Osrodek Szkolen Ratownictwa Morskiego Mayday w Gdyni

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Osrodek Szkolen Ratownictwa Morskiego Mayday w Gdyni (Mayday Gdynia Maritime Safety Training School) is authorised to run 19 courses:

  • STCW Basic Safety Training
  • Personal Survival Techniques - Refresher
  • Personal Survival Techniques
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
  • Safety of Fishing Operations
  • Survival Craft and Rescue Boats
  • Survival Craft and Rescue Boats - refresher
  • Fast Rescue Boats
  • Fast Rescue Boats - refresher
  • Seafarers with Designated Security Duties
  • Security Awareness
  • Ship Security Officer
  • Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting
  • Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting - refresher
  • Advanced Fire Fighting
  • Advanced Fire Fighting - refresher
  • Elementary First Aid
  • Medical First Aid
  • Medical Care
  • Medical Care - Refresher

The courses are in Polish (English version not available).

STCW Training Centers

Osrodek Szkolen Ratownictwa Morskiego Mayday w Gdyni have their training center located in Gdynia, Poland.

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Customer Reviews

Osrodek Szkolen Ratownictwa Morskiego Mayday w Gdyni reviews as published on Google:

  • Sara Trościanko

    Sara Trościanko

    Average rating: 10 months ago

    Great organization, great approach to the student, transparency, I highly recommend it! I cannot imagine doing my STCW renewal elsewhere

  • Łukasz Warmijak

    Łukasz Warmijak

    Average rating: a year ago

    I cordially greet all employees of MAYDAY GDYNIA!
    This is the only training center that I have been choosing for many years. Kindness, flexibility, customer care, professional lecturers and instructors ... You create a great team and a business-like, needed company.
    Thank you and see you next time!
    Cpt. j.w. Łukasz Warmijak

  • Mariusz Rzechowski

    Mariusz Rzechowski

    Average rating: a year ago

    Hello everyone!
    A few years ago I posted a very positive comment here because of the high professionalism of the MAYDAY center. But reading some current negative reviews, I see that a lie is too common in our modern reality. What happened to us ? Is it worth behaving this way because of some immediate benefits? And are these really benefits? Below my dignity is a polemic with false and very harmful opinions, but I can't remain indifferent and I have to speak again. I have been using the MAYDAY center for one time in a row to obtain or renew my certificate. Everything is always done with full professionalism, which is represented by all employees of the center. In addition, they are very polite and helpful. Everything for the good of the students. That is why I strongly recommend the MAYDAY center to everyone, as the absolutely right place to undergo vocational training. What qualifications do I have for professional assessment? I have been a captain still professionally active for many years and I have spent over 40 years in this profession since I began my studies at the Gdynia Maritime University. I also have professional experience in the field of maritime safety, working for several years at the PSC in Gdynia. In addition, my name and signature are under the STCW 1995 Convention, which I signed in London as a member of the Polish delegation at the beginning of July 1995.
    I highly recommend the MAYDAY resort to everyone.
    Capt. from. village Mariusz Rzechowski

  • Jacek Kijewski

    Jacek Kijewski

    Average rating: a year ago

    Been there to pass STCW courses. Great tutors, great process, clear information, quick and efficient training.

  • Maciej Hejna

    Maciej Hejna

    Average rating: a year ago

    I definitely recommend it! Full professionalism and the highest level of training, all in a warm and friendly atmosphere!

  • J V

    J V

    Average rating: December 5, 2019

    Are the courses also in english?

  • diabeł author

    diabeł author

    Average rating: December 13, 2018

    Training for seafarers. For a measure with DNV certificate.
    It is possible to renew training.
    The resort issues invoices for the courses.
    Place of collection of the certificate to be agreed.

  • agnieszka aleksa

    agnieszka aleksa

    Average rating: October 18, 2018

    Full professionalism, great atmosphere !!! Lectures are conducted in a reliable and not boring style. And on top of that, Mr. Grzegorz and Mrs. Ula

  • Aleksandra


    Average rating: October 12, 2018

    Full professionalism and a very nice atmosphere. Perfect lectures. Worth recommending. :)

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