Master (Yachts) - Stability

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Course Type:
STCW ➜ Master (Yachts) – Stability
Training School:
Warsash Maritime School
Southampton, United Kingdom
5 days

This course builds on the knowledge gained in the stability section of the OOW (Yachts) General Ship Knowledge course and gives a greater insight into the subject.

The course covers the basic principles of hydrostatics, hull form and static and initial stability. It also includes the interpretation of curves of statical stability, ships’ stability data and calculations involving loading and shifting of weights, dry docking, longitudinal stability and basic calculation.

What you'll learn

Basic principles

  • Basic principles of hydrostatics and related terms
  • Fineness of hull form and resistance to forward motion
  • Statical stability
  • Initial stability
  • Loading, discharging and shifting weights

List and related problems

  • List
  • The inclining experiment
  • The effect of slack tanks on the centre of gravity

Curves of statical stability

  • Curves of statical stability
  • Stability data supplied to yachts

Loll, dry-docking and longitudinal stability

  • Angle of loll
  • Dry-docking
  • Longitudinal stability

Notice of Eligibility (NoE) and oral exams guidance

When you have accrued sufficient sea time to sit an oral exam with the MCA, you are required to apply for a Notice of Eligibility (NoE).

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