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Sjöskolan på Beckholmen utbildar dig som arbetar till sjöss i din egen båt eller på ett rederi och dig som tillbringar fritiden till sjöss. Gränsdragningen är inte knivskarp, - vi har många elever som går en utbildning för kommersiell sjöfart men vill få gedigen kunskap för sitt fritidsintresse.

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Sjöskolan på Beckholmen have their training centre located in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Customer Reviews

Sjöskolan på Beckholmen reviews as published on Google:

  • Daniel


    Average rating: 2 months ago

    Has studied Driver's certificate, Coastal skipper and Ship's officer class VIII at the Maritime School. All the courses have been top class. Gerhard is incredibly knowledgeable and good at teaching. Good pace through all courses.
    I will continue to study more courses at Sjöskolan and want to give them my best recommendations.

  • Jan Peter Bergkvist

    Jan Peter Bergkvist

    Average rating: 5 months ago

    Brilliant training institute for both amateurs and professionals.

  • Gunilla Lidén

    Gunilla Lidén

    Average rating: a year ago

    Took a 2-day intensive course for Driver's License and is very satisfied with the training. Good, educational course instructor and pleasant environment.

  • F Nelin

    F Nelin

    Average rating: a year ago

    After a weekend course about boating rules and best practices I'm full of new insights and knowledge.
    Great instructor who patiently answered questions with knowledge, passion and real world examples.

    I'll be back

  • Adrian Davtyan

    Adrian Davtyan

    Average rating: a year ago

    Totally insanely satisfied. Can't imagine that Ship's Officer Class 8, which was the course I attended, could be managed better than it was done. Very impressed with the instructors, really engaged and nice and they sit on crazy depth of experience and knowledge and communicate it in the most interesting and educational way you can imagine. I am only happy when I think about how well the course went and how rewarding it felt. Many thanks for all the effort! Heroes you are! You should also start a school on how to run a school.

  • hazem jbara

    hazem jbara

    Average rating: 22 May 2022

    Good location

  • måns nilsson

    måns nilsson

    Average rating: 10 May 2022

    Very good teachers and coffee

  • Einar Torgersen

    Einar Torgersen

    Average rating: 4 May 2022

    Very good SRC course!

  • Johan Lindquist

    Johan Lindquist

    Average rating: 1 July 2021

    Good hospitality and good school halls.

  • Mikael Olsson

    Mikael Olsson

    Average rating: 19 June 2021

    Fantastic staff who have a burning commitment and great professionalism. Strongly recommend Sjöskolan's courses!!

  • Patrik Dierks

    Patrik Dierks

    Average rating: 6 June 2021

    Professional instructors. Lots of sailing, less theory. Recommended.

  • Dima Litvinov

    Dima Litvinov

    Average rating: 28 July 2020

    Good sauna

  • Sverker Abrahamsson

    Sverker Abrahamsson

    Average rating: 7 July 2020

    Very good course

  • Masoud Mahmoud

    Masoud Mahmoud

    Average rating: 30 May 2020


  • Fredrik Vallberg

    Fredrik Vallberg

    Average rating: 17 January 2020

    Extremely satisfied, highly recommend

  • A Google User

    Average rating: 17 January 2020

    Extremt nöjd, varmt rekommendera

  • Vincent Söderberg

    Vincent Söderberg

    Average rating: 28 November 2019

    Really good teachers and environment. Easy to get there and good prices. You are also offered coffee, bun, apple, sandwich.

  • Petter M

    Petter M

    Average rating: 8 November 2019

    Very good environment, course material, teacher no doubt 5/5

  • Madeleine Lindqvist

    Madeleine Lindqvist

    Average rating: 21 August 2019

    Jättebra och trevliga lärare! Rekommenderas!

  • christian åkerman

    christian åkerman

    Average rating: 6 August 2019

  • Adrian Björvell

    Adrian Björvell

    Average rating: 23 June 2019

  • Fredrik Berglund

    Fredrik Berglund

    Average rating: 14 May 2019

  • Jonny Öien

    Jonny Öien

    Average rating: 20 November 2018

  • Paola Busi

    Paola Busi

    Average rating: 27 November 2017

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