Proficiency in Medical Care Refresher

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Course Type:
STCW ➜ Updated Proficiency in Medical Care
Training School:
LJMU Maritime Centre
Birkenhead, Wirral, United Kingdom
3 days

Proficiency in Medical Care Updating (Refresher) (STCW A-VI/4-2)


  1. Hold a Proficiency in Medical Care On-Board Ship certificate or its updating training (STCW A-VI/4-2)
  2. ENG1 medical certificate, or equivalent, as an indicator of fitness or an assessment for fitness carried out by LJMU


Formative assessment of practical skills combined with summative assessment of underpinning knowledge and competencies achieved during training


Theory sessions supported by practical sessions to enhance learning. Candidates are expected to spend additional time on home work that encompasses revision of the topics covered and/or preparation for assessments.


MCA as per the STCW Code section STCW A-VI/4-2

Course Description

This courses is designed to cover the requirements given in Article 4(1)(b) of the Directive ‘92/29 EEC: Service as Master or the person in charge of medical care on UK-registered vessels’. In order to apply this article, the MCA requires that the Master and the person designated to take charge of medical care and medicines on-board to hold an MCA-approved Proficiency in Medical Care (PMC) (STCW A-VI/4 paragraph 4-6) certificate or an MCA-approved Updated Proficiency in Medical Care certificate, issued within the preceding 5 years.

This three day course therefore provides an opportunity for all those who hold either a 5 day Proficiency in Medical Care Certificate or a 3-day Proficiency in Medical Care Updating certificate to refresh and maintain their skills and knowledge on a 5 yearly basis. It is however up to the candidates to undertake the 5 or 3 day course as a refresher.

Upon successful completion of the course, all candidates receive an STCW Proficiency in Medical Care Course Updating certificate.

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