Terms and Conditions

1.1 “Agreement” means these Terms and Conditions;

1.2 “MMRTC” means the Mediterranean Maritime Research and Training Centre;

1.3 “Regulations” means the regulations and policies of the MMRTC which are available from the Training Centre Administration Manager;

1.4 “You” shall mean the participant identified in this Application and Enrolment form.

2.1 This Agreement sets out the whole agreement between you and the MMRTC. By completing and signing the Application Section of this form you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to these Terms and Conditions, which come into effect when you are formally enrolled to participate in a course organised by the MMRTC.

3.1 As a participant at the MMRTC, you are required to adopt a certain code of conduct which includes compliance with the MMRTC Regulations.

3.2 In addition to the above Regulations, you shall not behave in ways which interfere with the work of the MMRTC or which in the opinion of the MMRTC is likely to damage the goodwill and / or reputation of the MMRTC (for example the use or sale of prohibited drugs or alcohol, gambling, disorderly conduct, wilful damage to the premises or equipment, copying another participant’s academic work, cheating in exams or other assessments and theft including computer software).

3.3 Any MMRTC property loaned to you shall be returned within the agreed timescale and in good condition. Failure to do so may result in charges being levied by the MMRTC at the MMRTC’s sole discretion.

3.4 Any MMRTC monies loaned to you as a result of, for example, hardship must be repaid by you by the agreed date.

3.5 The MMRTC’s Intellectual Property Rights dictate that the training content and materials are provided for your use only and the recording, copying, loan, hire or public broadcasting of such training materials is expressly prohibited.

3.6 Where you breach this Agreement the MMRTC’s Disciplinary Procedures as intimated to you from time to time may be invoked.

4.1 The MMRTC reserves the right to make reasonable variations to the design, content and delivery of your course. The MMRTC also reserves the right to discontinue courses or merge courses, if the MMRTC at its sole discretion considers such action reasonable.

5.1 The MMRTC reserves the right to relocate courses to different premises / locations. If your course is affected by such a change, then you shall be given reasonable notice of the relocation.

6.1 You shall have a responsibility to ensure that you are familiar with the MMRTC’s academic regulations and procedures. Where these relate to the submission of your course work and course assessments, you should note that failure to meet specified deadlines in terms of your course work may affect your academic progress. If you are required to resubmit course work or course assessments then you may be liable to pay additional course fees and charges. Advice is available from the Training Centre Administration Manager.

6.2 Information relating to your course work and assessments shall be provided during the introduction to your course. If you are unsure about academic regulations and/or procedures, then please contact your course Education / Training Provider.

6.3 It is anticipated that you will make satisfactory progress in your course of study. If, however, you encounter difficulty in achieving progress, then it is recommended that you discuss the matter with your course Education / Training Provider, who will advise you on the additional support that may be available.

7.1 You shall be responsible for your own personal property whilst attending the MMRTC. The MMRTC shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to your personal property including computer hardware or software or data stored on computer files owned or used by you whilst undertaking your course of study. You should not leave valuable property in the MMRTC unattended even if locked.

8.1 The MMRTC does not have any parking facilities. The MMRTC does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to any vehicle or its accessories or contents owned or used by you whilst undertaking your course of study.

9.1 Unless otherwise stated by the MMRTC, fees and charges shall be payable by successful applicants prior to formal enrolment. In exceptional circumstances an instalment plan may be agreed with the MMRTC. If an invoice is issued for MMRTC fees and charges, then payment shall be made within thirty (30) days. If you fail to make payment, then the MMRTC reserves the right to withdraw you from your course of study.

9.2 If an organisation or some other person intends to pay your MMRTC fees and charges on your behalf, then you shall be responsible for providing the MMRTC with satisfactory evidence of the arrangement as required in the Application Section. If by the deadline date for payment, as stated in the Provisionally Enrolled Section the sponsoring organisation or person fails to make payment, then you shall be held personally liable for the MMRTC’s fees and charges.

9.3 If you are formally enrolled but withdraw from the course prior to course commencement, then the MMRTC reserves the right to retain 20% of the value of the course fee as administration fee.

9.4 If you are having difficulties paying your fees, please contact the Training Centre Administration Manager for advice as soon as possible.

9.5 When payment is overdue, the MMRTC reserves the right to charge interest on the amount overdue at such rates as may be permitted by law from time to time.

9.6 In all cases, the MMRTC reserves the right to take legal action to recover outstanding payments.

9.7 Course fees relate to the core provision of your course of study. The MMRTC reserves the right to make additional charges, which in its reasonable opinion would be appropriate. Normally these additional charges shall be intimated in the appropriate course leaflet. For some course, you shall be responsible for providing your own course materials and related equipment. You shall normally be notified of this situation in the appropriate course leaflet and during the course introduction.


10.1 The MMRTC shall not refund course fees and charges unless it determines at its sole discretion to do so.

10.2 No refunds shall be made for casual or any other type of absence from your course.

10.3 The MMRTC is committed to eliminating unlawful discrimination, harassment, and victimisation; advancing equality of opportunity between different groups; and fostering good relations between different groups. If you suffer from or contract any material medical or health condition; are absent or have difficulties for any reasons, the MMRTC where possible, will support you in completing your particular course. However, the MMRTC does not warrant or guarantee this will be possible in all cases.

10.4 The MMRTC does not warrant or guarantee that you shall obtain any employment, articulation, progression or endorsement as a result of completing your course.

11.1 You shall attend regularly the course of study, also keeping in mind that most courses have attendance included in the assessment as will be explained during the course introduction.

12.1 Personal data provided by you shall be recorded and used by MMRTC staff to record your enrolment details and subsequent academic progress, performance and attendance.

12.2 Data collected shall also be used to compile MMRTC grant claims and the preparation of statistical information. The information shall be available to a range of external funding organisations and auditors who are required to carry out audits on the MMRTC’s financial and participant records systems.

12.3 If your education / training is sponsored by an external organisation including an employer, then the MMRTC may disclose relevant information on your progress, performance and attendance to the sponsoring organisation.

12.4 Data collected may be disclosed to Government departments and / or agencies. Any such transfers of data will be handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

13.1 This Agreement shall end if your course of study with the MMRTC is terminated as a result of:
a) Disciplinary action;
b) Unsatisfactory academic performance;
c) Non-payment of any sums due by you to the MMRTC.

13.2 In addition to Clause 13.1 above, the MMRTC may terminate this Agreement where:
a) Between formal enrolment and course commencement, there is a change in your circumstances, which in the reasonable opinion of the MMRTC makes it inappropriate for you to commence on your course;
b) The MMRTC becomes aware of information (e.g. unspent criminal convictions), which makes it inappropriate for you to continue on your course;
c) It becomes apparent that you have withheld or supplied false or misleading information relating to your course application, which in the reasonable opinion of the MMRTC makes it inappropriate for you to continue on your course.

13.3 If the MMRTC terminates this Agreement then you shall:
a) Be required to cease studying and attending the MMRTC;
b) Be required to return immediately all property owned by the MMRTC and loaned to you;
c) Be required to immediately pay all outstanding fees and charges.

13.4 If the MMRTC reasonably and properly terminates this Agreement, then the MMRTC shall not be liable for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result.

14.1 Participants dissatisfied with any aspect of the MMRTC should complete an official complaint form available from Training Centre Administration Manager and leaflet racks at the MMRTC. All complaints are treated fairly, sensitively, confidentially, and timeously. Completed forms should be placed in a sealed envelope and returned to the address below.

14.2 We encourage you to tell us if you are not satisfied with the level of service we provide at the MMRTC. If you feel that your complaint has not been handled properly or has not been satisfactorily resolved then you may appeal against the decision in writing within ten working days of receiving our reply.

Transport Malta Centre,
Blk 3, Level 0,
Triq l-Għassara tal-Għeneb,
Marsa, MRS 1917, MALTA

15.1 The terms of this Agreement shall be governed by Maltese Law and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Maltese courts.


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