Ship Security Officer

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Course Type:
STCW ➜ Ship Security Officer
Training School:
Glasgow Maritime Academy LLP
Glasgow, United Kingdom
3 days

Glasgow Martime Academy delivers the ship security officers course every alternate week.

Course Duration: 3 days

Course Eligibility:

Candidates should have 12 months Sea Time or a knowledge of ship operations. Students who dont have enough sea time but have other experience (ie: RN Staff) and wish to join the course can contact the MCA for eligibility. Please see MCA details below:

Ex- Marines / RN Staff without any sea-time may be enrolled on the SSO course and a certificate of attendance of SSO course ( non STCW format certificate) may be issued.

If a candidate has some sea time and they wish to obtain an STCW certificate, then they may apply to Seafarers Training Branch , MCA HQ, Southampton, with evidence of their sea service and experience. Each application will be considered on its merit and a dispensation for a portion of the sea time 'may' be issued.

Course Description

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) accredited, 3-Day Ship Security Officer (SSO) course is designed specifically for individuals who wish to either gain more knowledge in their current maritime security field, or wish to move into maritime security as a Ship Security Officer (SSO). The SSO Course is fully-comprehensive and information-packed and instructed by certified Maritime Security Training Specialists, approved by the MCA, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and the Merchant Navy Training Board (MNTB).

This course is for anyone who wants to work as a Shipboard Security Officer on board a Merchant Navy vessels. It conforms with the requirements of SOLAS Chapter XI - 2, the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code.

The aim of this course is to certify the Course Candidate as a Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) accredited STCW ISPS Ship Security Officer following the ISPS Code and provide them with the relevant STCW ISPS Certification.

Course Content

This course is specifically designed for crew who may encounter a security or safety problem as they transit hostile environments and adverse conditions.

It includes an introduction to the background of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS), the roles of the Company Security Officer (CSO) and Ship Security Officer, security requirements and security administration.

The programme covers security drills, security exercises, crowd management techniques, security protection and emergency preparedness.

Students will become proficient in:

  • Ship security assessments and audits
  • Creating ship security plans
  • Ship and port facility security measures
  • Recognition of behavioural patterns of people likely to threaten security
  • Detection of weapons
  • Testing and calibration of security equipment and systems

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