Estonian Maritime Academy

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Estonian Maritime Academy of TUT, located in the historic maritime city of Tallinn, European Union. We provide all kind of SOLAS and STCW training with best prices in the region, being responsible for the quality of training courses, accommodation and transfers, so shipping companies can send their Crew directly to our training centre. The benefit for the customer comes from the quality and prices we could offer, compared with other private training centres. We are State Company, operating with biggest and modernized Simulator Centre in Baltic and would be honored to provide with our services tailored especially according to customer requirements.

STCW Training Centers

Estonian Maritime Academy have their training center located in Tallinn, Estonia.

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  • Kalle Uusmaa

    Kalle Uusmaa

    Average rating: 3 months ago

    Ainulaadne ja erakordne maja.

  • AViT Madness

    AViT Madness

    Average rating: 4 months ago

    Had no idea what this place was, as had taken a tram ride then got off to walk back to old town, took a few pics and was stunned by architecture and woodland views., Lovely and quiet with blue skies and slight breeze. Perfect strolling weather..

  • Paulus .

    Paulus .

    Average rating: a year ago

    Эстонская морская академия находится в бывшем здании заводоуправления Русско-Балтийского судостроительного общества в районе Копли. Готовит специалистов для флота и береговой охраны. Три факультета водного транспорта, механики и навигации. Высокие и светлые аудитории. Отличная база для обучения, современный стимулятор для судоводителей и многое другое, в том числе и эксклюзивный шкаф с образцами морских узлов.

  • Dmitri Mishin

    Dmitri Mishin

    Average rating: a year ago

    For the moment there is "Knots in bottles" exibition. I was surprised to see so much different kind of knots which can use sailor at Sea.

  • Juergen Gras

    Juergen Gras

    Average rating: 8 months ago

    Unten am Strand

  • Eckhard Futterlieb

    Eckhard Futterlieb

    Average rating: October 18, 2017

    Tolles Gebäude

  • Jyrki Peltonen

    Jyrki Peltonen

    Average rating: October 15, 2017

    Komea rakennus - myös ratikalla pääsee - sisällä en käynyt mutta lounasaikaan voi käydä syömässä.

  • Johan Bertell

    Johan Bertell

    Average rating: February 11, 2017

    Good food

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STCW Courses

STCW Basic Safety Training (New Entrants)
Elementary First Aid
Elementary First Aid