Human Element Leadership & Management (Operational level) - HELM(O)

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Course Type:
STCW ➜ HELM (Operational)
Training School:
Fire Aid Academy Ltd
Hythe, Southampton, United Kingdom
3 days

This course provides students with the education and training necessary to control the operation of a ship and care for persons on board at the operational level by the application of resource management, leadership and team-working skills.

Certification will raise an officer to a level meeting the knowledge, understanding and proficiency (KUP) requirements set out in the following parts of the STCW:

  • Table A-II/1 (Officer in charge of a navigational watch)
  • Table A-III/1 (Officer in charge of an engineering watch)
  • Table A-III/6 (Electro-technical officer)

A hands-on practical training approach is taken to deliver this course in which lectures, videos, group discussion and scenario based exercises combine with student presentations that form a compulsory part of training and final assessment.

Completion of the course will enable a student to:

  • Identify good practice in shipboard human resource management
  • Identify the importance of the ‘human element’ in shipboard operations
  • Apply the underpinning knowledge of maritime conventions and recommendations, national regulations, and codes of practice and guidelines covered in other mandatory units
  • Apply the elements of task and workload management, including planning, coordination, allocation and prioritisation of human and physical resources
  • Apply effective resource management techniques
  • Apply the principles and practice of good decision making
  • Manage stress and fatigue by understanding the causes and implementing strategies to prevent them affecting safety
  • Contribute to shipboard training, learning, assessing and developing human potential


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