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Allabroad Maritime Academy is both an MCA Accredited Course provider since 2008 and a RYA Training Centre for Sail, Motor and Power boating since 2000. With 21 years of training individuals for careers at sea you are in professional hands. Based in Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory at the entrance to the Mediterranean, we are strategically placed for crew change and bunkering supplies for all types of vessels entering and leaving the Mediterranean. Our RYA Sailing fleet consists of five brand Jeanneau 389 sailing yachts and we use our own Jeanneau Prestige 46 motor cruisers for the Yachtmaster Motor training scheme.

With Allabroad Maritime Academy you undertake your MCA training using modern teaching techniques with high quality training equipment. We use a professionally purpose built gas powered fire training simulator that allows you to be trained how to fight a real fire, under push button control, in a confined space. During the training you will be wearing full breathing apparatus and the same fire and heat proof clothing as worn by professional fire-personnel all over the world. You will also use our dedicated smoke room for realistic search and rescue drills in thick non-toxic smoke.

For the survival wet drills we use an outdoor tanked salt-water swimming pool; luckily in Gibraltar we have good all year round weather with 300 days of sunshine. You wear immersion suits for drills and wetsuits too if required. Remember in real life emergencies you will not be deploying to a heated swimming pool in the daylight; we keep it real and safe at the same time.

All training is conducted by our full time in house instructors and all equipment is provided by Allabroad Maritime Academy. We do not subcontract out any part of your course and we are the sole MCA Accredited Training provider in Gibraltar and for a 1000km. There is also an MCA Approved Doctor in Gibraltar for ENG1’s.

STCW Training Centers

Allabroad Maritime Academy have their training centers in the following locations:

  • Marina Bay, Gibraltar
  • Gibraltar, Spain

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Customer Reviews

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  • Isobel Jean Metcalf

    Isobel Jean Metcalf

    Average rating: 2 weeks ago

    After completing the STCW Silver Package at Allabroad last summer, I decided to complete the Day Skipper Express. My instructors were Janet and Fergus, who were just amazing! Everyone is so friendly, organised and helpful. I cannot recommend this school enough. Will definitely head back again in the future to complete further courses and training!

  • Rafaela Pugh

    Rafaela Pugh

    Average rating: a month ago

    I did my yachtmaster here, completing it in December. I spent the summer through to December in Gibraltar working towards my Yachtmaster, not only did I make life long friends but I became an extremely competent and confident sailor. I was taught by some of the best sailing instructors, from examiners to YMIs that helped push me to excel! Also a special Thankyou to Claire and James who supported and believed in me and my capabilities as a sailor! Would recommend!

  • bex 2

    bex 2

    Average rating: a month ago

    Excellent training for my STCW. Instructors were very professional and experienced. I especially enjoyed James Holemans style of teaching as it was very informative and fun.

  • Ricardo Faria

    Ricardo Faria

    Average rating: 6 months ago

    I had my experience with Allabroad when I took the STCW! I found facilities of excellence, instructors of an enviable level, where professionalism and focus are incredible.
    Of the various activities carried out, we always had all the necessary support, as well as the material available, whether for safety or demonstration, for the students to use. It was an incredible experience and I would recommend it to anyone looking to learn from the best.
    My special thanks to all the staff, especially the three instructors involved in the activities, especially James and John, they were incredible. Thank you

  • fabian mauro

    fabian mauro

    Average rating: 6 months ago

    Just done a 5 day STCW course. What an amazing experience it has been. The guys there really push you to your limits and at the same time make it a whole lot of fun. Shout out to trainers John and James, 100% Dedication to help succeed.

  • Calum Bryan

    Calum Bryan

    Average rating: July 21, 2023

    Did My STCW course with Allabroad and what a game changer it was. Had a wicked crew and have had the best time in a long time. The instructors John & James have an unbelievable amount of knowledge and experience you can ask them anything and they will show or tell you what you need or want to no. Cant wait to come back and keep progressing with my qualifications with these guys.

  • Maria del Mar Macias

    Maria del Mar Macias

    Average rating: July 21, 2023

    I did the STCW course in Allabroad and I definitely not regret choosing it. It was a great training and learned so many new things with the instructors James and Jon. They both pushed me out of my comfort zone which I will always thank them for. I always felt trusted by them and supported as well. I would 100% recommend this academy to anyone looking to enter the industry.

  • Laurier Lachance

    Laurier Lachance

    Average rating: July 21, 2023

    I work as a singer/musician on board large cruise ships. I did an STCW one week basic course with James Holeman and John Blower. I’m not much of a school kind of person but they made the experience one I will never forget. They know their subjects so well and have so much experience in their fields (so many stories). They made me appreciate safety measures like I never have before. Firefighting, although the most difficult part of the course, was the highlight for me. In my opinion, the classroom atmosphere was strict where it ought to be and fun/chill where it could be. Great bonding experience with the class mates too. I wish them luck in their future endeavours. 5/5

  • John O'Reilly

    John O'Reilly

    Average rating: June 20, 2023

    I just completed the Yachtmaster Offshore Fast Track course, including a Commercial Endorsement with Allabroad Sailing Academy. I chose this sailing school because they ran all aspects of the course including the STCW modules. It also afforded me the opportunity to sail and explore a different part of the world. ASA also offered very good value for money.
    The Sailing and STCW instructors I had were top class. I had five different sailing instructors during the course and they all had different styles of teaching, different ways to teach sailing skills and drills, but the one thing they all had in common was they operated to a very high standard (too many names to mention, so I wont!). The course coordinator and admin staff were always there to give help and support.
    If I were to offer advice it would be as follows: Prior preparation will take some pressure off during the course. Study your YM theory, Col Regs, Weather etc.. The course is full on, there's a lot squeezed into 90 days!! Learn how to prepare a couple of simple tasty meals on a gas stove, you'll be expected to cook. You'll be sharing a confined space with 3 to 4 strangers (they wont be strangers for long!) so be a team player.
    I'll hopefully be back to complete the Cruising Instructors Course.

  • Patric Z.

    Patric Z.

    Average rating: June 9, 2023

    I just successfully completed my Fasttrack Yachtmaster Offshore Sail (incl STCW, Radar, Diesel, Powerboat and PPR for the commercial endorsement) with Allabroad.

    The organization is sometimes a bit messy, but still overall the school and their instructors are worth attending it.
    The instructors push you far beyond what is required for the final exam; thus, If you listen to them and study hard, the exam is in the end just a joyride.
    Thank you Miles, James, Ian, Roger, Robin, and to all the others who made the past few months into a great ride.

  • Carl Stjerrman Ramstedt

    Carl Stjerrman Ramstedt

    Average rating: June 7, 2023

    The fastest 90 days of my life! I had a great time learning all skills needed to become a Yachtmaster offshore. The instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful. They pushed and challenged us in a good way. The ocean around Gibraltar is a perfect environment to gain experience in dense traffic and some nice weather.

  • Cameron Watson

    Cameron Watson

    Average rating: May 22, 2023

    Can’t recommend Allabroad highly enough, Allabroad (and it’s staff) have an inclusive, hands on and uplifting teaching approach which brings out the best in each student/seafarer. The wealth of knowledge and expertise in the variety of courses is impressive. Big thank you to James Holman and John Blower for the going the extra mile. The week was amazing.

    Not only does Allabroad offer a variety of courses, but the people you meet and learn with from all around the world offers networking and friendships for years to come.

    I will certainly be back to do my Yachtmaster with James and hopefully with the friends made over the week.

  • Ines Vandenbranden

    Ines Vandenbranden

    Average rating: May 22, 2023

    I had an amazing experience at RYA ALLABROAD for my STCW SILVER PACKAGE. The two instructors we had (Jon & James), were very professional, always in a good mood, patient, we could ask them anything at any time, they would take the time you need to explain you everything.
    All the course was perfectly organised, clear, and i had fun doing it.
    The accommodation were perfect, as they're sailing boats in the Marina.
    James is one of the best instructors i've had.
    I will come back for sure for my YachtMaster course, eyes closed !
    Don't hesitate anymore, book your course with RYA ALLABROAD in Gibraltar, you'll be in good hands !

  • Thea Toft

    Thea Toft

    Average rating: May 22, 2023

    I just completed my STCW Silver course. I must say this was such a fun, motivating, positive week full of learning. All staff is friendly, kind, professional and have so much knowledge that they are happy to pass on. James was our instructor and I can hands down say he is the best instructor ive had. Calm, motivating, understanding and helpful.
    I was very new coming into this industry and I left more confident and motivated than ever. Ill for sure be back to learn more! Can't reccomend this place enough.

  • Cian Omuirthile

    Cian Omuirthile

    Average rating: May 22, 2023

    Had a great week down in All Abroad All staff make you feel very welcome and insure that you are confident in your skills before you leave I will definitely be back to do more courses once I have a full season completed !

  • Franklin Acosta

    Franklin Acosta

    Average rating: March 25, 2023

    Excellent excellent school... I can't stress it enough. James takes his courses seriously and helps ensure that we're confident with our skills at the end of each course... I felt he was always pushing us and going above and beyond which was truly appreciated. Staff is also very professional. Highly recommended school!

  • Paul Raper

    Paul Raper

    Average rating: January 23, 2023

    I would definitely recommend Allabroad - nuff sed!
    I booked Allabroad to complete some sailing qualifications with two teenage sons based on a recommendation from a friend who had also used them but some years previous. I can honestly say that these guys are still fantastic on all levels. James was very helpful and flexible with scheduling to allow us to complete our Day Skipper and VHF and Powerboat (2) in the space of 8 days. Although James is the front man - all the back office team couldn't have done more for us. A big thank-you must go to our skipper - Robin Sermon - the kindest and most helpful chap there is. If you are allocated Robin as skipper then you are very lucky! Not only did we complete our qualifications but we had enormous fun doing so. He lead us to some of the most amazing back street restaurants - Churros in Ceuta, Fish in Estepona. It was a great experience and some great memories were created.

  • Tom Jacobsohn

    Tom Jacobsohn

    Average rating: September 12, 2022

    Was overall and amazing experience. The owners Claire and Dave are the most amazing and caring people who really help you through every bit of your course along with all the other instructors who are all as enthusiastic about sailing. Couldn’t recommend it enough and am planning on going back to do some more courses in the future.

  • Peter Cowie

    Peter Cowie

    Average rating: July 9, 2022

    I have just completed my Day skipper with Miles and Pheobe who cancelled their holiday because 3 other instructors had been struck down with Covid.
    It was a blast. We had an absolutely fabulous time and learned so much at the same time .
    Every day was a joy . Full of shared experiences , sun shine , great winds , lovely people , a few evening beers and a qualification at the end of it .
    Can’t recommend it highly enough .
    It was a blast.
    Thank you

  • Sam Manella

    Sam Manella

    Average rating: September 18, 2020

    This course was extremely informative. I was nervous at the start. However, the instructors found ways to put me at ease whilst ensuring the course was enjoyable. I highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to step out of their comfort zone.

  • Zoe Buratynsky

    Zoe Buratynsky

    Average rating: August 8, 2020

    If you are looking to complete or re-fresh your STCW look no further! Allabroad Sailing Academy provides seafarers with a well rounded, hands-on education for new and experienced students. The staff are incredibly caring and will work with you to answer any questions you may have and ensure your safe arrival to Gibraltar. The course instructor James has found his calling, making each class not only interesting and engaging, but a pleasure to attend. He is extremely knowledgeable about all topics covered in the course as well as the yachting industry at large. The numerous hands-on drills permit students to utilize their theoretical knowledge in simulated situations that lead to in-depth and practical skills. Allabroad Sailing Academy is a people-centric learning environment that will prioritize your learning so that you emerge ready to tackle the next leg of your journey.

  • Billy Betts

    Billy Betts

    Average rating: August 5, 2020

    Very professional business. Just finished the STCW95 ran by James, a much better course than others I have attended in the past. 100% recommended

  • Joe


    Average rating: April 23, 2019

    Came here to do my Superyacht training. The tuition and facilities are excellent. I can recommend anyone to come and do their training here. Thanks for the amazing week!!

  • James Holman

    James Holman

    Average rating: January 19, 2019

    Did my dayskipper with Allabroad great experience.

  • Pete M

    Pete M

    Average rating: October 7, 2018

    Great sailing school. Good quality boats, excellent range of good instructors, all bringing something a bit different. Good classroom facility that you can use 24 hours a day for study, sitting room for students, good buzz in the marina with lots of watering holes. This is a thoroughly professional sailing school that really cares about its students. Just one word of caution . . . try to make sure your instructor sails West, out of the Med for any mileage building or indeed training trips, and that your log book clearly shows this. Why? Because since the RYA removed the tidal requirement for RYA Day Skipper there are some UK charter outfits, especially on the Solent, who are cagey about accepting quals issued in Gibraltar because they're uncertain whether charterers have enough tidal experience. Conversely, the Gibraltar experience of Colregs in amongst big vessel traffic is unrivalled. Night sailing there is scary and amazing. Its like driving around Marble Arch in heavy traffic at midnight with all the lights turned out. Finally, sailing across the Straits to Africa, with all the major traffic, is also a brilliant education.

  • Africa Asencio

    Africa Asencio

    Average rating: September 4, 2018

    I did my STCW course there and it was great . Really professional and they do it so well the day goes by very fast and you learn a lot . I highly recommend it. Also free accommodation during the course that is a plus

  • Cian W. W.

    Cian W. W.

    Average rating: December 30, 2017

    I did my Day Skipper and Yachtmaster here and I had a great experience.

    They have a well maintained fleet and great instructors. Their unique location offers fantastic flexibility and variety for sailing, the instructors were experienced and demanding and what they taught me has stuck with me to this day.

    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

  • Mike Steel

    Mike Steel

    Average rating: October 4, 2017

    Just completed and passed my day skipper course. Excellent location and great to experience sailing amongst the large ships. Very knowledgeable instructors. Will plan to return to do my Yachtmaster sometime in the future.

  • Pete B

    Pete B

    Average rating: July 28, 2017

    Had a great day out yesterday, fun day even without much wind. Friendly knowledgable instructor

  • John C

    John C

    Average rating: March 18, 2017

    I took the Yachtmaster Fastrack for power and sail. Spent 6 months with Allabroad. Basically I sailed around different countries, had great experiences and met new friends from all over the world. From the staff to the instructors they were very professional and experienced(1st class instruction for different types of learners). With such a dynamic team of instructors I learned many tricks of the trade which helped me become a better mariner and break into the industry. Thanks to Clare and her team I had a job in less than 2 months after leaving as Skipper of a 30M(100ft) Yacht.

  • Kosta Kipsch

    Kosta Kipsch

    Average rating: February 27, 2017

    I did the Yachtmaster Fastrack at ASA in 2008. Absolutely awesome experience and after 8 years I am still recommending friends to do their sailing courses with them. The team is knowledgeable, the boats are taken care off and the sailing itself in and around Gibraltar is perfect to getting yourself prepared for great adventures on your own.

  • Joanne “CleopatraCheshire” Hand

    Joanne “CleopatraCheshire” Hand

    Average rating: February 27, 2017

    Fantastic times! We were lucky enough to have a few afternoons out on the Motor Cruiser, the Durban Lady, she is certainly that. Nice to spend time with enthusiastic, knowledgeable people who are lucky enough to work in an environment they obviously love. Fingers crossed we'll be able to return one day and enjoy some more hours fun in the sun, on the sea :)

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