MCA Approved Stability under 24m Workboat.

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Course Type:
STCW ➜ Work-boat Stability
Training School:
The Seamanship Centre
Killybegs Harbour, County Donegal, Ireland
5 days



0900 Meet, have introductions, give a brief outline of the course, give a safety briefing and establish if any participant has any special needs.

0930 Discuss some of the nomenclature, the principles of floatation, displacement, buoyancy, metacentre and the centre of gravity, the ship’s “Stability Information Booklet” and government publications.

1100 Coffee

1130 Discuss stability. GZ and the reasons a stable vessel returns to the initial (upright) condition. Discuss stable, unstable and neutral equilibrium. Look at the GZ curve, deck edge immersion, AVS and how to determine GZ from a given displacement and angle of heel.

1300 Lunch

1400 How to find MSS. Angle of Loll and FSE. The effect of changing trim, the effect of beam and freeboard on stability. Correcting negative GM

1530 Tea

1600 Calculate some GZ and MSS questions.

1700 Finish for the day.


0900 How to calculate KG (and therefore how to determine GM) when a vessel takes on or discharges a load.

1100 Coffee

1130 Adding or discharging or shifting weights (GG¹).

1300 Lunch

1400 How to calculate the angle of list when transversely moving a weight that is already aboard.

1530 Tea

1600 Calculate some questions on KG/GM and effect of shifted weights.

1700 Finish for the day


0900 Listing caused by lifting on a vessel’s own derrick. Calculating the height of M when a vessel takes a given load on her derrick causing a given angle of heel followed by worked examples.

1100 Coffee

1130 Calculate the moment to change trim by 1cm, load lines followed by worked examples.

1300 Lunch

1400 Broaching and being pooped, the dangers associated with running before, a sea, crossing a bar, the dangers of being beam on to large breaking waves. The danger to tugs of being girded. The effect of sinkage and squat. Downflooding and the loss of reserve buoyancy. The effect of ice accumulation. (a tea break during this session)

1700 Finish for the day


0900 Considerations when dry docking.

1000 Recap and questions about topics covered so far.

1100 Coffee

1130 A written exam.

1300 Lunch

1400 Cranework. Considering the theory of lifting and moving weights already aboard and loading and discharging loads from a quay or another vessel or a structure. The considerations of safe operation of a crane or derrick and the different types of lifting devices Consideration of the dangers of cranework at sea in rough conditions or when there is a swell. (a tea break during this session).

1700 Finish for the day.


0900 The fifth day of the course is practical with the participants being trained in the safe operation of knuckle cranes and derricks. (a coffee break in the morning, a lunch break and a break for tea in the afternoon).

1600 End of the course.
The schedules above are approximate and may vary from course to course

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