Espinar Luque

    Average rating: 6 October 2022

    After going through school and getting my degree, I only have words of thanks. Spectacular treatment, teachers of 10, they make difficult things easy for you, open to any questions or queries and at very acceptable prices

  • Andrea Martinréz Peréz

    Andrea Martinréz Peréz

    Average rating: 6 October 2022

    A magnificent and close treatment. Very nice and whenever you need something they are willing to help you!

  • Juan Orozcoun

    Juan Orozcoun

    Average rating: 6 October 2022

    The ease and personal treatment they give from the beginning give a security that I have not found in other academies. Recommended team.

  • Manuel O.

    Manuel O.

    Average rating: 14 July 2022

    I am delighted with this school. The professional team of 10 and the teachers of 10 too. Thank you so much for everything!!

  • Aly Vela

    Aly Vela

    Average rating: 13 July 2022

    Quality learning and real opportunities for working life, without fear of success colleagues. :)

  • David Arnillas

    David Arnillas

    Average rating: 13 July 2022

    I have several titles with this school for its prices and quality of services, from STCW to qualifications to govern boats, and I have always been very satisfied with its programming and highly qualified teachers. I also want to mention the excellent attention and help that I have received whenever I have needed it. 100% recommended.



    Average rating: 5 May 2022

    Thanks to the whole team, I have obtained the revalidation of the Basic Training in Maritime Safety in two days. The attention, the practices and the facilities are incredible. Totally recommended

  • Leo J.

    Leo J.

    Average rating: 5 May 2022

    Excellent professionals, very attentive with all the details of the course. I will be waiting for next courses. Congratulations

  • Juan Antonio Baron

    Juan Antonio Baron

    Average rating: 5 May 2022

    I have finished the cruise ship crew courses and I am very happy with the treatment received, the professionalism of the staff and teachers. Thanks to your job bank I have also got a job on a ferry

  • Maria Grau Salas

    Maria Grau Salas

    Average rating: 9 February 2022

  • gabriele carosi

    gabriele carosi

    Average rating: 9 November 2021

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