Maritime Training Centre in Gdynia

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CSM Gdynia in cooperation with SVS RISK offers STCW safety and security courses for seafarers.

Training Centre has full approval form Polish Maritime Authority. Poland Maritime Authority is a white listed representative of the IMO and all its courses are fully accepted by all flag states globally.

Trainings you will receive will be to the highest of standards and the skills you learn will be current as to prepare you for the career path you wish.

We are ISO 9001 Standard Company which will ensure quality from start to finish.

CSM and UK Instructors from SVS RISK deliver the complete course in English:

  • Basic Safety Training – Main Course
  • Elementary First Aid
  • Personal Survival Techniques
  • Basic Fire Fighting
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
  • Elementary First Aid
  • Medical First Aid
  • Medical Care
  • HABC Basic Life Support & Safe use of an Automated External Defibrillator
  • HABC Level 2 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work (QCF)
  • HABC Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work (QCF)
  • HABC Level 3 Award in First Aid Response
  • Basic Fire Fighting
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
  • Ship Security Officer
  • Designated Security Duties
  • Security Awareness
  • Company Security Officer
  • Port Facility Security Officer
  • Personal Survival Techniques
  • Fast Rescue Boats

STCW Training Centres

Maritime Training Centre in Gdynia have their training centre located in Gdynia, Poland.

Customer Reviews

Maritime Training Centre in Gdynia reviews as published on Google:

  • Daniel Kreft

    Daniel Kreft

    Average rating: a month ago

    In this center you may fail your ITR renewal due to bad swimming trunks. I was thrown out of the pool along with 5 other people for swimming trunks. However, you could easily put on your underwear and enter the pool. Lack of hygiene... It was not possible to buy tight-fitting swimming trunks.
    Your explanation - you can bring sand from the beach in April in washed swimming trunks...
    I do not recommend
    I repeated the course in another center
    Of course, the money was not returned. Even an official fee for issuing a document that I did not receive.

  • Vadzim


    Average rating: 6 months ago

    Took the STCW course.
    The theoretical and practical part is at a high level. I believe that every person should take such a course, regardless of whether he will work in the sea, ocean, or simply sometimes spend his holidays on the water.
    I recommend!

  • Izunia Motyl

    Izunia Motyl

    Average rating: 7 months ago

    I cannot recommend this training enough. I'm really glad I decided to do stcw here and not in Miami, the teachers are very informative and experienced. Physical training, so well organized in professional facilities, truly mimics quitting smoking, further pushing our limits. Well organized for students who do not live in Gdańsk, in terms of assistance in submitting maritime documents for students from outside Poland. I can't wait to come back in 5 years

  • Zbigniew Leśniewicz

    Zbigniew Leśniewicz

    Average rating: 2 months ago

    Very nice atmosphere. Professional lecturers. Good social facilities. Nice and helpful staff. I recommend the STCW AND OTHER Course at the Maritime Training Center in Gdynia. 5+

  • giza lagarce

    giza lagarce

    Average rating: a month ago

    The classes are okay, they are a bit long and there is a lot of theory, but the lecturers are very nice. The only thing is the boss - Mrs. Marzena (from what I remember) was not very helpful and not entirely agreeable.

  • Maciej Czerwiński

    Maciej Czerwiński

    Average rating: 11 July 2023

    I attended an integrated STCW training and ship security issues. Nice group and nice people. I highly recommend this company, especially the interesting and professionally conducted classes (the practical part was carried out perfectly). What's more, a pleasant office and definitely the owners have an individual approach to the client and will help with many problems.

  • Rafał Hajdukiewicz

    Rafał Hajdukiewicz

    Average rating: 5 July 2023

    With a clear conscience, I can recommend training organized by CSM. Great teachers who know what they are talking about, good organization and great practical classes. Cool thing!

  • Michal Kováč

    Michal Kováč

    Average rating: 17 May 2023

    Full professionalism. Professionally experienced instructors, knowledge provided in a very clear way. Organization of high-level courses, quick receipt of certificates. I recommend this resort.

  • Fenri Roma

    Fenri Roma

    Average rating: 6 April 2023

    I highly recommend! You can feel the passion and experience from the staff for miles! And the lady at the registration desk was incredibly nice and helpful, she answered even the stupidest questions and was always there to help!

  • Andrzej Bacdorf

    Andrzej Bacdorf

    Average rating: 10 February 2023

    Great management, lecturers and instructors. Course dates without long waits. Nice and professional advice. Quick receipt of certificates. Both the theoretical and practical part are well organized. I recommend

  • Piotr Pio

    Piotr Pio

    Average rating: 20 September 2022

    All training
    Great medical training instructors, rescuers-practitioners, and even classes with a doctor, a lot of theory and a lot of practice in life at sea, at home, on the street.
    The best Paramedic with a silver head
    I recommend

  • Paweł Łączkowski

    Paweł Łączkowski

    Average rating: 4 August 2022

    Very good training center. Quick collection of certificates (1-2 days). Coffee, tea, water and biscuits are prepared for the students. Air-conditioned rooms.

  • Kacper Smoła

    Kacper Smoła

    Average rating: 29 April 2022

    A very quick and professional approach to the subject. I participated in courses for passenger ships, the trainings were held on time and in a very nice atmosphere. I am very pleased with both the organization and the course of the classes. I recommend!

  • Daniel Wilk

    Daniel Wilk

    Average rating: 3 March 2022

    A great resort, I recommend it heartily

  • Michał Rynas

    Michał Rynas

    Average rating: 20 September 2021

    Very experienced staff, a wide range of courses, pleasant interiors and a good location.

  • Blazej Wenslaw

    Blazej Wenslaw

    Average rating: 18 May 2021

    Very fun and interesting training! I recommend

  • FilipPaw lolowski

    FilipPaw lolowski

    Average rating: 10 May 2021

    Very reliably and professionally conducted course of the Sea Lifeguard - renewal

  • Mirosław Gliszczyński

    Mirosław Gliszczyński

    Average rating: 14 December 2020

    They do not. They canceled my course at the last minute. I do not recommend.

  • Marek Markowski

    Marek Markowski

    Average rating: 24 June 2020

    Thank you very much for the very interesting STCW course, which I had the pleasure to attend last week.
    The stay in Gdynia turned out to be very fruitful and pleasant. I am very satisfied, because according to the plan we not only passed positively, but we learned a lot of theoretical and practical messages that are certainly very useful at sea. In addition, everything went in a nice and friendly atmosphere. Very good organization, great lecturers.

  • David


    Average rating: 27 February 2019

    Zmiencie nazwe, na centrum morskiego wykanczania czlowieka........

  • Grzegorz Budek

    Grzegorz Budek

    Average rating: 7 September 2018

    I definitely recommend it to everyone. The resort has a wide range of courses as well as well-trained staff who will always help you. Very nice atmosphere at lectures as well as the practical part. I really recommend

  • CaptBirdseye


    Average rating: 28 April 2018

    Recently completed my STCW course with CSM, can’t recommend it enough! The trainers were very accommodating and all highly experienced and professional, the price is cheaper than anywhere in the UK, the location is fantastic (5 min walk to the beach), facilities were great and lunch provided daily. We had a mix of people from different and interesting backgrounds which is great for networking and getting an insight into the maritime industry.
    5 starts, you can’t get better for the price at this high standard.
    All of the course content was delivered in English as well!

  • Ben Benny (VeteranBenny)

    Ben Benny (VeteranBenny)

    Average rating: 21 April 2018

    I have just completed my STCW course with CSM Gdynia and couldn’t praise them enough. Various instructors were used to complete each of the modules all with high levels of experience across the maritime sector, I also complete my PDSD for working in MARSEC in conjunction with SVS Risk. I saved money by conducting my courses here and they were provided in English so a win win situation.

    Thank you to CSM Gdynia for your work.

  • Grzegorz Giedrys

    Grzegorz Giedrys

    Average rating: 12 February 2018

    I definitely do not recommend, not all courses are done in this center. He took PLN 200 commission for crossing the street to the neighboring center.

  • 3210adam .

    3210adam .

    Average rating: 28 September 2016

    Przede wszystkim ludzie dla których morze jest pasją,a ponieważ i sposobem na życie więc z tego żyją i słusznie!Po dopracowaniu niewielkich detali perfekcyjny ośrodek szkoleniowy!!! Polecam!!!!

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