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Escola Port / Formación Profesional del Mar is dedicated to teaching professional maritime training courses. Escola Port has two centers in the Villa Olímpica of Barcelona, one in C/. Dr Trueta 48 and another one a few meters away in the Port Olímpic of Barcelona, Dock of Marina number 11.

We are approved by the Spanish Merchant Navy to provide most of the specialty certificates and STCW professional qualifications, as well as the updates of all the courses. As our school is a Spanish DGMM recognised school we are obligated to give the courses in Spanish, however we can provide you some support in English but you will need a basic Spanish Knowledge to understand the course. 

These are the STCW training courses that they teach: Basic Safety Training STCW, Proficiency in Security Awareness and in Designated Security Duties, Medical First Aid, Advanced Fire Fighting, GMDSS Restricted Operator (ROC), GMDSS General Operator (GOC), Crowd Management on Passenger Ships (Ro-Ro), Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (other than fast rescue boats), Fast Rescue Boats, Port Skipper, Navigational Watch Rating.

STCW Training Centres

Escola Port have their training centre located in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

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  • Patrick Archer

    Patrick Archer

    Average rating: a week ago

    An absolute joke of a school unfortunately.

    They only give you a copy of your certificate in Spanish which is completely useless in the yachting industry, as english is the language of the seas.

    I have received absolutely no help in translating my certificate into english so i will therefore have to do my course all over again at a more established and professional school.

    Avoid wasting your time with these people.

    very annoying experience.

  • Suggey Valle

    Suggey Valle

    Average rating: 3 months ago

    I highly recommend this place. Escola Port has it all. I loved coming here because they provide exceptional service, adding warmth to the experience. They were kind and polite. Of course I’ll return.

  • Peng Peng

    Peng Peng

    Average rating: 5 months ago

    Friendly and helpful staff, responsible and experienced teacher, great experience!

  • Valentina Di iulio

    Valentina Di iulio

    Average rating: 6 months ago

    I have been trying to book my class and the woman that is answering the phone is so rude, this type of people does not make the reservations or approach easy. Please check on your employees customer service

  • Nature Motivation

    Nature Motivation

    Average rating: a year ago

    Was looking for a nautical school for quiet sometime, that could offer me the possibility of distant learning as well as allow me to connect with the professionals. There are many out there, but Escola Port was unique in that way, as beside the streaming classes, also offered mentoring classes and the practices were easy to schedule and organize. I flew to Barcelona with my dog and they also allowed me to keep it for the few hours I couldn't find a dog sitter. Highly recommendable !!

  • Francois Minec

    Francois Minec

    Average rating: 21 January 2023

    Welcoming staff. Well maintained boats. Very qualified skippers

  • Valentina Aiello

    Valentina Aiello

    Average rating: 22 August 2022

    Very well structured course
    The theory is simplified for everyone to understand and the practice part was funny and useful

  • Bahri Bar

    Bahri Bar

    Average rating: 13 August 2022

    Una vergüenza! Avoid! It is a terrible school. I have been waiting 5 months to get my license and still nothing. I paid them to do the expedition of the title so i dont have to deal with it. They promised I would get a provisional paper until I get my license, but they have given me nothing! Also keep in mind that the courses are not designed to teach you anything, they are just to get the paper.

    Edit: It's been 8 month now... I complained to the director, he didn't care, wrote me a letter that i have everything approved just to shut me up. But I can't sail with that obviously.
    Had to get another medical certificate as these expire every 3 months.. still waiting but I got nothing. It's something that should only take a week but they have done so many mistakes.

    Please choose another school, this one is the cheapest for a reason!

  • Aïda Figuerola

    Aïda Figuerola

    Average rating: 7 July 2022

    Fantastic Nautical School. Did the onsite Patron and PER license. Facilities, boats and learning material are well designed for a fast and organized learning process. Website is very clear and structured. The Best? Instructors! Matthias (motor and Roca), Luis (sailing) and El Doctor (sailing) are outstanding, not only have extended nautical and even olympic experience, but they teach in a very practical and structured manner,so you learn the tricks and practice a lot (with their supervision). El Doctor is super attentive & funny! Well done Rodrigo and team!

  • Marina Lleonart Calvo

    Marina Lleonart Calvo

    Average rating: 21 June 2022

    I just finished all requirements for the PER (including sailing + extension to go to the Balearic Islands). The school, administrative staff and professionals were fantastic. Beyond the basics, the care Rodrigo has for the students and presence at the school is notable; the staff was extremely responsive when I had questions/needed information; the instructors were very open to go as deep as desired into the detail of theory and practice. The overall experience getting my sailing license was great. H/t to Martin - one of the instructors - for an awesome 48 hour sailing practice to and from the Balearic Islands. Thanks, Escola Port!

  • paulmartens


    Average rating: 18 September 2021

    Very professional company. They have perfect material, modern facilities and a very good website with very clear learning material. The people working there are professionals and very friendly.

  • Pascal Leprevost

    Pascal Leprevost

    Average rating: 5 June 2021

    I did my PER with Escola port Barcelona because Of the good reviews on google but if I compare with other schools, I think it lacks quite a bit. First I got a photocopied manual when others give you a proper book. The quality of the online videos are acceptable but not great if compare to what one can find on YouTube. I did the extension to the Balearic islands and we were 12 students including the skipper. There is not way you can learn anything with so many people onboard. And finally, the “ROCA” course, marine vhf radio-operator doesn’t give you a standalone certificate so it is not recognised by countries like UK, Germany and Croatia. So if you plan to rent a sailboat there you need to find another school like RYA to take the vhf course again and take the exam and on completion they will issue an proper certification. I just took the RYA Day Skipper Practical course and I find that I can now sail with better knowledge. Hope this help others. Thanks

  • Daniel Alvarez

    Daniel Alvarez

    Average rating: 16 March 2021

    2 X 1 only for women. This is not the way.

  • Ramon Galofre

    Ramon Galofre

    Average rating: 7 March 2021

    Very good training.
    The preparation for exam was really good.

  • Ramiro Cambarere

    Ramiro Cambarere

    Average rating: 12 July 2020

    Excellent Nautical school in Barcelona if you're or you're planning to become a sea person.
    Professional and qualify educators. All kind of certificates, STCW, etc.

  • Usman Fanani

    Usman Fanani

    Average rating: 3 February 2020

    Nice and windy port, where we can select boat for sailing in our team. This was my first experience and this was great. Ever

  • Basten Brusselers

    Basten Brusselers

    Average rating: 17 August 2019

    Very friendly and professional, good judgement of skill. In this way there is no unnecessary long briefing, when you have experience. Big compliments! We took a jet ski for 30 minutes. Way out at sea with an escort ship. Excellent value for money!

  • Evelyn Olivera

    Evelyn Olivera

    Average rating: 17 July 2019

    Hoy hice la banana con mis compañeros y me ha gustado mucho ! Muchas sensaciones !
    Fue tan divertido ! Lo aconsejo.

  • Fran Macer

    Fran Macer

    Average rating: 12 May 2019

    Experiencia inmejorable (12/05)! muy satisfecho por todo, por el trato y conocimiento para obtener la licencia. Capitán Carlos una pasada, una suerte haberte tenido como "profesor", no sólo da la materia teórico-práctico necesaria, sino que aporta sus experiencias propias muy interesantes, "trucos" que memorizas y además es una persona que te cae muy bien.
    Si me animo posteriormente a obtener el PER Patrón de embarcaciones preguntaré si lo impartes tú. Gracias por todo Carlos!

  • Paty Valls

    Paty Valls

    Average rating: 19 April 2019

    I have a friend studying here and it is an innovative way to give both, a freedom sense and a worthy knowledge, to people, just teaching all the rules and procedures needed for achieving a good job and for enjoying what this sea environment has to offer to you. Wonderful!

  • Eloy Ruiz

    Eloy Ruiz

    Average rating: 16 April 2019

    Muy satisfecho con la escuela en general,muy buena organización, en todo momento te mantienen informado tanto por wasap como por email, los profesores que me dieron las clases para per Marc tarre en teórica, mathias en prácticas motor y Jesús en radio un 10!!! y ahora a por el islas 48!!!

  • DAVID Canals Gimenez

    DAVID Canals Gimenez

    Average rating: 8 April 2019

    Marc F. Profesor de 10! Que de algo tan serio y complicado como es navegar en el mar, a darle un giro y hacer una clase amena, divertida y fácil! Cuando se trabaja de lo que a uno le apasiona, se nota. Recomendable al 100%

  • Jordi Grau

    Jordi Grau

    Average rating: 15 March 2019

    Muy contento. Me he sacado el PNB con el profesor Marc Tarré y ha sido la caña. Toda una experiencia, sobretodo las prácticas. Lo recomiendo y me da mucha pena haber aprobado y que se termine... ¿ Tendré que ir a por el PER aunque no lo necesite ? :P

  • Ibon Ortubia Garay

    Ibon Ortubia Garay

    Average rating: 1 March 2019

    Una escuela de 10. He sacado el curso de operador restringido y una maravilla.
    Empezando por la gente de recepción (amables atentos y siempre ayudando).
    La profesora (Elena) una autentica profesional, atenta y siempre intentando que no quedase ninguna duda en el aire.
    La organización del curso ha sido perfecta, todo bien cuadrado, material didáctico para cada alumno y los simuladores funcionando a la perfección.
    Recomendaré a todo el mundo EscolaPort... ha sido un placer! Volveré!

  • MRB 1984

    MRB 1984

    Average rating: 18 December 2018

    Sin duda la mejor elección para sacaros el PER! Profesores excelentes (os recomiendo asistir a las clases de Jesus, es genial para aprender!!!) y material de calidad. Las practicas se hacen en barcos en muy buen estado (si lo haceis en temporada de invierno sereis menos alumos y toca a mas tiempo por cabeza) . La comunicación escuela-alumno es impecable y el aula nautica con todos los tests perfecta para practicas.

    Consejo: si podeis, hacer antes las practicas que el examen test, os ayudara muchisimo a visializarlo todo mas facilmente.

  • Célia TIRCAZES

    Célia TIRCAZES

    Average rating: 7 August 2018

    Personnel très accueillant, au top. Jet ski et parachute ascensionnel parfait!! Diverses activités qui plaît aux petits et aux grands.
    Je recommande les yeux fermés

  • Alex Yang

    Alex Yang

    Average rating: 24 June 2018

    Jet Ski was rather expensive so I expected to have full use of the watercraft. They did not tell me that they limit the watercraft to about 25% power. The max speed was only 15 miles per hour, about a quarter of its actual max speed. They refused to switch the jet ski the moment I discovered this and also let us ride for only about 15 minutes, half of what was advertised. Stay away.

  • Stephane Roni

    Stephane Roni

    Average rating: 12 June 2018

    Thank you for this amazing banana, such a great experience!

  • Bastien Francois

    Bastien Francois

    Average rating: 23 November 2017

    really good

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