Ship Security Officer - ONLINE - Liberian Registry (LISCR) approved - Panama accepted

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STCW ➜ Ship Security Officer
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online course
2 days

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The aim of this Security Duties online course is to raise awareness about the different security threats and how seafarers can maintain security on board of a ship.

The STCW Security Duties training is mandatory for all seafarers working on board of vessels who do have designated security duties. These seafarers must hold an official certificate of STCW Security Duties training.

This Security Duties online course is in accordance with STCW A-VI/6 and IMO.


  • 18 - 20 hours

Course content:

  • Maritime Security Policy
  • Security Responsibilities
  • Ship Security Assessment
  • Security Equipment
  • Ship Security Plan
  • Threat Identification, recognition and response
  • Ship Security Actions
  • Emergency preparedness, drills and exercises
  • Security Administration
  • Security Training
  • Assessment (Test)


  • This course includes practical exercises on board
  • The outcome of the exercises must be assessed by the captain (or deputy)


The Assessment consists of multiple-choice questions
After passing the assessment, you will receive a download link for your certificate.
You are free to (re)print your certificate anytime.
A signed and stamped original hard-copy by mail can be ordered (not included).

Approved by:

Liberian Registry (LISCR) - Panama accepted

Quoted price valid only with the following discount code: STCWDIRECT10

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