AFZ Aus- und Fortbildungszentrum Rostock GmbH

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The maritime school in the AFZ Rostock GmbH

Taking responsibility for people, technology and cargo - that requires more than an expert training. At our maritime school, our 12-person crew of seafarers and instructors provide you and your future employees with applicable skills that enable them to safely use on-board life-saving equipment, personal protective equipment when climbing and rescuing on- and offshore equipment, and optimal hazard awareness.

Our core competencies include:

  • Safety training for seafarers in accordance with the STCW Convention
  • Refresher courses for STCW certification
  • Offshore safety courses
  • PSA safety training
  • Inter-company training / supplementary training for ship mechanics

On behalf of approx. 80 shipping companies and companies in the maritime industry, we carry out courses in rescue and fire prevention as well as in metalworking in education and training. Our marine diesel engine enables the implementation of individual on-board training courses in the machine lab and in the assembly cabinet.

For cruise ship and ocean cruiser service personnel, we offer introductory safety training and crowd management training.

In this way, we make our contribution to safe commercial shipping and promise you qualified employees who operate confidently in dangerous situations.

STCW Training Centres

AFZ Aus- und Fortbildungszentrum Rostock GmbH have their training centre located in Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

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Customer Reviews

AFZ Aus- und Fortbildungszentrum Rostock GmbH reviews as published on Google:

  • Ahmed T. Qarbun

    Ahmed T. Qarbun

    Average rating: 4 months ago

    I really enjoyed my course there, and learned a lot. Many thanks to the staff there and hope to see you again in a refreshing one

  • Der Kieler Jung

    Der Kieler Jung

    Average rating: 5 months ago

    Theoretical and practical knowledge is conveyed well here, only the canteen is sometimes a disaster, so one star is deducted

  • Michael Weishaupt

    Michael Weishaupt

    Average rating: 5 months ago

    Enjoyed the course and hope to come back for a refresher

  • Elea P.

    Elea P.

    Average rating: 7 months ago

    The training center, AFZ, maintains a hotel with an integrated restaurant. We were guests in the house for the Long Night of Comedy for the first time. The rooms are suitable, but should be used more optimally. The event was well attended. The service was consistently friendly.
    There is sufficient parking space.

  • Michael Ackermann

    Michael Ackermann

    Average rating: 3 months ago

    The building is very nice but unfortunately I can't really say much good about my time there. Because I felt like most people didn't care how I felt or what I wanted. One story in particular sticks in my mind: I was in the kitchen and the cook who was responsible for me clearly had a problem with me. For example, I was supposed to cut onions into cubes, which wasn't a problem, but he first told me that he wanted slices and he yelled at me and didn't even let me explain it and the carers said when I asked them for help that I should do it too to the cook on my own, but he told me clearly that he didn't give a shit what I wanted, so I had no one who wanted to help me and so I ended the measure and afterwards the AFZ only told lies to my clerk from the job center.

  • Laura Bülter

    Laura Bülter

    Average rating: 17 June 2023

    A very exciting and, above all, intensive week, I didn't want to leave on Saturday. Arne is a top trainer with the perfect mix of relaxedness and seriousness and, above all, is very professional and explained everything very well. The lessons were very exciting and exciting, so that you hardly had to study for the final test on Saturday, as everyone had done a great job during the week.
    The practical days with the drill, swimming and fire course were the highlight.
    Canteen food can be improved, but since we got a free meal card every day, we can't complain here either.

  • Carlos Chumpitaz

    Carlos Chumpitaz

    Average rating: 12 April 2023

    GWO-KURSE. The trainers are very professional and highly qualified.
    It is the second year that I visit ISC Training, I hope to continue taking my GWO courses here.

  • Sebastian Lamp

    Sebastian Lamp

    Average rating: 3 April 2023

    I was in March for the refresher course at the AFZ Rostock. Unfortunately, I got Corona on site with pretty severe side effects. I was quickly and easily provided with a Covid test and given a food pack to be on the safe side. I could hardly eat anything, but I think this initiative is simply wonderful. Everything important was taken care of by the AFZ and I was able to leave to recover at home. Whether kitchen, reception or school management, I felt very well treated and can only pass on positive things! Many thanks to the AFZ team!

  • leonie187


    Average rating: 2 April 2023

    I took the Basic Safety course here at the end of March and was very satisfied.
    Very modern and well-equipped training rooms. The instructors made the lessons very relaxed but the seriousness was never lost. You can tell that the trainers have a lot of experience and knowledge that they are happy to pass on. They try as much as possible not to let the training days go on too long. However, I think you could plan a little differently, for example, if possible, do the first aid part during the week so that everyone could leave on Friday. Many people would have been willing to make a long day out of my course and be able to leave a day earlier. A small suggestion for improvement concerns the password assignment when completing the test. It's best to sign the passwords for everyone at the same time so everyone can start together. The individual password assignment caused unrest because one part was already in the middle of the questions and the other part was still waiting for the password.
    The food on site was delicious and there was always a lot to choose from to suit every taste. The breakfast was also simple, but had everything you needed and was very nicely prepared, and was always quickly topped up.
    I was lucky enough to be able to stay overnight on site. The rooms are very clean and spacious. Nothing more is necessary since you were in class all day anyway or were out and about with the people from the course.
    Finally, you can say that the staff on site: reception, restaurant and HSK were also very nice and helpful.

    Keep it up with two thumbs up

  • Katja Schubert

    Katja Schubert

    Average rating: 12 November 2022

    I took an STCW basic course in shipping at the AFZ and the 6 days were absolutely fantastic!
    The two lecturers Anna and Inge were absolutely friendly, motivated and gave a lot of interesting insider information. The course material was peppered with many exciting practical experiences, some in the harbor basin, the office was always a help in spontaneous crises, the food in the canteen was good and the accommodation (B&B) with organic breakfast was fantastic.
    Everything went smoothly, including planning and execution.
    I'm absolutely thrilled. Thanks!!!

  • Helen Börner

    Helen Börner

    Average rating: 23 September 2022

    I really have a hard time with "bad" ratings, but in this case I unfortunately have no other choice.
    In 2019 I registered for the advanced training course for real estate specialists at the AFZ.

    Here are a few points that were not only unsatisfactory for me, but also for other course participants and were therefore not conducive to passing the final exams:

    - Constant changes in the timetable - no timely information about which lessons take place when
    - Spontaneous relocation of the exam preparation week from 02/22/2021-02/26/2021 to 03/01/2021-03/05/2021
    - Change of the teacher for the subject "KLR", without prior information to the course participants
    - Poor communication during corona lockdown
    (school failure)
    - No reimbursement of contribution costs for lost hours due to corona lockdown
    - Distance teaching without prior delivery of the teaching material
    - Access to the learning network only worked to a limited extent or not at all for some students

    The course cost us all a lot of money and, of course, time... It's just a shame if the learning success suffers as a result of the aforementioned circumstances!

  • Manuela Veckenstedt

    Manuela Veckenstedt

    Average rating: 8 September 2022

    We made the big mistake and didn't look at the canteen's prices beforehand! But honestly, €8.90 for lunch in the canteen of an AfZ! 8.90€ for a good Coron bleu, but also 8.90€ for lukewarm frozen vegetables, boiled potatoes that didn't taste like anything and a dessert for Attention, here we go, FROM 1.50€, there is still a lot of air up! Therefore only 2 stars...

  • Jason Brody

    Jason Brody

    Average rating: 9 August 2022

    The training and further education center Rostock GmbH offers all sorts of opportunities that are not even apparent at first glance. On the one hand, it offers various funding opportunities in the area of ​​training and further education. Projects that support orientation on the job market or the search for apprenticeships are also supported by specialist staff. The good location clearly plays a role here. Located directly on the Warnow, this building scores points when it comes to treating yourself to a beautiful view during breaks or while eating.
    There is an in-house restaurant with a variety of dishes to choose from. There is something for many, even if the vegan options are a bit lacking. I think that the kitchen here is also working flat out to stay on the ball.
    There is also a hotel in the building.
    All in all, there is almost nothing left to be desired here.
    The AFZ Rostock is definitely worth a visit!

  • Christian Pfeifer

    Christian Pfeifer

    Average rating: 12 April 2022

    I only come every 5 years, but it's always fun. And besides, there is professional training.

  • Zoran Hardi

    Zoran Hardi

    Average rating: 12 March 2022

    Great lecturers. Relaxed atmosphere without stress. My recommendation.

  • Folker Doden

    Folker Doden

    Average rating: 7 March 2022

    Always the same pudding for 6 decades schüsch

  • Holger Zirkel

    Holger Zirkel

    Average rating: 2 March 2022

    Was at the Basic Safety course. Really well done! Good balance between theory and practice. Thanks to Marco, Dirk and everyone else! Keep it up!!!

  • Marion Ehlert

    Marion Ehlert

    Average rating: 24 February 2022

    Very nice care. Very good food The food tasted very good.

  • Andrea


    Average rating: 18 December 2021

    The best training center I've ever been to! Lecturers are motivated and you can tell that they have an idea of ​​what they are doing. Super delicious food and everyone is very friendly. I'd love to come back!

  • karibikmaster Whatsapp 001 8293484635

    karibikmaster Whatsapp 001 8293484635

    Average rating: 11 December 2021

    Anna is the best instructor ever!
    It was very pleasant to get to know her ....

  • Troster


    Average rating: 4 November 2021

    So in the beginning BVB went well ... But after a while you realize how inconsistent everything is?.!

    One says that, one says the other and in the end you as a participant are the one who was messed about :)

    So ... there really has to be more team play ... Urgent.

  • Bob Mfeld

    Bob Mfeld

    Average rating: 28 August 2021

    Great educational institution. Have attended several courses here. The lecturers are very competent, the concept is consistent. Good location.

  • Nancy Udtke

    Nancy Udtke

    Average rating: 29 July 2021

    All dishes are freshly prepared there.
    We look forward to eating healthy and good every day. The staff is very friendly and the highlights are the desserts. Keep up the good work.

  • Jana Tausendfreund

    Jana Tausendfreund

    Average rating: 15 June 2021

    It was a great course for supervisors. Delicious rolls in the coffee shop.

  • christian wohlfahrt

    christian wohlfahrt

    Average rating: 8 May 2021

    As always, everything was great.

  • Sven Sven

    Sven Sven

    Average rating: 2 April 2021

    Excellent location directly on the water and the port area - the learning material & core material is conveyed well and consists of a good mix of theoretical / practical implementation. All in all, you are very well looked after. The courses are very well supervised by the trainers and lecturers. A lot of good equipment is available for practice ... especially boating

  • Ewgeny Rakschewsky

    Ewgeny Rakschewsky

    Average rating: 29 March 2021

    Everything great! Lunch tastes good as always!

  • Thomas Baschin

    Thomas Baschin

    Average rating: 5 February 2021

    2nd time offshore training done with. Great team. I'm looking forward to the next time when the new hall is finished. Nice practical exercises.

  • Ivan Gugov

    Ivan Gugov

    Average rating: 22 January 2021

    The level of the education center is high . But I have spend the night in their hotel and over all the conditions ware good but there was no heating in the room at all and for the mid of January this is not acceptable !!

  • Steffi Bartz

    Steffi Bartz

    Average rating: 17 January 2021

    Course was just bad. For that it should be a further training, I had the impression that the lecturers themselves were unsure. Partly also incorrectly conveyed. "Certificates" are thrown afterwards. Aborting was the only right decision. Shame on us money

  • Johannes Nagel

    Johannes Nagel

    Average rating: 14 October 2020

    Good courses and competent staff

  • Tony 112

    Tony 112

    Average rating: 24 September 2020

    Super Ausbildungszentrum , sehr kompetente Lehrkräfte

  • Rene Helpap

    Rene Helpap

    Average rating: 19 August 2020

    Nice as always

  • Jörg Lehnshack

    Jörg Lehnshack

    Average rating: 6 July 2020

    Organized, nice trainers, everything was fine

  • Felix Schilling

    Felix Schilling

    Average rating: 26 June 2020

    Well-kept environment nice staff.
    The refresher is relaxed & educational.
    Due to Covid19, there is a mask requirement in the entire house.

  • Hayrettin Pineci

    Hayrettin Pineci

    Average rating: 3 March 2020

    Super Ausbildung, fachliche Erklärung.

  • Lutz Brackrogge

    Lutz Brackrogge

    Average rating: 10 February 2020

    Preiswerter und guter Mittagstisch

  • Janosch Wettmann

    Janosch Wettmann

    Average rating: 20 January 2020

    I'm here for the 2nd time, Basic Safety 3 years ago, now Advanced Firefighting and both Rescue Boat courses, I can only report good things like 3 years ago. Top instructors, friendly staff, good restaurant in the building. Above all, efforts are made to keep the equipment up to date and invest a lot of money in new teaching aids. Definitely a good address for seafarers from the Northern Germany region!

  • Maik Rades

    Maik Rades

    Average rating: 20 November 2019

    Sehr kompetente Ausbildung

  • Ben


    Average rating: 28 April 2019

    Leckeres Essen, schönes und sauberes Hotel & die lustigsten Lehrer. Dankeschön!

  • Maxi Stern

    Maxi Stern

    Average rating: 9 April 2019

    Habe dort einen Vorbereitungslehrgang für die Abschlussprüfung zum Kfm. Speditions und Logistikdienstleistung gebucht.

    Nachdem der erste Termin verschoben wurde, wurde der 2 dan 5 Tage vorher ersatzlos gestrichen.

    Herbe Enttäuschung, und das obwohl ich dort mit anderen Bildungsangeboten schon über 5000 € gelassen habe.

    Für mich und meinen Kollegen ein Tiefschlag der gesessen hat.

    Ich kann nach solch Kundenschädlichem Verhalten von diesem Träger in Zukunft leider nur abraten.

  • Selin Asansu

    Selin Asansu

    Average rating: 24 March 2019

    Sehr gute Ausbildung, Anleitung und Beratung sowie gutes regionales Essen

  • Finn Evers

    Finn Evers

    Average rating: 28 June 2018

    Das Essen ist sehr lecker.

  • Steven Gohlke

    Steven Gohlke

    Average rating: 10 June 2018

    Bestimmte Leute in der Gastronomie hätten uns Sachen noch besser und ordentlicher erklären oder zeigen können! ( Deshalb nur 2 Sterne)

  • Jay Blak

    Jay Blak

    Average rating: 3 May 2018

    Meine Bewertung ist für die Ecke der Ausbildung Hotelfachmann , sprich Koch , Kellner und Hotel . Einfach unterirdisch...

  • Christopher A.

    Christopher A.

    Average rating: 30 April 2017

    War zum Basic Safety Training da...
    Der Unterrichtsraum war Top, die Verpflegung war richtig gut..

    Ein Stern Abzug gibt es für den Arroganten "Lehrer" den wir hatten.

  • muhannad merrawi

    muhannad merrawi

    Average rating: 14 April 2017


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