Meridian Maritime Training Centre

Terms and Conditions

Before registering for the training courses, the customer is obliged to submit the documentation required by the Centre; Centre's obligation to provide services arises from the moment of payment of the fee for the courses registered by the Customer; The user is entitled to register for courses in advance (hereinafter - "Preliminary Registration"). The Preliminary Registration for courses is possible up to 6 (six) months in advance. The Preliminary Registration is possible both on the basis of filling out the Application and the E-application. The customer is entitled to cancel the registration for the course no later than 2 (two) working days before the beginning of the course based on an official written notice (hereinafter - "Notice"); The Notice must indicate: Customer personal data (full name, personal number, telephone number, e-mail address, actual address); A course or list of courses for which the Customer wants to cancel registration; Reason for cancellation of registration (at the request of the centre, additional evidence must be submitted); If the Customer has already paid the registration fee, a document confirming the payment must be attached to the application; Application Completion Date, Application Number (if any);.Signature;

The Centre is entitled to withhold the Service Fee in full amount if the Customer cancels the registration:1 (one) working day before the start of the Course; on the day/date of the Course; after the Course has already started;
due to failure to overcome the minimum score required under the Course Syllabi/Program of the final assessment;

The Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia cancels the course due to the failure of the minimum attendance limit required under the Course Syllabi/Program;

benefits from installments and cannot present a proper reason for canceling the registration on the course with relevant evidence; The Centre will review the application within 3 (three) working days. The final decision made by the Centre will be notified to the Customer in writing, via e-mail specified in the application and has a legal force. Information about the start time of the training course is provided to the Customer on the basis of a telephone message.The Customer is sent a phone message to the phone number he / she indicates in the application. The E-Portal is an internal electronic system created by the Centre for the Customer, in which the necessary information for the Customer about the courses is gathered; The Customer's personal page of the E- Portal is managed by the Customer. The Centre transmits the “Login" and "Password" of the Personal Page of the internal E- Portal to the Customer after the initial registration on courses by the short text message. The Customer is fully responsible for the storage and protection of received data;


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