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Flying Fish trains commercial maritime professionals and instructors of watersports


Make the ocean your office 

Finishing school and not sure what the next step is to take? Recently graduated and looking to kick-start a fulfilling career?

Or think you might be in the wrong job altogether?

Then it’s time to consider a career on the ocean!

Whether you’re interested in Superyacht jobs, working in water sports or trying your hand at yachting, when you decide to make the ocean your office, you can rest assured that you’ll be in for a truly rewarding and unforgettable career; one filled with opportunities to learn new skills, earn an outstanding wage, and make incredible friends for life – all while getting to travel the world.

… and it all starts with embarking on one of our courses!

Who are Flying Fish?

Our story began in 1993 when two Watersports enthusiasts set up a winter windsurf training camp in Barbados. Fast forward to today, and Flying Fish now trains commercial maritime professionals and Water Sports Instructors in the UK, Greece and Australia!

Our ethos is to find you the best training locations, provide qualifications and find you the very best employment. At Flying Fish, we promise you professional training and international adventure!

… and why do our students love our courses?

While we of course specialise in watersports, yachting and Superyacht training, we also specialise in something truly unique – you.

When you enrol on one of our many exciting courses at Flying Fish, our team will take the time to get to know you as an individual, and not just a name on the register – from your background and previous experience to your hopes and dreams for the future.

This means that you’ll not only complete your chosen course with a lifelong professional qualification, but a whole new family, ready to support you as you embark upon your ocean career.

Training and adventure

At Flying Fish we promise you professional training and international adventure.

Train for a career, plan a gap year or take time out from work.
With over 20 years’ experience in the UK, Australia, Canada and Greece, we believe we offer the best courses you will find, in the world's best training locations.

STCW Training Centres

Flying Fish UK have their training centre located in Cowes, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom.

Terms and Conditions

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Customer Reviews

Flying Fish UK reviews as published on Google:

  • Ben Shefi

    Ben Shefi

    Average rating: 2 weeks ago

    Just finished the 2 weeks Deckhand course and had the best time ever! Instructors are the best! Making it so fun! Would definitely recommend! Thank you all for the help and can’t wait to start my career!

  • Alex Whitehill

    Alex Whitehill

    Average rating: a week ago

    I spent 2 weeks with Flying Fish completing the deckhand course and it really was a fantastic experience. All of the tutors and instructors were amazing and really do want to help you forward your career. I’d highly recommend them to anyone thinking about getting into the Superyacht industry.

  • Enrico Bamberger

    Enrico Bamberger

    Average rating: 2 weeks ago

    Huge thank you to everyone at Flying Fish for the most incredible 2 weeks. I did my Superyacht Deckhand Course with them and everyone of the Flying Fish Team has been so helpful and kind throughout the 2 weeks. The Courses are designed to be fun but also very informative, you really learn something there. And there Career Support is just amazing, even after the course the support you all the way. Thank you guys.

  • Shane Marais

    Shane Marais

    Average rating: 3 months ago

    My 2 week course with flying fish for STCW and deckhand course was incredible.
    Everyone wearing a Flying Fish shirt was phenomenal they fully encouraged us to always be asking questions and learning so we could gain a deeper insight into the industry we all know and love. I made friends for life here and can’t wait to kickstart my career!

  • Harry Chapman

    Harry Chapman

    Average rating: 4 months ago

    I did a 2 week course with flying fish for my STCW and stew training and had the best time! The instructors are so knowledgeable about everything, and teach you everything you’ll need to know! I met some amazing people and can’t wait to start my career in yachting!!

  • Tom Hunt

    Tom Hunt

    Average rating: 14 February 2024

    Wow!! What an amazing two weeks loved every second of the time we spent with Flying Fish and the team can’t wait to launch my career! Met some friends for life on this course hope George and Angus enjoyed their present off us all they were great!!

  • Bethany Hesling

    Bethany Hesling

    Average rating: 13 February 2024

    The most amazing 2 weeks spent with flying fish! I learnt so much and cannot wait to start my career. Not only the learning but I also made some amazing memories and have met some incredible people who I know will be my friends for life! Definitely my right decision to choose flying fish! All the staff was incredible and not to mention how amazing George and Angus was! All of the instructors made the course so enjoyable and fun. Thankyou guys for these amazing memories!

  • James Rourke

    James Rourke

    Average rating: 19 January 2024

    I firstly just want to thank everyone at Flying Fish. It was an unforgettable 2 weeks, which I spent as a student for my Yachtmaster theory and practical courses. Mishel, Rob, Luke, George & Angus were nothing but amazing, not to forget everyone else in the team there.

    I highly recommended doing your yachtmaster with Flying fish. The accommodation was beautiful and made me feel at home. Rob’s theory week teaching is top class and made me more than knowledgeable & ready for my exams. The practical week was so much fun, Angus is an absolute legend.

    Thanks guys.

  • Freddie Coulson

    Freddie Coulson

    Average rating: 13 December 2023

    Just completed the Superyacht Deckhand Course with Flying Fish. Had an absolutely incredible time. Instructors were amazing and the level of support was absolutely fantastic. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get the qualifications and a real insight into the yachting industry. Thank you to the whole team!

  • sonia hoo

    sonia hoo

    Average rating: 13 December 2023

    Thank you to all the Flying Fish team (Andy, Matt, Mishel, Heidi, Sasha, George x2, Sarah x2, 'Goose', Rob and more).
    Such a great experience, offering a complete training with certifications you need to become a deckhand (and other roles). All that with lovely and supporting instructors. If you're looking to work in the Yachting industry and step up in ranks as well, I definitely recommend Flying Fish! See you again soon x

  • Toby Goddard

    Toby Goddard

    Average rating: 28 November 2023

    Flying fish is one of the best corses and experiences I have ever done I would recommend this corse to anyone that is
    Interested in going into the maritime industry, great instructors and other staff. Will miss you guys very much

  • Charlie Hall

    Charlie Hall

    Average rating: 11 November 2023

    What a week! Thank you to the entire Flying Fish team for making my course so enjoyable and giving me such an amazing introduction to the yachting industry. So much passion, time and energy goes into the course, and every single instructor is amazing but Fleur and Sarah in particular MADE the experience for me. I’ve made memories and friends, learnt a lot and laughed a lot. I’d recommend Flying Fish to anyone and everyone.

  • Alessandro Aliberti

    Alessandro Aliberti

    Average rating: 11 October 2023

    I had an absolutely amazing time at flying fish. The instructors make this course instructive and informative, but also a fun learning environment. Would highly recommend.

  • George Woollard

    George Woollard

    Average rating: 10 October 2023

    ✅ Strong organisation, planning & consideration regarding course structure.
    ✅ Emma was particularly brilliant in her teaching style (Interior training).
    ✅ Use of Google Classroom for online communications was effective & timely.
    ✅ The practical elements of the course were engaging & helped drive interactive learning.

    Highly recommend

  • Chloe Halkyard

    Chloe Halkyard

    Average rating: 10 October 2023

    Flying fish I can’t put to words how amazing you all are. I would definitely recommend flying fish. The amount of time and energy they put in to teaching us is incredible. I went there not knowing much and left knowing more than I thought I could. So many memories made on this course of fun moments with the students and the instructors. Love to all of flying fish ❤️❤️

  • Chloe Hunn

    Chloe Hunn

    Average rating: 10 October 2023

    A huge thank you to everyone at Flying Fish - the staff were incredible during my Deckhand course! There is so much information and so many new skills and qualifications earned, it is absolutely worth every penny! I had the best time and didn’t want to leave. Grateful for the support in the next steps of my career too

  • Caitlin Faulks

    Caitlin Faulks

    Average rating: 20 September 2023

    Flying fish was an incredible experience - the instructors were all knowledgable, friendly and each were completely dedicated to helping you coordinate a personalised game plan to help you land your first job! Shoutout to the entire flying fish personnel and the fire team for helping me break out of my comfort zone and supporting me through my career change!

  • Wojtek Zakrzewski

    Wojtek Zakrzewski

    Average rating: 29 August 2023

    Spent an amazing 2 weeks as Flying Fish doing the deckhand course, they really exceeded expectations! All the staff were super friendly and helpful, and I feel so much more prepared for my job. 11/10 would recommend to anyone

  • Fred B

    Fred B

    Average rating: 22 August 2023

    Did the superyacht deckhand course. Instructors were excellent, really experienced, enthusiastic and went out of their way to make sure we got everything done to a high standard. Facilities are also great, equipment and boats in good condition and learning resources such as text books are very helpful. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to work on superyachts.

  • Clarice Ellis

    Clarice Ellis

    Average rating: 16 August 2023

    Choosing Flying Fish was the best decision I've made in a long time . Each and everyone of my instructors was amazing and they knew the ins and outs about the industry and I can honestly say they were incredible. From fire fighting to the napkin folding everything went so smoothly and I took in so much information. Also the accommodation was top tier. Bigs thanks to everyone from Flying Fish and I can't wait for what's to come.

  • Monika B

    Monika B

    Average rating: 25 July 2023

    What an absolute honour and pleasure it was being a part of Flying Fish family for the 2 weeks I completed with them! From the professional, helpful and attentive staff to fun, laughter and memories that will last a lifetime. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Couldn’t recommend this course enough! Thank you for all your efforts fam and see you at the refresher

  • Ryanna Wowk

    Ryanna Wowk

    Average rating: 17 July 2023

    I had the BEST 15 days with Flying Fish!! I have learnt so much in such a short space of time (wish it was longer, didn’t want to leave ☹️... ), everything is 100% relevant and beneficial for my career with Superyachts.
    Every single instructor there was amazing, super supportive and only wanted the best for us, always giving us opportunities to get more hands on! Not to mention some comedic geniuses amongst them (don't give up your day job Matt...).

    They made it clear that we are welcome to reach out to them whenever, if we need any more help with CVs etc, no matter how far into the future that may be.

    Not forgetting the friends I made there. It was so nice to be around likeminded individuals who I still talk to every day.

    I could not recommend Flying Fish enough- didn't think it was possible to be anymore eager to become a Deckhand.
    Thanks guys!

  • Anthony Rogers

    Anthony Rogers

    Average rating: 19 June 2023

    Just completed the 2 week Yachtmaster Power Theory and Practical course. Couldn't recommend Flying Fish enough
    The instructors where very knowledgeable and great at passing that knowledge on
    Would not have be able to pass the yachtmaster offshore exam without what I learned during the two weeks
    The accommodation is also top class and the staff were very helpful
    Have already recommended flying fish to some work colleagues

  • Isabel Johnston

    Isabel Johnston

    Average rating: 8 May 2023

    Great company to go through if you are looking to get started in the yachting industry. I completed Flying Fish's two week deckhand course and enjoyed every minute! Thank you guys for being so friendly and welcoming. Special shoutout to Sasha for providing me and my parnter great advice to get us started in the industry :)

  • Charlotte Winfindale

    Charlotte Winfindale

    Average rating: 17 April 2023

    Highly recommend training with flying fish! Really informative with lovely staff who take the time to listen and help you. They made every bit of this course interesting and fun whilst focusing in on the important stuff. Been the most pleasant and wholesome two weeks and I'm excited to start this new adventure!

  • Charlotte Hilton

    Charlotte Hilton

    Average rating: 5 April 2023

    I honestly could not recommend Flying Fish and their courses enough. I recently completed my STCW and Superyacht Stewardess courses with them and was blown away by the wealth of knowledge and experience the trainers had and the support they gave. All staff were incredibly approachable and I would like to especially thank Laura for her support and Sasha for her great CV workshops.
    Our practical firefighting workshops for the STCW was very hands on and is led by either ex or current firemen who were great, reassuring teachers.
    'Goose' managed to make our VHF Radio training very interesting and was genuinely one of my favourite days!
    Emma, an ex chief stewardess, gave us so much support and insight on what our future roles would be and was such a great teacher on all things ironing, housekeeping, silver service etc!
    We carried out a wine appreciation afternoon at the local, independent 'Wine Therapy' shop which was especially exciting, especially as Terry really showed his love and enthusiasm for passing along everything he knew.
    Our instructor for the Powerboat Level 2 course was so patient and calm and really was able to explain everything so well.
    (The list could go on!)

    I also chose, like everyone on the course, to stay in the local crew house and really thought it was excellent value for money and in a great location. The only thing I would have liked to have seen is a small welcome pack for the group including just basics eg toilet roll, washing up liquid etc as we had to provide these ourselves.

    I truly came away from FF feeling ready for my new role and again I can't thank them enough!

  • Harry Jordan

    Harry Jordan

    Average rating: 24 March 2023

    Had a great 2 weeks with the Flying Fish team. Every member of the team was incredibly knowledgeable and very down to earth. The course taught me relevant information about all aspects of the deckhand jobs role. Would highly recommend the Deckhand course for anyone who wants to break into the industry. Looking forward to my adventures on the yachts! Thanks Flying Fish Team!

  • Niall Brolly

    Niall Brolly

    Average rating: 29 January 2023

    I completed the Superyacht Deckhand course with Flying Fish in January 2023 and I highly recommend anyone interested in starting a career in yachting do their training with Flying Fish. All of the instructors are extremely helpful and highly knowledgeable in the courses that they teach. Everyone in the operations team really care about your progress in the course and offered invaluable help with my CV and advice on the industry in general. The accommodation was also great, was very clean and close to the training centre. All in all I had a great two weeks in the Isle of Wight and hope to return soon to complete further training.

  • Ella Gully

    Ella Gully

    Average rating: 13 December 2022

    I did my deckhand course at flying fish and I had the best time. All of the instructors are so helpful and welcoming I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to start a career in yachting.

  • Daisy Thorn-Davis

    Daisy Thorn-Davis

    Average rating: 30 November 2022

    I have recently completed my STCW and stewardess training with flying fish. From booking the course all the way through to receiving my certificates the team made it an effortless process and were always on hand to help.

    All instructors were professional and went the extra mile to help me get through the more challenging aspects of the course and always added their own personal experiences (and crazy stories) along the way to make it more engaging.

    The accommodation was lovely and when I left I felt prepare for entering the industry on the right foot. I have now landed my first job and can’t thank Flying Fish and the team enough for their help. The CV sessions were invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommend FF to anyone wanting to enter the industry.

  • Kai Wilson

    Kai Wilson

    Average rating: 23 November 2022

    I took part on the Deckhand course, one of the best 2 weeks i've had, Instructors were amazing, and supportive, Facilities and Accommodation were also great! I feel ready and prepared for the Superyacht Industry! Couldn't recommend enough to anyone considering the industry.

  • Bradley Hutchinson

    Bradley Hutchinson

    Average rating: 18 July 2022

    Had the best two weeks here, the staff are all super knowledgeable and helpful and the accommodation is perfect right by the training centre. I’d honestly recommend the two week deckhand course whether you’re getting into yachting or not just for the experience. Thanks again guys!

  • Milan Charytoniuk

    Milan Charytoniuk

    Average rating: 3 July 2022

    Wonderful place with professional teachers that have true passion for the sea!

  • Josh Moody

    Josh Moody

    Average rating: 20 June 2022

    Just completed my super yacht deckhand course with Flying Fish and couldn’t recommend them more. Such an amazing group of instructors and people. I’m positive any of their other courses would be the exact same.

  • Amy


    Average rating: 17 May 2022

    The Deckhand Course was well structured with a good balance of theory and practical work. Thank you to everyone who was involved in making the last two weeks enjoyable

  • Anna Pocock

    Anna Pocock

    Average rating: 4 May 2022

    Enjoyed my one-day course for Personal Survival Techniques. It was thorough and very useful, and the instructor kept the mood upbeat and interactive. Great to have the practical session in the pool, practising getting into a liferaft, and how to help fellow crew. Would recommend.

  • Marietta Caira

    Marietta Caira

    Average rating: 22 March 2022

    Within 1 week of deciding I wanted to go on this adventure, I had all the information I needed about the world of yachting, and was booked onto my course with Flying Fish.
    Everything from the course content, to the tutors, the accommodation and everything in between was incredible.
    I’ve had the best 2 weeks and I feel so prepared to move to France and begin my search for work on a m/y.
    Thank you to everyone at flying fish, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

  • Emmy Wieksza

    Emmy Wieksza

    Average rating: 21 March 2022

    Thank you Flying Fish! I did the 2 week STCW/ Deckhand course. Met the most amazing people and learnt so much. Every single instructor was so knowledgable and friendly, I can’t thank everyone enough ! Big shout out to my main man Goose !

  • David Michael Bridges

    David Michael Bridges

    Average rating: 13 March 2022

    Fantastic courses, if anyone wants to go in the sailing industry

  • India Sage

    India Sage

    Average rating: 16 February 2022

    Thank you so much Flying Fish! I had a great time on the island refreshing my STCW course and taking my RYA powerboat level 2.
    Great instructors with a wealth of experience - had lots of laughs too!
    Can't recommend them enough, will definitely be back :)

  • Natalie Archer

    Natalie Archer

    Average rating: 12 February 2022

    Can not recommend flying fish enough!! All the instructors we're amazing at keeping all the topics interesting and engaging. The office staff were also amazing with helping with anything and everything you needed. accommodation were clean and easy to get. would happily go back and retrain with them anyday.

  • Oliver Jamieson

    Oliver Jamieson

    Average rating: 12 November 2021

    Recently completed the two week yachtmaster offshore course. The shorebased theory was taught very well by Clive as well as the practical prep with the legend Monty. Anyone thinking of doing there yachtmaster I would highly recommend flying fish, they’ll get the job done. Cheers to all at flying fish

  • Harry Rees

    Harry Rees

    Average rating: 7 October 2021

    I recently went on the super yacht deckhand course and had the time of my life! When booking the staff were very nice and helpful, especially since I decided to go very last minute with only one place left.

    The actual course was very well laid out. Bit of firefighting, powerboat driving, jet skis etc all brilliant fun! There are one or two parts of the STCW you just have to learn to work on any boat that were a little tedious and no one can help that, however by day 3 you will become so close to the group that the good craic will carry you through.

    The rest of the course was amazing! You get put in nice houses with your course mates and we would all meet up for a drink after "school" to see some live music or do karaoke.

    Definitely worth the price and would strongly recommend to anyone thinking of becoming a yachtie. Special shoutout to my main man Rob at Flying Fish

  • Carla Cornwell

    Carla Cornwell

    Average rating: 15 September 2021

    My whole experience with flying fish has been faultless. The two week course was detailed and provides you with a lot of knowledge to take away with you. My brain is now full! Every single member of staff has been helpful, knowledgeable and takes a genuine interest. The accommodation is close by and to a high standard. Very glad I did the course with FF!

  • Chelsea Rich

    Chelsea Rich

    Average rating: 15 September 2021

    Had such a great experience doing the Stewardess 2 week course with flying fish. The knowledgeable and friendly staff, along with the great group of people I did the course with has made the past two weeks some of the best of my life! Can't wait to get started in the industry!

  • M W

    M W

    Average rating: 4 September 2021

    Had a really fun week doing the STCW course, super friendly and knowledge staff. Highly recommend.

  • Alec C

    Alec C

    Average rating: 24 August 2021

    I had the best 2 weeks of 2021 at Flying Fish! The accommodations that they provide are well maintained and clean, and only a 2 minutes walk from the training center! The instructors/teachers are very kind and they know what they’re talking about! All the training courses (stcw, VHF, Pb2) where easy to follow and they where loads of fun! All i can say is that Flying Fish is its money worth and that i feel ready to work on a Super yacht!

  • Frankie Lang

    Frankie Lang

    Average rating: 16 August 2021

    This was a fantastic 2 week Stewardess course. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it and finished it with an overload of specialised knowledge, a new found confidence, feel well prepared and am now highly qualified to now apply for a job on a superyacht. All members of staff were approachable, informative and incredibly knowledgeable.

  • Ivari Laar

    Ivari Laar

    Average rating: 22 June 2021

    I came to take the Deckhand course from Estonia. I had to do a lot of preparations for the travel and I had to self isolate for 10 days in UK right after my arrival. But that was all worth it. The training is really professional, comprehensive and ofcourse very fun! Instructors are very broad-minded and experienced. And they keep you helping after the course and are happy to answer all your questions later on. Thank you!

  • Matilda Redmond

    Matilda Redmond

    Average rating: 18 June 2021

    Had the most amazing time on the 2 week stewardess course! A special thank you to Laura, Andy and Emma for being so lovely and helpful throughout the course! 100% would recommend

  • Liam Vernon

    Liam Vernon

    Average rating: 25 May 2021

    Had the best 2 weeks here at Flying Fish. I did the STCW and Deckhand course. All the staff were amazing, friendly and really helpful from start to finish and really know how to make the course fun. Our accommodation was really nice and clean and really close to everything we needed. I would highly recommend this course to anyone. Sad to leave but now to get work on the yachts with all the qualifications i have gained from the course

  • Georgia Bull

    Georgia Bull

    Average rating: 25 May 2021

    I have just completed my 2 week Super yacht Stewardess course. It was amazing and experiences that you cant believe or explain until you have done them !! I recommend Flying Fish to anybody who is thinking about doing a course with them. Amazing Staff and a special thanks to Laura, Rob, Paul and Emma to making my 2 weeks amazing fun !! Thank You

  • Olivia Mayor

    Olivia Mayor

    Average rating: 25 May 2021

    An amazing 2 weeks which provided in-depth information delivered by amazing trainers/instructors. Very practical and enjoyable. Accommodation was lovely and there was also something to do and learn each day. Can't recommend Flying Fish highly enough.

  • Luke Chapman

    Luke Chapman

    Average rating: 17 May 2021

    From the very beginning Flying Fish were extremely helpful. Fast replies in helping me with booking my Deckhand course and always happy to help when I had to make last minute changes. Their joining instructions were very helpful and once I had arrived the reception was very welcoming. The course was outlined clearly and well structured. The instructors were very professional and all had extensive experience in their areas of expertise which was reassuring and beneficial when it came to asking questions. All the equipment and boats were well maintained, looked after and to a high standard. The accommodation was very well presented and equipped as well as close by to the marina. All in all I had a brilliant experience, one I wont forget and I was sad to leave. I met some great people and left feeling excited about my future in the industry.

  • Daniel Cutmore

    Daniel Cutmore

    Average rating: 12 May 2021

    Doing the Superyacht Deckhand course was an amazing 2 weeks! The team genuinely care so much about the students, they really go the extra mile, and give you the best start and advice to help move on into the industry! 11/10 it was so great!

  • Fern Graham

    Fern Graham

    Average rating: 9 May 2021

    I’ve just finished the stewardess course and I can’t recommend flying fish enough. They’ve sourced people from many different professions who have a genuine love and passion for what they do and this is so well reflected in the teaching. Despite the course only being 2 weeks long, I feel I have come away with so much knowledge and many skills that I will be able to use going forward in this industry. The accommodation is lovely, cowes is lovely and thank you everyone for making it such an enjoyable experience. ⚓️

  • Tom Pycock

    Tom Pycock

    Average rating: 17 April 2021

    Learnt so much in the two weeks, amazing value. Everyone was very helpful right from before I started to even after the course ended. Very well organised and well run.

  • adam almeida

    adam almeida

    Average rating: 15 April 2021

    Great value for money, accommodation was exceptional, the course itself was well organised and thought out. It is an intense course and should not be taken lightly! I learnt a huge amount in my two weeks there and would recommend it to anyone.

  • Brendan Morris

    Brendan Morris

    Average rating: 15 April 2021

    Very well organized and value for money. All the instructors were amazing and very knowledgeable. Learnt a lot in my 2 weeks. Thanks for everything Flying Fish

  • Isabella Williams

    Isabella Williams

    Average rating: 7 October 2020

    Just finished with Flying Fishes steward course, which I throughly enjoyed and learnt a-lot about the industry. Looking forward to seeing everyone again at the recruitment event in Antibes! Thank you Flying Fish for all your help!

  • Sarah Mason

    Sarah Mason

    Average rating: 28 September 2020

    The flying fish course for Stewardess course which included STCW and Power Boat 2, was incredible. I learnt an awful lot about what to expect from the industry, gained many many skills and had a great time while I was doing it! The instructors and trainers were all super knowledgable and supportive, and made the hours of learning realy fun. The mixture between practical and theory was just right - long hours, but all totally worthwhile. It was great to train with a mix of other people as well, bringing different experiences and knowledge to the table. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about taking on the course. Absolutely 5 star course, I am really excited for the next steps and seeing where it can take me...!

  • Olivia Rush

    Olivia Rush

    Average rating: 26 August 2020

    I had the most amazing time at Flying Fish. The 2 week Stewardess course was extremely insightful and I feel prepared to head off to France!
    All the instructors were professional, informative and most importantly made the whole experience enjoyable.
    I will be recommending Flying Fish to anyone who would like to get into the industry.
    Massive thank you to all at Flying Fish, the best 2 weeks EVER!!!!

  • Chaumet


    Average rating: 25 August 2020

    Having just completed my deckhand course at FlyingFish all I can say is that it has exceeded all my expectations in every category. From Incredible instructors to quality communication / practical work, it truly was wonderful. The balance between quality education and fun was perfect and I would highly recommend this institution to anyone!

  • Febe Campbell-Collins

    Febe Campbell-Collins

    Average rating: 25 July 2020

    After completing the Superyacht Deckhand Course I can’t speak highly enough of Flying Fish, Andy & the whole team, they have been a pleasure to train with. They know the superyacht industry inside and out, and I fully trust the advice they have given us during the course. Setting you up for a career in the industry they go above and beyond to help you gain the relevant qualifications to give you the best start possible. The course is very informative and a real insight into what your future job looks like. I feel extremely prepared for the next stage of my career after a couple of fantastic weeks in Cowes. I look forward to returning in the future to study further with them.

  • Harry Stead

    Harry Stead

    Average rating: 23 April 2020

    5 Star! I honestly cannot recommend Flying Fish enough, i completed my two week course in March and it definitely exceeded my expectations. The staff, accommodation, course and criteria are beyond excellent and i can't fault anything during my two weeks. I hope to deal with Flying Fish again in the near future an wish them all the best.

  • Georgia Harris

    Georgia Harris

    Average rating: 17 April 2020

    I recently completed a stewardess course with flying fish and I could not recommend them more highly. I had the best experience; the instructors were knowledgeable, approachable and always willing to go the extra mile to help. From the initial enquiry, until present, all the staff at Flying Fish have been amazing, even with the current climate being uncertain, they have always gone above and beyond to give you the help and assurance you need.

  • Max Henzell

    Max Henzell

    Average rating: 15 April 2020

    I had such an amazing time at Flying Fish, I wish it never ended. The instructors and staff were so helpful and I am grateful for everything they taught me. The facilities Flying Fish have are brilliant and you can learn A LOT and be fully qualified!!!

  • Lukas Mirsch

    Lukas Mirsch

    Average rating: 2 March 2020

    Had an awesome time with flying fish, learnt a lot and made a lot of new friends. Everyone was so nice, and the skill level of the staff, both on the water, but also as teachers, was really good. I can really recommend it!

  • Florence Kemp

    Florence Kemp

    Average rating: 27 February 2020

    What an amazing few weeks! I came to the island to gain as much knowledge as possible about the world of yachting and I have left feeling like an expert. Flying Fish are so supportive and helpful. The amount of recousres they had to teach us and the quality of everything was impeccable. All the teachers were so experienced and really gave me a proper idea of what the industry had in store for me. Laura and Andy really made everyone feel at home! Unlimited tea, coffee and biscuits was also a plus!

    A huge thank you to everyone at flying fish for making my experience so magical, I'm sure I will be coming back to potentially gain some more qualifications, to further my career! Thanks again!

  • Imogen Peebles

    Imogen Peebles

    Average rating: 26 February 2020

    I just completed my STCW and stewardess course and cannot rate Flying Fish highly enough. All the staff are really professional and knowledgeable and with small groups it's a really personal experience, with one on one help with your CV and career advice. I really enjoyed my two weeks there, thanks a lot for the experience.

  • satya barak

    satya barak

    Average rating: 22 February 2020

    I did my start and intermediate windsurfing instructor courses last year in Vassiliki. I spent a total of 14 weeks in Vass and they were easily some of the best of my life. I cannot speak highly enough of Chubsy who runs the show at flyingfish in Vass and our two awesome instructors. I had an absolute blast and improved my windsurfing skills exponentially as well as making some potential life long friends. I am eternally counting down the days I can come back to Vass, and maybe to my advanced instructor course.

  • Isabel Warner Stevens

    Isabel Warner Stevens

    Average rating: 31 January 2020

    I have just had the most amazing experience completing my STCW and Superyacht stewardess training. The whole team was so welcoming and informative. Fantastic equipment was available for all aspects of the course and the instructors all have worked in the industry and have incredible stories and knowledge that they want to pass on. I had the best two weeks and will be looking to go back for more qualifications :) xxx

  • Charly Stimpson

    Charly Stimpson

    Average rating: 30 January 2020

    I have just completed my training with Flying Fish to become a stewardess upon a yacht. They are an extremely professional and hands on, with great access to equipment ready to use, and well experienced staff with extensive knowledge of the industry. Endless supply of tea and coffee which is always great. Can't thank enough for a wonderful experience.

  • Bonham Greaves

    Bonham Greaves

    Average rating: 28 January 2020

    I did the STCW and the Steward course with Flying Fish from the 13th to 27th January 2020 and I must admit that I was a little pessimistic as to the quality of the program but to my utmost content the STCW program kicked off with a bang and the quality of the program never wavered. Mr. Mark Osborne was exceptional. I followed through a week later with the steward training and Simona standing the instructor was stunning. I am highly recommending this company to anyone who is interested in the superyacht industry. Trust me, making this move with Flying Fish is a very prudent investment and this is coming from someone who took the risk to travel all the way from ST. Lucia in the Caribbean just to complete this program with Flying Fish. I have absolutely no misgivings. The entire Flying Fish crew is very friendly and you get treated like family. Your two weeks/one week will be home away from home. Keep up the good work, your integrity and keep on being the flagship for super yacht recruitment agencies.

  • Josh Coates

    Josh Coates

    Average rating: 28 January 2020

    I had a great time at flying fish, the staff were so organized and so professional in their line of work.
    Lots of well kept equipment, all ready to use for the job at hand.
    Good supply of biscuits and coffee as well.

  • Rikke Holst

    Rikke Holst

    Average rating: 6 January 2020

    Start Windsurf Instructor Course, Vassiliki, Greece 2019

    I simply went online in search to find the best Windsurfing Instructor Course in Europe, and upon completion I can confirm that it exceeded my expectations.

    Prior to the course, Flying Fish was very helpful with the entire process of signing up for the course and transportation etc.

    Vassiliki is a windsurfer's paradise, however, what made the biggest impact on me was the highly qualified, professional, caring and passionate staff.

    I can highly recommend taking a course with Flying Fish!

  • Tom McCarthy

    Tom McCarthy

    Average rating: 20 November 2019

    I did my deckhand course in September, which was really enjoyable. The staff were all friendly and there was loads of stuff to do in the evenings in Cowes. My favourite part of the course would be either the fire safety training or they jet skiing.

  • Joshua Tiozzo Simosetta

    Joshua Tiozzo Simosetta

    Average rating: 20 November 2019

    Just completed my course and it was an amazing experience! Very capable teachers and very helpfull. I would highly recommend Flying Fish if you are new to the superyacht sector!

  • Connor Thomas

    Connor Thomas

    Average rating: 20 November 2019

    I just completed my Deckhand course with Flying Fish. The course structure was amazing, and they have a real understanding about the industry that the students are looking to get into. All the staff are very helpful and approachable!

  • Oli Jenkins

    Oli Jenkins

    Average rating: 12 November 2019

    I recently took part in the 6 week Start Windsurfing Instructors course in Vassiliki and it was more than I could have hoped for. The instructors were inspiring, helpful and supportive. The accommodation was great and I really enjoyed the activities we did. Three weeks into the course I was offered a job as a windsurfing instructor in Greece and without a shadow of a doubt the course couldn't have prepared me better. The course was so much fun and I am so glad I now have the opportunity to work in beautiful places; I love teaching windsurfing under the sun.

  • Riddhi


    Average rating: 4 November 2019

    Spent the summer doing the Divemaster course in Vasiliki, Greece.
    The staff were very experienced and helpful, and the course was taught in a timely manner. The location was amazing and the weather rarely disappointed! Overall, I really enjoyed my summer with Flying Fish. Highly recommended!

  • Rosanne Yaselli

    Rosanne Yaselli

    Average rating: 25 October 2019

    I just came back from a fantastic week with Flying Fish doing my STCW in Cowes.

    Their programme is so well designed that you’re guaranteed to take in an incredible amount of information whilst having an absolute blast!

    Mark was a gem throughout this course, his knowledge of the industry is incredible and his approach to teaching is second to none!

    Andy, Laura and Colette looked after us so well, from pre-arrival correspondence to check-out, you couldn’t ask for a friendlier and more accommodating team!

    Could not recommend Flying Fish highly enough, I’m already looking to do more courses and I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else!

  • Hanna Mikaela

    Hanna Mikaela

    Average rating: 22 October 2019

    I did my Start Windsurf Instructor Course this summer in Vassiliki, Greece. Amazing instructors, great location and equipment!
    The course is super fun, you learn a lot and it really leaves you inspired and keen for more!
    Also did my STCW in Cowes, Isle of Wight in October and again, the Flying Fish team is just brilliant!
    Information-packed, fun and exciting!
    Cowes is wonderful and the accommodation was great.
    Just overall super!
    Doing two different courses in two locations with the same result really shows the quality of the company!
    I can highly recommend Flying Fish.

  • Vaema


    Average rating: 8 October 2019

    Would highly recommend Flying Fish to anyone. Flying Fish has amazing, supportive staff where they all made the course enjoyable whilst very informative. The location and the accommodation is also great.

  • Thomas Reeves

    Thomas Reeves

    Average rating: 6 August 2019

    Amazing two weeks with the FlyingFish crew in Cowes. Incredibly knowledgeable instructors taught me everything I hoped to learn and more. Will likely return in the near future.

  • Luke Gamwell

    Luke Gamwell

    Average rating: 30 July 2019

    Excellent staff, really friendly and training is catered to every person, accommodation and location also spot on.

  • Matt Chaney

    Matt Chaney

    Average rating: 23 July 2019

    My time with Flying Fish in Vassiliki doing my dinghy instructor course, was an amazing experience. The tuition was fantastic, all the instructors put in a lot of effort to make sure you got the most out of your course!

    I want to thank Flying Fish for everything and helping me get my first job as a newly qualified DI!

  • Charlie Marsden

    Charlie Marsden

    Average rating: 19 July 2019

    I’ve really enjoyed my time in Vassiliki doing my dinghy instructor course with Flying Fish and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to complete their DI. The location, instructors and people I’ve met on the course has made it an unforgettable experience. Can’t thank the guys enough for everything!

  • sophie fitchett

    sophie fitchett

    Average rating: 23 June 2019

    My time in Vasiliki learning to sail with Flying Fish was incredible! I would highly recommend doing a course with Flying Fish - the quality of the teaching coupled with a fantastic location helped me get competent and comfortable sailing in record time. They are great at tailoring the course to meet your specific needs and experience so you really get the most out of your time in Vasiliki. Thanks Adam and Ewan!!

  • Robyn Chiedozie

    Robyn Chiedozie

    Average rating: 3 June 2019

    I cannot recommend Flying Fish highly enough! From before you even arrive the correspondence was professional and informative. And then when you do arrive all the staff are super friendly and helpful. Our instructor Mark, made the course really interesting and he couldn't have been more knowledgeable and experienced if he tried! If you need to take a course, do it with Flying Fish, don't bother looking elsewhere! Thanks guys : )

  • Tagan Coyle

    Tagan Coyle

    Average rating: 17 May 2019

    Would highly recommend to anyone contemplating the STCW and Interior Steward(ess) Course! The staff were amazing and were always willing to go above and beyond each individual - they'll soon become your Flying Fish family! I now have the confidence to break into the Superacht industry having spent two incredible weeks in Cowes with the best in the business!

  • Jonny Cooksey

    Jonny Cooksey

    Average rating: 14 May 2019

    Just finished the STCW and Deckhand course and there's nothing but positive feedback.
    The FF team are experienced, knowledgeable and go beyond the call of duty in helping you achieve the most from each aspect of the course. They help in every way they can making sure you go on to the next stage of your career fully prepared.

    Thank you FF crew for everything!

  • Elle Serpis

    Elle Serpis

    Average rating: 9 April 2019

    I had an amazing time completing my STCW and Stewardess training with Flying Fish. The whole team is so great and were so lovely, helpful and supportive throughout the entire process and beyond.

    Their knowledge and understanding of the industry is incredible and they went above and beyond to help. I would very happily recommend Flying Fish to anyone!

  • Jenni Hogg

    Jenni Hogg

    Average rating: 5 April 2019

    I just finished my 2 week with Flying Fish for my STCW and Stewardess course, and I can’t recommend them enough.

    Everyone was so lovely and knowledgeable about the industry and we had a great group.

    They always went that extra mile and are genuinely happy to keep in contact and help after the course has finished. I can’t wait to get out there now and carry on my career!

    Thank you all at FF!

  • Mārtiņš Vārpa

    Mārtiņš Vārpa

    Average rating: 11 February 2019

    Thank you for a great course. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative course.
    This has more than met my expectations.

  • Jay Riihiluoma

    Jay Riihiluoma

    Average rating: 1 February 2019

    Quality education and a lot of fun. I completed my start windsurf course with Flying Fish and returned to complete my intermediate. Great teachers, kit and fellow students made for an awesome experience both times!

  • James McKiernan

    James McKiernan

    Average rating: 30 January 2019

    Fantastic Course, the staff go the extra mile and a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding time. Cannot recommend them enough!

  • Mark Sansome

    Mark Sansome

    Average rating: 24 December 2018

    Hands down one of the best things I’ve done! I took some time out from work, earlier this summer, to do the fast track windsurfing instructor course and had a fantastic time out in Vass for a month.
    Windsurfing everyday with great kit, great conditions and great people, it really doesn’t get much better. I would highly recommend it.

  • Charlotte Chew

    Charlotte Chew

    Average rating: 13 December 2018

    Flying Fish is a brilliant experience, full of helpful and friendly staff. Compromise course, where I learnt a huge amount and enjoyed every day of it. Accommodation was lovely and I would highly recommend to anyone interested in this career path.

  • Evie Kock

    Evie Kock

    Average rating: 9 November 2018

    Just finished a 2 week course doing my STCW and Stewardess training. I cannot thank flying fish enough with how amazing it was. The staff are all so friendly and knowledgeable. I have come away from these 2 weeks knowing so much more about the Yachting industry, along with many qualifications and feeling much more confident. I highly recommend Flying Fish to anyone wanting to get involved in Super yachts. Thank you!

  • karen bennett

    karen bennett

    Average rating: 30 October 2018

    I recently attended my latest first aid update through flying fish. I have done many over the years and other similar types of events through my nursing career but I can honestly say this was the most fun, informative and memorable update I have attended. The course was delivered in such a way as to make the information interesting, easy to remember and most importantly easy to apply if required. I would definitely recommend doing your update with Adam at Flying Fish. Thanks guys!

  • adam phipps

    adam phipps

    Average rating: 30 October 2018

    Great summer doing the start and intermediate windsurf instructor courses out in Vasiliki. The trainers were super nice and friendly, I would definitely recommend the course to anyone looking to improve their own windsurfing as well as becoming an instructor. Thank you Flying Fish!

  • Jessica Acland

    Jessica Acland

    Average rating: 30 October 2018

    I spent 5 weeks with flying fish doing the dinghy instructor course + development in vass and it was amazing! The instructors are @ such an amazing standard and support you through your whole time there. I had such a fantastic time making great friends and learning so many new skills on and off the water.

  • alice backhouse

    alice backhouse

    Average rating: 30 October 2018

    I had an incredible time spending 3 weeks on the taster course to try out sailing, windsurfing and scuba diving. The teaching was top quality with extremely friendly and talented instructors in each discipline. The set up was fantastic and the accommodation excellent. Vasiliki is a superb resort to learn and has a great sociable atmosphere. Would recommend the courses to any age group. Go and meet lovely people and make amazing memories!

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