Elementary First Aid

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STCW ➜ Elementary First Aid
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STAR Center
Dania Beach, Florida, United States of America
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Successful completion of this course will prepare any seafarer on a sea-going merchant ship to provide immediate basic medical care at the scene of an accident or other medical emergency until the arrival of a person with advanced first aid skills or the person in charge of the medical care on board.

Specifically, this course covers the training in elementary first aid specified in STCW Code Table A-VI/1-3, taking immediate action upon encountering an accident or other medical emergency, which includes the following knowledge, understanding, and proficiency in:

  1. Assessing the needs of casualties and threats to safety.
  2. Appreciation of body structure and functions.
  3. Understanding the immediate measures taken in cases of emergency. including the ability to:
    1. Position the casualty.
    2. Apply resuscitation techniques IAW the new Guidelines 2000 for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care:
    3. International
    4. Consensus on Science.
    5. Control bleeding.
    6. Apply appropriate measures in the event of burns and scalds including accidents caused by electric current.
    7. Knowledge of fractures, strains, sprains, dislocations, and application of immobilization.
    8. Apply appropriate measures for basic shock management.
    9. Recognize sudden illnesses and commence first aid treatment.
    10. Rescue and transport a casualty.

Individuals will be required to demonstrate competence in accordance with the methods and criteria or evaluating competence tabulated in columns 3 and 4 of those tables through examination and/or continuous assessment throughout the course.

This Course is USCG Approved and STCW Compliant. The certificate will state:

“This course is hereby recognized as a Coast Guard Approved Training Course as outlined in Subpart C of Part 11, Title 46, Code of Federal Regulations. Any applicant who has successfully completed our Elementary First Aid (STRCTR-183) course will satisfy the Basic Safety - Elementary First Aid competencies to take immediate action upon encountering an accident or other medical emergency of Section A-VI/I and Table A-VI-1-3 of the STCW Code, as amended, and 46 CFR 11.202(b)(3); AND if presented within one year of the date of training, the First Aid & CPR training requirements of 46 CFR 11.205( e)( 1 )(ii) and 11.205( e )(2)(iii) for original issuance of an officer endorsement.”


This is a classroom course that is intended to meet the Basic Safety - Elementary First Aid competencies as listed above in the USCG Approved and STCW Compliant Course Certificate section.

Entry standards

This course is open to all seafarers who are to serve aboard sea-going merchant ships. Students should have prospect of or have a contract to be employed on board ship on the business of that ship as part of the ship’s complement with designated safety or pollution prevention duties. Students must be at least 18 years old and meet the physical fitness requirements stated in 46 CFR 10.205.

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