Officer of the Watch (OOW) Prep Week

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STCW ➜ OOW (Deck)
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Zephyr Yachting France
Antibes, France
5 days

To become OOW less than 3000 gt you first have to compete all of the pre-requisites as started in the MCA MSN 1858, page 6 item 3.3*, these are GMDSS GOC, STCW, Yachtmaster, also you must pass the modules for Navigation and Radar and General Ships Knowledge.

You will also have to have all of the logged sea time laid down in the MSN 1858.

When you have all these things you will be ready to apply to the MCA for a certificate of eligibility, once you have it you will be able to book an Oral examination at one of the MCA offices in the UK, The oral examination takes 1 – 1 ½ hrs. It is a very tough exam, and will consist of all of the parts of the syllabus in Annex B**.

As the time taken to gather all of the certificates, pass the modules and obtain the sea time can be quite a few years, and due to the fact that the syllabus is so in depth, the study that candidates needs to do to prepare for the oral exam is a very big task. Therefore to fully ensure that candidates are completely ready to have any chance of passing their oral exam, doing an oral prep week as part of a group or doing the prep one to one with a qualified and experienced captain/master has become popular with students. This is why we run prep weeks for OOW and Masters students who are about to sit their oral exam. (This is the course we do offer at Zephyr)

There is always something that you have missed in your own private study that you can benefit from by doing a prep course. As well as the fact that the experienced captain/master also has been through the process many times and knows the way to test the candidates to prepare them. Also current captains/masters are usually aware of the current legislation that is constantly changing.

It is highly advisable for candidates to do a prep week as close as possible to the date of their oral exam, in this way they are giving themselves a best chance of passing. The failure rate for the oral is quite high, particularly at OOW level.

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