Brodsko upravljanje D.O.O / Ship managment L.t.d

We were established in 1994 as a ship management company. Since its founding, we have had more than 105 different ships in crew and technical management. Our office space extends over 3000m2. We got our first ISO certificate back in 1994, and we still have them today and we have an ISM DOC certificate since 1998 - today we have an ISM DOC issued by DET NORSKA VERITAS AND RINA for Panama, Latvia and the Bahamas. Our SSM training center currently offers more than 330 courses in its rich offer, but this number is constantly growing in line with the demands of the market and our clients.Our courses are delivered by 65 qualified lecturers. The trainers at the Training Center are Captains and Machine Managers with extensive experience at sea and with the necessary training for trainers.

In addition to the organization of courses, we also offer accommodation for students at very reasonable prices.

STCW Training Centers

Brodsko upravljanje D.O.O / Ship managment L.t.d have their training center located in Split, Croatia.

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STCW Basic Safety Training (New Entrants)
Basic Safety Training
Advanced Fire Fighting
Proficiency in First Aid aboard Ship
Proficiency in Medical Care aboard Ship
Life / Rescue Boat
Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat
Certificate in Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats
Safety Management
Passenger Ship Safety - Crew
Passenger Ship Safety - Officers
Basic Security Training
Proficiency in Designated Security duties
Ship Security Officer
Company Security Officer
Deck, Bridge, Dynamic Positioning, Navigation
OOOW of Ship up to 500 GT in navigational area 3
Engine / Electrical
High Voltage -Managment
High Voltage - Operational Level
Superyachts - Deck
Rating Forming Part of Navigational Watch
Yachtmaster 100
Superyachts - Engine
Rating Forming Part of Engineering Watch
Officer in Charge of Engineering Watch up to 1500 kW in Navigational area 5
Workboat/Windfarm Vessel
GMDSS General operator certificate
GMDSS Restricted operator certificate
Master of ship up to 200GT in navigational area 5
Tanker (Oil, LNG, LPG)
Chemical tanker Training Programme
Liquefied Gas tanker familiarisation
Liquefied Gas tanker Training Programme
Oil and Chemical tankers familiarisation
Oil Tanker Training Programme
Additional STCW courses
Able Seafarer Deck
Able Seafarer Engine
ARPA - Operating Level
ARPA -managment level
ARPA -managment level
Boat C Category
Dangerous Cargo Handling
Familiarization Training
Leadership Training-MGMT level D47B
Port Facility Security Officer
Radar Observer