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Officially inaugurated on the 16th of July 2010, the Mediterranean Maritime Research and Training Centre, rebranded to the name MaritimeMT in May 2018. The Training Centre is still run by MMRTC Society Co-operative Ltd, the training arm of the Malta Maritime Pilots Cooperative Society (MMP). MMP is a cooperative of 16 members composed of highly qualified professionals, all Master Mariners, with vast experience and knowledge of the sector. The jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise is based on the internationally agreed shared values of self-help; self-responsibility; democracy; solidarity; honesty; openness; social responsibility and caring for others.

MaritimeMT is DNVGL Certified and has full accreditation from Transport Malta. All the pilots, members of the MMP coop are Master Mariner’s certificates holders and can boast world wide experience on different vessel types. Thus MaritimeMT has a pool of expert lecturers who can cater for any eventuality of training and we regularly partner with other education providers, institutions and individuals, to best cater for the needs of the sector.

Today MaritimeMT is a hub that caters for the needs of the local maritime sector through the availability of STCW Training & certification; SuperYacht Certificate of Competence; G.U.E.S.T; Ship Handling courses; local authority’s CVR accredited training and any other bespoke training, accredited or not, required by the local maritime sector, whether for seafarers or for shore based personnel. Over 50 different courses are currently being offered at MaritimeMT and more are in the pipeline.

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STCW Training Centers

MaritimeMT have their training center located in Ħal Far Industrial Estate, Birżebbuġa, Malta.

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  • Phil Smythe

    Phil Smythe

    Average rating: 2 weeks ago

    An amazing 3 days , Guy the captain should be highly commended on his professionalism, he was attentive to the needs of all his students , his professionalism and dedication to his career is more than apparent on this course, he truly is an inspiration to anyone embarking on his incredible journey. I not only learnt ,I also totally enjoyed all 3 days, thank you all from the reception staff right to the catering team you should all be commended on your professionalism
    Thank you again ,Philip

  • Unem Gpilot1

    Unem Gpilot1

    Average rating: 2 weeks ago


  • Graham Ferreira

    Graham Ferreira

    Average rating: a month ago

    Thank you for the great experience. I have been at Maritime MT since November 2022 and i can say that the courses are a lot more in depth than MCA training facilities.

  • Markus Behmann

    Markus Behmann

    Average rating: a month ago

    Fantastic venue, great teachers and super friendly staff. I learned a lot in my course and can't wait to enroll in more. Highly recommended.

  • Michela Farrugia

    Michela Farrugia

    Average rating: 7 months ago

    Very professional

  • Salvu Ellul

    Salvu Ellul

    Average rating: September 14, 2022

  • george saguna

    george saguna

    Average rating: February 17, 2022

    This is a big step forward in maritime training. The school is very well equipped and organised. School tutoring is done by proficient teachers who can deliver to the students. My last course at the school was Medical Care and both lectures ( doctor and nurse) were amazing. The Managment is very responsive and accommodating. School practice material is readily available and modern. The only thing I was not too keen about was the food supplied, needs to be stepped up a bit especially for different dietary needs.

  • Ritianne Tabone

    Ritianne Tabone

    Average rating: December 6, 2021

  • Andrea Mizzi

    Andrea Mizzi

    Average rating: September 18, 2021

  • Jessica Barbara

    Jessica Barbara

    Average rating: April 5, 2021

    Even doe we dint take long in there it was pleasant and i was feeling at home . I would definitely recommend this place . Loved every second of it

  • Liam Camilleri

    Liam Camilleri

    Average rating: February 12, 2021

    This maritime academy is absolutely wonderful for people who are wanting to start a career at sea. I am very satisfied with the service. The school is clean and tidy, the building is new and everything top notch and modern. The teachers are all seasoned maritime captains and the front desk and other stuff is maintained by Sue Abela who is very helpful and nice. She makes you feel at home.

  • Oliver Williams

    Oliver Williams

    Average rating: November 21, 2020

    Extremely unprofessional.

  • Edward Houlton

    Edward Houlton

    Average rating: October 26, 2020

  • Alexander Fenech

    Alexander Fenech

    Average rating: October 21, 2020

    Great place.

  • Kenneth Linwood

    Kenneth Linwood

    Average rating: February 10, 2020

  • Vanessa D'Amato

    Vanessa D'Amato

    Average rating: November 25, 2019

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STCW Basic Safety Training (New Entrants)
STCW Basic Safety Training
STCW Refresher
STCW Advanced Fire Fighting - STCW A-VI/3 - Refresher Course
STCW Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats (PSCRB) – Refresher
STCW Basic Safety Training Refresher
STCW Advanced Fire Fighting - STCW A-VI/3 - Refresher Course
STCW Advanced Fire Fighting – STCW A-VI/3
Proficiency in Medical First Aid - STCW A-VI/4-1
Proficiency in Medical Care on board Ships - STCW A-VI/4
Life / Rescue Boat
STCW Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats (PSCRB) – Refresher
STCW PSCRB (other than fast rescue boats)
STCW Fast Rescue Boats
Safety Management
STCW Certificate of Proficiency in Crisis Management & Human Behaviour including Passenger & Cargo Safety, and Hull Integrity
STCW Crowd Management including Safety Training For Personnel Providing Direct Service to Passengers in Passenger Spaces
STCW Ship Security Awareness
STCW Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (PDSD)
STCW Ship Security Officer
Deck, Bridge, Dynamic Positioning, Navigation
STCW Leadership and Teamwork (Operational Level)
STCW Use of Leadership and Managerial Skills (Management Level)
Efficient Deck Hand
Officer in Charge of Navigational Watch - Unlimited - STCW Reg II/1 - CoC
Master on Vessel <200GT 150Nm - WORKBOAT MODULE
Master on Yachts <200GT 150Nm
Superyachts - Deck
Ratings Forming Part of Navigational Watch (Deck Watchkeeping)
OOW Yachts <3000GT STCW Reg II/1 Master Yachts <500GT STCW Reg II/2 - Transport Malta CoC
Master Yachts <3000GT STCW Reg II/2 - TM CoC
Master Yachts <500GT STCW Reg II/2 / Chief Mate Yachts <3000GT - Transport Malta CoC
Superyachts - Engine
Accredited Engine Course
Tanker (Oil, LNG, LPG)
STCW Advanced Oil Tanker
Tanker Basic Training - Oil & Chemical
Additional STCW courses
Food Handling Course Category B Licence
General Ship Handling
RADAR ARPA - Management Level STCW Table A-II/2
RADAR ARPA - Operational Level STCW Table A-II/1
Training Course for Instructors - STCW A-I/6 and A-I/8
Transfer of Persons at Sea