HELM M Human Element and Leadership Management (Management) Level

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Course Type:
STCW ➜ HELM (Management)
Training School:
Western Maritime Training Ltd
Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom
5 days

Human factors are almost always considered to be a contributory factor leading to accidents at sea. This five day course covers resource management, leadership and team working skills at management level so that the candidates can apply these ‘soft skills’ to manage crews in their respective departments and overcome ‘human factor’ related issues.

The course is designed in line with the STCW Code Tables A-II/1, A-III/1 and A-III/6 and is a pre-requisite for management level CoCs (Masters, Chief officers, chief and second engineers) and therefore must be undertaken before a CoC can be issued.

An outline of topics covered in the MNTB standard for HELM M course is:

  • Good practice in shipboard human resource management.
  • Relevance of the ‘human element’ in shipboard operations.
  • Principles of task and workload management, including planning, co-ordination, allocation and prioritisation of human and physical resources.
  • Use project management as an aid to decision-making.
  • Use of effective resource management techniques;
  • Principles and practice of decision-making;
  • Lead and manage the development, implementation and oversight of standard operating procedures.
  • Principles and good practice in shipboard training, learning, coaching, mentoring, assessment and developing shipboard personnel.

Upon successful completion of the course, all candidates are issued with STCW HELM Management course certificate.

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