Stream Marine Training Ltd.

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Stream Marine Training is a Glasgow based training provider to the Maritime and Oil and Gas industry.

As a leading training provider in Scotland, SMT have a wide range of courses to select from. Our courses range from MCA approved, STCW Refresher courses to learning the basics of what you need to know when going to sea with our Basic Safety Week. We also provide Working at Height and Rescue and a variety of different courses for anyone looking to go to sea or start a career offshore.

Here at SMT we have a dedicated team of over 20 highly experienced and motivated trainers who teach at all three facilities across Glasgow. Our Fire Ground and Head office are based at Glasgow International Airport, with our pool close by in Clydebank and Survival Craft Centre based on the infamous Clyde at James Watt Docks.

STCW Training Centers

Stream Marine Training Ltd. have their training centers in the following locations:

  • Paisley, United Kingdom
  • Greenock, United Kingdom

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Customer Reviews

Stream Marine Training Ltd. reviews as published on Google:

  • Craig Mowbray

    Craig Mowbray

    Average rating: in the last week

    Really enjoyed my training at Stream Marine. The instructors made me feel relaxed with the whole process, from the very start.
    The training facilities are excellent, with every aspect of the equipment being of a very high standard
    A great choice of tea/coffee(free) and extensive lunch menu are also included in your training package.
    Overall a great experience, with highly competent instructors & a very relaxed but safety conscious atmosphere.

  • Mark Cottrell

    Mark Cottrell

    Average rating: 3 weeks ago

    Excellent course.
    Instructors clrar and precise.
    Enjoyable all round.
    Definitely encourage anyone e to train and learn at SMT. VERY FRIENDLY.

  • Nuno Silva

    Nuno Silva

    Average rating: in the last week

    Went in for STCW CMHB course, and I was recieved with a great welcome, great teacher, very nice location right next to the airport.

  • Jarred Hellon

    Jarred Hellon

    Average rating: a month ago

    Divers and assisting staff couldn't have been better, good facilities and good location.
    Be prepared to be spoke to like a soldier and a child by Gina who takes the course. Didn't like being questioned to the point I got ignored.
    She spends a lot of time waffling on about herself when all you want to do is crack on with the course and get home.
    Apart from her id highly recommend stream marine , great price too.

  • Ricky G

    Ricky G

    Average rating: 3 months ago

    I completed my Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training with Stream Marine Training this week. Both trainers Jena and Mark were very knowledgeable and highly experienced. I felt confident and safe every step of the way. I would highly recommend Stream Marine Training to anyone. Also, they have the best course prices, which is why I travelled to train here from Aberdeen.

  • Duncs Duncs

    Duncs Duncs

    Average rating: November 22, 2023

    Completed a refresher FOET 1 day course at SMT great facilities and instructors, Paul and mark were very friendly and knowledgeable and easy to approach with questions. Highly recommend this facility for all training.

  • Zander young

    Zander young

    Average rating: November 20, 2023

    I've done a lot of courses here during the years and it has always been a straight forward easy process. Instructors are very knowledgeable and equipment in good condition.

    Location is really handy at the airport for quick getaways and there is always plenty parking. Plenty of choice with lunches and staff are genuinely there to help.

  • Steven Dolan

    Steven Dolan

    Average rating: October 25, 2023

    Attended the Bosiet course, great instructors, and staff. Mark and Paul were very helpful and knowledgeable
    Made the helicopter/pool experience very good and enjoyable!!!
    Would highly recommend.

  • Chris Devlin

    Chris Devlin

    Average rating: October 4, 2023

    Did a few courses here . Absolutely brilliant. Today I had fire fighting on the stcw . Totally loved it. Instructors Neil x2 , Davie , mark were absolutely brilliant. Absolutely would recommend
    Also did gwo aec and bosiet here with instructors Donny/I an Gina and Paul f. Again absolutely brilliant, couldn't recommend it enough. All the trainers are a credit to the place
    The place is fantastic, from the training manager big David to the catering team .
    Absolutely loved it

  • MarinerJames


    Average rating: September 12, 2023

    Best training centre for GWO and STCW courses. Instructors like Mark have good knowledge and experience on the subjects. Class is well tailored and training objectives adhered to. Highly recommend.

  • Chris Bauer

    Chris Bauer

    Average rating: September 1, 2023

    Carried out the GWO Basic Safety Training and STCW Basic Safety Training. The instructors were brilliant, they knew their stuff and made the learning enjoyable throughout the week.

    I’ve recommended Stream Marine Training to a few of my offshore colleagues and a few agencies I’ve worked with due to the professional nature and the competitive pricing.

  • Colin McFadyen

    Colin McFadyen

    Average rating: August 31, 2023

    Fantastic training provider with great facilities located close to Glasgow. I recently completed my GWO BST here and couldn’t rate the staff and facilities more. Everyone was helpful from booking the course to completing.

  • Calum Reid

    Calum Reid

    Average rating: August 26, 2023

    The instructor Niall doesn’t make you feel at ease in his classes (FPFF + PST), often taking the piss out of people and acting like he’s still in the Royal Navy. My class was too scared and intimidated to answer most questions in case we got them wrong. He needs to speak to people with more respect. Niall also went around the class asking everyone what their salary was and that he was on £34k as an instructor at SMT which was unprofessional. He got offended when some people said they earned double his salary. He then asked if he could get a job with that company as he has 32 years experience in the Royal Navy.

  • Emily Mcginness

    Emily Mcginness

    Average rating: August 18, 2023

    Went and did the STCW course which I really enjoyed taught me all sorts of things you just never think about. I was the only girl on my course never once felt uncomfortable or unsafe. And to top it off all the instructors were sexy

  • Edmundo Tia

    Edmundo Tia

    Average rating: August 16, 2023

    Great instructor's nice people this place is recommended

  • Antonio Protega

    Antonio Protega

    Average rating: March 29, 2023

    Nice facility and great course. Iain is a great instructor.

  • John van Oudtshoorn

    John van Oudtshoorn

    Average rating: February 26, 2023

    Excellent course, good facilities, helpful, friendly staff

  • Richard Koster

    Richard Koster

    Average rating: January 20, 2023

    Excellent training centre, and the course was presented well with good training aids.

  • Campbell Todd

    Campbell Todd

    Average rating: March 2, 2022

    Very helpful and try their best to resolve any problems.

  • shaun


    Average rating: December 10, 2021

    I done my PST refresh and my fire fighting refresh the staff were very helpful and enjoyed my 2 courses thanks I would advise anyone to do there courses there thanks.

  • Robbie Porter

    Robbie Porter

    Average rating: September 24, 2021

    I renewed my STCW certificates here September 2021. Good instructors. The fire fighting facility has no showers and you have to walk to the other side of the airport (to Stream House) to get a shower. Not ideal when your stinking of smoke and sweating buckets after fighting fires!

  • as as

    as as

    Average rating: August 23, 2021

    Was booked on route 1 FRB refresher the 20th August and the course was delayed due to another ongoing course. I knew something was wrong when they pushed Two tea breaks onto us within an hour and this is after starting late aswell. According to the itinerary the second part of the course was in Greenock from 1500 till 1700, we were still in the course centre at Paisley at 1615. I raised my concerns that I wouldn't be back to Paisley training centre in time to check my hold luggage in and they showed no interest whatsoever and said I would need to come back on another date. On top of the original course price I have had flights and accommodation to pay for and there attitude is I will have to pay again because they are double booking there training venues to reap more money. When I booked the course I asked the reception what time I would be back in Paisley so I book flight and I was assured it would be 1700. Also throughout the day myself and another candidate raised concerns with the instructors about getting back for 1700 and they said not a problem. Due to stringing people along people were unable to change flights

  • Miklós Csere

    Miklós Csere

    Average rating: August 14, 2021

    I did a Medical First Aid training, instead of Medical Care what I have booked. Even I did plenty first aid trainings already and myself also First Aid Instructor, I should say the Instructor during the training was very good he knows more than requested for this training, professional and kind. No Scottish accent at all.
    I had some issues because of booking, but the administrative staff was flexible and we solved the issue in 2-3 min. Highly recommended for seafarers.

  • Michael Lapit

    Michael Lapit

    Average rating: May 28, 2021

    Good facilities,excellent instructors.Enjoyed the courses I was on.

  • Robert Clark

    Robert Clark

    Average rating: May 25, 2021

    Nice place first time there and would come again in the future

  • 1967peterband


    Average rating: April 29, 2021

    On arrival .receptionist was polite ,and helpful, course intructors were very good ,
    All safety measures in place for covid
    Would recommend .well done

  • Willie Watt

    Willie Watt

    Average rating: March 27, 2021

    Excellent training, staff very friendly and efficient.

  • Donald MacLeod

    Donald MacLeod

    Average rating: March 24, 2021

    Did a course here recently. Smart modern building with good Covid protection measures in place.
    Instructor was excellent, fairly informal approach but knowledgeable.
    Free on site parking.

  • Stuart Brandish

    Stuart Brandish

    Average rating: March 9, 2021

    First class friendly training,
    All STCW refresher courses were conducted in a calm manner by the lectures with a bit of good humour thrown in to lighten the day.
    At no time is there ever any pressure put on students during the exercises,
    Well done gents and ill see you next time

  • Graeme Kay

    Graeme Kay

    Average rating: March 8, 2021

    Good, Used them numerous Times, Would Definately Recommend to Colleagues !!!

  • Daniel O'Brien

    Daniel O'Brien

    Average rating: February 27, 2021

    What a service and team, from the reception staff, instructors to the back room staff. All course i attended were delivered professionally with the odd splattering of humour thrown in making them informative and funny. The facilities and equipment are modern and well maintained.I personally struggled with one particular part of a course, which required a few visits but the team stuck with me and helped me too get through it. Thanks one and all Dan.

  • Max Staylock

    Max Staylock

    Average rating: February 23, 2021

    I was told to arrive and received joining instructions for the wrong day, costing me a days work and travel costs. When I tried to complain, I got nowhere, like they could not care less. The courses themselves were pretty average, and taught without much interest or enthusiasm. Free parking though.

  • Mike Boyle

    Mike Boyle

    Average rating: December 16, 2020

    A very enjoyable training experience, the fire ground is well hidden and the directions very vague.

  • James Bryant

    James Bryant

    Average rating: November 3, 2020

    Great instructors, good facilities and coping with the cv19 distancing requirements professionally.

  • James Smith

    James Smith

    Average rating: October 15, 2020

    Dident do it yetttt

  • Davy Gravy

    Davy Gravy

    Average rating: July 7, 2020

    They have decent facilities. Very clean. Very COVID-conscious.
    The lecturers are fun, friendly, knowledgeable, and reassuring.
    The only downside is that they dont lay-on any biscuits.
    No biscuits!

  • Kevin Robertson

    Kevin Robertson

    Average rating: July 6, 2020

    I had my fire prevention update course today and was so impressed that I decided to book my survival technique course when I got home. It was 17:30 when I booked it and out of hours. I contacted SMT on Facebook and explained that I booked after hours and didn’t have any joining instructions. They went the extra mile and ensured that I had everything I needed within a few hours so that I could go to sleep knowing everything was in place. Fantastic service and I would fully recommend.

  • Noel Conaghan

    Noel Conaghan

    Average rating: June 29, 2020

    Excellent tutelage in FF.

  • Chris Addison

    Chris Addison

    Average rating: March 13, 2020

    Well appointed facility and great instructors. Always keen to help and ensure the training sticks.

  • Russell MacIntyre

    Russell MacIntyre

    Average rating: December 21, 2018

    Great training and great trainers but for some weird reason the management decided to try abd freeze us all by not turning the heating on!

  • A Google User

    Average rating: December 21, 2018

    Great training and great trainers but for some weird reason the management decided to try abd freeze us all by not turning the heating on!

  • zbigniew bakiewicz

    zbigniew bakiewicz

    Average rating: March 3, 2018

    tu byłem

  • Salty McSalt

    Salty McSalt

    Average rating: August 23, 2017

    Great training facility for naval firefighter training and the group also caters for other aspects such as life raft and rescue boats.

    Staff are very professional and friendly about it.

  • mark Harris

    mark Harris

    Average rating: February 1, 2017

    Offshore safety training at affordable prices right next to Glasgow Airport, good fire, marine training facilities down to earth instructors

  • Neil White

    Neil White

    Average rating: December 19, 2016

    Provide good training courses.

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STCW Basic Safety Training (New Entrants)
STCW Basic Safety Week Training
Personal Survival Techniques (A-VI /1-1), PST
Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (A-VI/1-4), PSSR
Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (A-VI /1-2), FPFF
Elementary First Aid (A-VI/1-3), EFA
STCW Refresher
Updated Proficiency in Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting, FPFFU
Updated Proficiency in Advanced Fire Fighting, AFFU
Webinar Updated Proficiency in Advanced Fire Fighting, AFFU
Updated Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques, PSTU
Updated Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (other than FRB), PSCRBU
Updated Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats, FRBU
Updating Proficiency in Medical Care On-Board, MCOBU
Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (A-VI /1-2), FPFF
Updated Proficiency in Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting, FPFFU
Updated Proficiency in Advanced Fire Fighting, AFFU
Webinar Updated Proficiency in Advanced Fire Fighting, AFFU
Advanced Fire Fighting
Elementary First Aid (A-VI/1-3), EFA
Updating Proficiency in Medical Care On-Board, MCOBU
Medical First Aid
Proficiency in Medical Care On-Board, MCOB
Life / Rescue Boat
Updated Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (other than FRB), PSCRBU
Updated Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats, FRBU
Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats, PSCRB
Fast Rescue Boat, FRB
Safety Management
Shipboard Safety Officer, SSO
Crisis Management & Human Behaviour
STCW Proficiency In Crowd Management
Proficiency in Security Awareness, PSA
STCW Designated Security Duties, DSD
Deck, Bridge, Dynamic Positioning, Navigation
HELM Operational
HELM (Management)
Superyachts - Engine
MCA Approved Engine Course, AEC Part 2
Workboat/Windfarm Vessel
MCA Approved Engine Course, AEC Part 1
MCA STCW Approved Stability Course For Workboats and Powerboats Less Than 24 M
Tanker (Oil, LNG, LPG)
STCW 2010 BASIC Training in Oil & Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations (TBOC)
Additional STCW courses
Advanced Training for Service on Ships using Fuels Covered within the IGF Code – 5 Days
Basic Training for Service on Ships using Fuels Covered within the IGF Code – 2 Days
BMA Approved - Basic Training for Service on Ships using Fuels Covered within the IGF Code - Online Webinar
STCW Tanker Fire Fighting, TFF