Master (Yachts) - Celestial Navigation

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STCW ➜ Master (Yachts) - Celestial Navigation
Training School:
Warsash Maritime School
Southampton, United Kingdom
5 days

This course will provide you with the practical understanding and knowledge of celestial navigation, including the ability to fix the vessel's position and determine compass error using celestial observations.

What you'll learn

Using celestial bodies to fix position

  • Identify and select the most suitable celestial bodies in the twilight period
  • Determine the time of visible rising and setting of the sun
  • Use acceptable methods to calculate altitude and azimuth
  • Accurately plot lines of position obtained from a sight-to-fix position
  • Use the nautical almanac and calculator or nautical tables to find a position line from an altitude obtained by a sextant and time obtained from a chronometer.

Determining latitude by celestial means

  • Calculate the latitude by Polaris
  • Calculate the latitude by meridian altitude of the sun or planet
  • Calculate the time of meridian altitude of the sun or planet.

Determining compass error by celestial means

  • Determine compass error by amplitude of the sun or a planet
  • Determine compass error by azimuth or the sun
  • Determine compass error by azimuth of a star or planet.

Notice of Eligibility (NoE) and oral exams guidance

When you have accrued sufficient sea time to sit an oral exam with the MCA, you are required to apply for a Notice of Eligibility (NoE).

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