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The AustralAsian eLearning Academy is a proud member of the AustralAsian Group.

The AustralAsian Group is an ISO certified (ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001) organisation which came to fruition with the integration of the AustralAsian Business Development Group Pte Ltd, a Singapore registered consultancy company (2012), specialising in developing, training courses, accreditation of training courses, auditing and third-party certification of management systems under ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 (now ISO4500), International Safety Management and International Ship and Port Security, SEATAG AustralAsian Services Pte Ltd, a Singapore registered competency-based training company (2013) was established to provide onboard competency-based training within a workplace environment for the offshore oil and gas and marine industries and the AustralAsian eLearning Academy Pty Ltd, an Australian registered online training company (2015) which was established after numerous requests for the delivery of theory-based training online via eLearning.

After extensive industry consultation, AustralAsian Group companies have gained various course accreditation, approval and recognition from several organisation including, but not limited to; STCW course accreditation by Singapore MPA, Safety and course delivery and assurance courses by the IADC and Safety courses by LiberoAssurance.
The AustralAsian eLearning Academy currently delivers the theory content for the following STCW courses online via eLearning; Section A-VI/1 Basic Safety Training, Section A-VI/6-1 Security Awareness Training for all Seafarers and Section A-VI/6 Security Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties.
Due to the success and industry acceptance of the AustralAsian eLearning Academy online eLearning course delivery to numerous companies including, but not limited to; Seadrill, Noble Drilling, BW Offshore, MSI and Energy Drilling, we will be adding more courses to our eLearning Learning Management System in 2020.

STCW Training Centers

AAG World - AustralAsian eLearning Academy Pty Ltd have their training center located in eLearning courses, Australia.

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