STCW Basic Training in Fire Prevention & Firefighting

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Course Type:
STCW ➜ Fire Prevention and Firefighting (Basic)
Training School:
Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service (Red One)
Plympton, Devon, United Kingdom
2 days

If you are looking for an STCW training provider who has scored 100%* for course experience, then choose Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service.

This Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) approved STCW Basic Training in Fire Prevention & Firefighting course is provided by Red One. Red One (the commercial trading arm of Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service) provide all STCW courses including the STCW Basic Safety Week. Our courses are delivered in Plymouth by firefighters who share a genuine passion for fire prevention and maritime safety. 

This training course is provided at a real life fire station and the practical exercises are provided with greater realism with the use of a steel ship structure facility (one of only a few in the UK recognised by the MCA as suitable for training). 

The course provides candidates with knowledge and understanding through classroom based learning, demonstration and practical exercises. TThe welfare of our candidates are important so as part of the course fee, a range of lunch options are included from an excellent local bakery.  

  • Theory of combustion, fire extinguishing principles & transfer of heat
  • Causes and classification of fires
  • Description and correct use of extinguishers
  • The effects of heat and humidity
  • The component parts of a breathing apparatus set as well as assembly, donning and starting of a breathing apparatus set
  • Fire prevention, protection & detection including fire doors, Class A, B bulkheads, means of escape and fire alarm systems
  • Types of fixed installation including sprinklers, CO2, high fog, FM200
  • Fire fighting equipment found onboard
  • Onboard fire fighting organisation & procedures
  • Fire fighting methods and casualty rescue in heat and smoke filled enclosed spaces wearing breathing apparatus

*We collected feedback from 523 maritime course attendees between 2016-2018. All data accurate as of 10/08/2018.

“Did the venue meet your expectations?” - 100% YES
“Was the course experience good?” - 100% YES
“Were there adequate safety precautions?” - 100% YES
“Did the facilities meet your expectations?” - 99% YES
“Was there adequate training variety?” - 99% YES
“Was the catering value for money?” - 99% YES
“Was the course value for money?” - 99% YES
Instructors’ skills - 99.8% marked us 5/5.
Instructors’ attitude - 99.2% marked us 5/5.
Equipment condition, storage condition, clothing - 90% marked us 5/5 

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Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service (Red One)

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