CPSC Self Declaration Refresher Training (Route 1)

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Course Type:
STCW ➜ Updated Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (other than Fast Rescue Boats)
Training School:
City of Glasgow College
Glasgow, United Kingdom
1 day


Seafarers holding an existing PSCRB qualification are required to complete this updated proficiency training course every five years to maintain proficiency under the STCW 2010 Manila Amendments (STCW Section A-VI/2).

There are two Routes to completing this course.

Route 1 is for those with previous on board training comprising a classroom session only. Route 1 is a half day course delivered in the morning.

Pre-requisites for Route 1: proof of initial PSCRB Certificate and a self-declaration confirming on board training requirements met (correct form from Annex E(ii)MNTB PSC&RB Updating Training Course Criteria).

Route 2 is a full day course comprising a classroom session in the morning and practical boat work in the afternoon. Candidates are required to be fit enough to undertake these practical drills.

Pre-requisites for Route 2: proof of initial PSCRB Certificate and self-declaration of fitness to carry out physical requirements of course.

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City of Glasgow College

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United Kingdom

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