S.T.A.R. maritime & offshore AFZ Aus- und Fortbildungszentrum Rostock GmbH

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The maritime school in the AFZ Rostock GmbH

Taking responsibility for people, technology and cargo - that requires more than an expert training. At our maritime school, our 12-person crew of seafarers and instructors provide you and your future employees with applicable skills that enable them to safely use on-board life-saving equipment, personal protective equipment when climbing and rescuing on- and offshore equipment, and optimal hazard awareness.

Our core competencies include:

  • Safety training for seafarers in accordance with the STCW Convention
  • Refresher courses for STCW certification
  • Offshore safety courses
  • PSA safety training
  • Inter-company training / supplementary training for ship mechanics

On behalf of approx. 80 shipping companies and companies in the maritime industry, we carry out courses in rescue and fire prevention as well as in metalworking in education and training. Our marine diesel engine enables the implementation of individual on-board training courses in the machine lab and in the assembly cabinet.

For cruise ship and ocean cruiser service personnel, we offer introductory safety training and crowd management training.

In this way, we make our contribution to safe commercial shipping and promise you qualified employees who operate confidently in dangerous situations.

STCW Training Centers

S.T.A.R. maritime & offshore AFZ Aus- und Fortbildungszentrum Rostock GmbH have their training center located in Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

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  • Finn Evers

    Finn Evers

    Average rating: 8 months ago

    Das Essen ist sehr lecker.

  • Steven Gohlke

    Steven Gohlke

    Average rating: 9 months ago

    Bestimmte Leute in der Gastronomie hätten uns Sachen noch besser und ordentlicher erklären oder zeigen können! ( Deshalb nur 2 Sterne)

  • Jay Blak

    Jay Blak

    Average rating: 10 months ago

    Meine Bewertung ist für die Ecke der Ausbildung Hotelfachmann , sprich Koch , Kellner und Hotel . Einfach unterirdisch...

  • Christopher A.

    Christopher A.

    Average rating: a year ago

    War zum Basic Safety Training da...
    Der Unterrichtsraum war Top, die Verpflegung war richtig gut..

    Ein Stern Abzug gibt es für den Arroganten "Lehrer" den wir hatten.

  • muhannad merrawi

    muhannad merrawi

    Average rating: a year ago


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