STCW Basic Safety Training

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STCW ➜ STCW Basic Safety Training Week (Package)
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Flying Fish UK
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STCW Basic Safety Training

The international convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for seafarers (STCW) sets the international legal minimum standards for those working at sea. It ensures that a mariner meets a set of specific safety requirements.

STCW Basic Safety Training is a compulsory qualification for crew working on Superyachts and all vessels over 24 metres long. The course covers all the elements for a basic understanding of staying safe at sea. It also offers practical, safe examples to help individuals learn how to handle different types of emergencies at sea.

The course covers:

  • Elementary first aid
  • Personal survival techniques
  • Personal safety and social responsibilities
  • Fire prevention and fire fighting
  • Security awareness.

Who is it for?

STCW Basic Safety training is for anyone who is embarking on a career in the yachting industry, seeking employment, or is currently working on board a vessel larger than 24 metres in length.

Our Superyacht Crew Training includes the STCW Basic Safety Training, plus other qualifications. The Superyacht courses will give you a competitive edge when being considered as crew. Put yourself in the mind of the employer - would you want to hire an applicant who does the bare minimum or one who independently went the 'extra mile'?

"I was extremely impressed with the guys who trained us. Rich Coomber was an absolutely fantastic instructor and I couldn't praise him enough.The general mood of the other guys on this course is very good and they feel the same as me about this week. I shall definitely be recommending you to other people for their courses in the future!" - Matt Michelle, Flying Fish student

What to expect

Experience isn’t required as the course is designed for beginners. It includes practical experience tackling different types of fires and basic swimming (sea survival techniques will be taught in a pool environment; expect to spend two hours in the swimming pool).

The full STCW course runs for five days, though this can be broken down as the elements are available individually, if required. Training is not intensive and is marked by continual assessment, not an end of course exam.

"I completed my STCW Basic Safety Training certificates and an Interior Crew course with Flying Fish, and found them both to be superbly run and really enjoyable.There was a real camaraderie amongst students and teachers alike and I especially found the experience of serving VIP guests cocktails and canapes on M.Y. Viking to be fantastically fun and eye-opening!" - Chris Heredotou, Flying Fish student

What next?

Certificates will be awarded upon completion of the STCW course. Most vessels will require an ENG1 medical, along with STCW as a minimum. Once you have obtained these, book to join us in Antibes in the south of France for a valuable free recruitment day. Antibes is where we’ll introduce you to the Superyacht world and help you secure employment.

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