High Voltage - Operational Level

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Course Type:
STCW ➜ High Voltage (Operational)
Training School:
Brodsko upravljanje D.O.O / Ship managment L.t.d
Split, Croatia
1 day

Purpose of the course:

Acquire problem-solving skills and diagnose failures that can be encountered on a variety of ships and offshore facilities.


  • The concept of high voltage installations
  • Modes and reasons for using high voltage installations on board ships
  • Types of high voltage installations
  • Equipment in high-voltage systems such as generators, switchboards, motors, etc.
  • Special features and characteristics of high voltage installations compared to those below 1000 V
  • Grounding of high voltage systems with resistors
  • Grounding faults in high voltage systems
  • Safety precautions to be strictly applied to prevent accidents when operating high-voltage electrical equipment
  • Special precautions for the use of high-voltage installations (safe distance from installations, etc.)


Identity card or passport


After successfully completing the course, participants will receive a certificate of the completed course issued by the Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia

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