Rating Forming A Part Of A Watch In A Manned Engine-Room

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Course Type:
STCW ➜ Engine-room Watch Rating
Training School:
Diverso Impex
Split, Croatia
2 days

A certificate of competence for a crew member who is part of the navigational watch in the engine room (STCW III/4) is acquired by a seafarer who:

  • is at least 16 years old,
  • has basic education and special training, i.e. attended a course
  • has a Certificate of supplementary training - D2 Basic safety on board,
  • pass the exam for obtaining the certificate
  • has at least 6 months of navigation service in engine service,
  • meets the prescribed health conditions.


The certificate is valid for a period of five years from the date of issue.


The education includes 14 school hours of lectures and 4 school hours of exercises and consists of:

  1. Terms used in engine rooms and names of machines and equipment
  2. Watchkeeping procedures in the engine room
  3. Safe work practices related to procedures in the engine room
  4. Basic environmental protection procedures
  5. Use of an appropriate internal communication system
  6. Engine room alarm systems and the ability to distinguish between various alarms, especially fire gas alarms
  7. Safe operation of boilers
  8. Knowledge of duties in case of emergency
  9. Routes for evacuation from engine rooms
  10. Knowledge of the placement and use of fire-fighting equipment in engine rooms

After successfully completing the course and examinations at the Harbor Master's Office, candidates will receive certificate issued by the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia.


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