1772 | Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch (OICNW) (Assessments Only)

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STCW ➜ Additional STCW courses
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Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy
Norfolk, Virginia, United States of America
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Coast Guard does not require a completion certificate for this Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch (OICNW) (MIDATL-328) course. Applicants must present completed control Sheets for these assessments in application for STCW certification.

The following practical assessments have been determined to be equivalent of National Assessment Guidelines Tasks, as documented in NVIC 12-14 Guidelines On Qualification For Officer in Charge Of a Navigational Watch on Vessels of 500 GT or More:

1.1.A,1.1.B, 1.1.C, 1.1.D, 1.1.E, 1.1.F, 1.2.A, 1.2.B, 1.2.C, 1.3.A, 1.3.B, 1.3.C, 1.4.A, 1.4.B, 1.4.C, 1.4.D, 1.5.A, 1.6.A, 1.6.B, 1.6.C, 1.6.D, 1.7.A, 1.7.B, 1.7.C, 1.7.D, 1.7.E, 1.7.F, 1.8.A, 1.8.B, 1.9.A, 1.9.B, 1.10.A, 1.10.B, 1.10.C, 1.10.D, 1.10.E, 1.10.F, 1.10.G, 2.1.A, 2.1.B, 2.1.C, 2.1.D, 2.1.E, 2.1.F, 2.1.G, 2.2.A, 2.2.B, 2.2.C, 2.2.D, 2.2.E, 2.3.A, 2.3.B, 2.3.C, 2.4.A, 2.5.A, 2.6.A, 2.7.A, 2.7.B, 2.7.C, 2.7.D, 2.7.E, 2.7.F, 2.7.G, 3.1.A, 3.2.A, 3.2.B, 3.3.A, 3.4.A, 3.4.B, 3.4.C, 3.4.D, 3.4.E, 3.4.F, 3.4.G, 3.4.H, 3.5.A, 3.6.A, 3.6.B, 3.6.C, 3.6.D, 3.6.E, 3.6.F, 3.6.G, 3.6.H, 3.6.I, 3.6.J, 3.6.K, 3.6.L, 3.6.M, 4.1.A, 4.2.A, 5.1.A, 5.2.A, 5.3.A, 6.1.A, 7.1.A, 8.1.A, 8.2.A, 9.1.A, 9.2.A, 9.2.B, 9.3.A, 9.4.A, 9.5.A, 10.1.A, 10.2.A, 10.3.A, 11.1.A, 11.2.A, 11.3.A, 11.4.A, 11.5.A, 11.6.A, 11.7.A, 12.1.A, 12.2.A, 12.3.A, 13.1.A, 13.2.A, 13.3.A, 13.4.A, 17.1.A, 18.1.A, 18.2.A, 18.3.A, 18.4.A, and 18.5.A.

Upon successful completion of this course, candidates who already have the experience and training for the navigational watch on a bridge of vessels of 500 or more gross tonnage (ITC) and successfully demonstrate all competency assessments of this course, will satisfy the completion of STCW Officer In Charge Of a Navigational Watch assessment as set forth in Section A-II/1 and Table A-II/1 of the Standards for Training and Certification of Watchkeepers (STCW) Code certification as appropriate for the vessels of 500 or more gross tonnage (ITC) based upon their qualifying sea experience. Major topic areas are as follows:

  • Plan and Conduct a Passage and Determine Position
  • Maintain a Safe Navigational Watch
  • Use Of Radar and ARPA to Maintain the Safety of Navigation
  • Use of ECDIS to maintain the safety of navigation
  • Respond to emergencies
  • Respond to a distress signal at sea
  • Use the IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases and use English in written and oral form
  • Transmit and Receive Information by Visual Signaling
  • Maneuver the Ship
  • Monitor the loading, stowage, securing, care during the voyage and the unloading of cargoes
  • Inspect and report defects and damage to cargo spaces, hatch covers and ballast tanks
  • Ensure compliance with pollution-prevention requirements
  • Maintain seaworthiness of the ship
  • Monitor compliance with legislative requirements
  • Application of leadership and team working skills

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