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Zephyr provide a full range of courses to accommodate complete beginners looking for their powerboat level 2 certificate for leisure use or looking for their professional Yachtmaster at their Sea School in Antibes, France.

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Zephyr Yachting France have their training center located in Antibes, France.

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  • Robert Bath

    Robert Bath

    Average rating: 2 years ago

    As an experienced sailor but somewhat rusty I was impressed with the professionalism knowlege and dedication of the entire company. These guys are the only show in town!!!
    If you want first hand knowlege and guidance that WILL make you better on the water this place is a must. If you can locate me please get in touch and I will give you first hand advice to go with them..



    Average rating: 2 years ago

    I had such a good time on my trainings at zephyr, the instructors were all really friendly and are really professional. I learnt so much and i am excited to get out on the water again for further courses this summer!

  • Pauline Caravaca

    Pauline Caravaca

    Average rating: 8 months ago

    I highly recommend people to go do their yacht master course at Zephyr Yachting. I learned a lot, my instructor Colin was really helpful and knowledgeable, thanks a lot. Thanks to the team for all the informations shared !

  • Maria Carmela Moneda

    Maria Carmela Moneda

    Average rating: a year ago

    Learned a lot

  • molly tuckwood

    molly tuckwood

    Average rating: 2 years ago

    I recommend to go see the zephyr yachting team. Great office staff which were all very helpful with information.
    I did my pb2 and my instructor Colin was great, very patient and very knowledgeable. I learnt a lot but also had a laugh and met some lovely people.
    I will definitely be going back for all my future super yacht courses.

  • Harry Smith

    Harry Smith

    Average rating: April 8, 2021

    DO NOT USE ZEPHYR FOR YACHTMASTER - I write this as a warning to anybody looking to book their Yachtmaster - Yes Zephyr may be a few hundred Euros cheaper - But for a reason.

    It baffles me why I am the first to review this as countless people I have met within the yachting community have had the same experiences and hold the same views.

    The instructor Colin (who i believe is also the owner of the company), has absolutely 0 patience or it seems interest in teaching the course, which is made readily apparent.

    As with any yachting course, some pre study and at least a expected understanding of the syllabus is needed, however it seems to slip over this mans had that students are in fact paying a large amount of money, for tuition and assistance with understanding what is a large amount of information in a short period of time (often for the first time with this being 'an entry level licence')

    Instead, this man seems to think that reading through slides then asking the class to do a question is the extent of what people pay thousands of euros for, when asked to do anything past this such as something so unthinkable as asking for help understanding something he seems to become rather p****d off and is quite happy to make it apparent.

    This is all made very clear on day one, leading students to feel they can not ask for assistance as it is wrong to do so, instead students sit in silence once his slideshow reading is over and he retires to his chair after asking the class to do another question, during the silent period, students work and await the walk around of Collin once he is finished scrolling through his phone, looking at what students have calculated, to either be met with "ok" or "WHY HAVE YOU GOT THAT?!" "WHAT DONT YOU UNDERSTAND ABOUT WHAT WEVE JUST SEEN!" a common response: "Well i understand xyz but I am struggling with ...". "WELL WHY?!" is the normal responce, followed by a confrontational rant in which teaches nothing.

    If you want to pay thousands of Euros to read slideshows you can access online for 180 euros then this is the place to go. Not covering the whole syllabus in the classroom here at Zephyr of course, missing out on small subjects like IRPCS, meteorology and passage planning, the 2 small non important subjects in the maritime world. This should be learnt at home during the week by purchasing some books next door in riviera charts.

    Week one complete, exams passed by complete self tuition for the entirety of evenings after class.

    Practical week, make your way to the navigational hazard with a diesel engine "Aladin", probably named that because by some magic its still floating.

    Look forward to another week of what should be enjoyable practical exercises, alas its Collin again, so rather its a week of ranting, being belittled, screamed at, patronised and told how useless you are. The 2 day exam at the end actually feels like 2 days off from captain conifdence himself.

    If you want to enjoy your Yachtmaster as you should, study as much you can before booking (like all yacthing courses), and book with a reputable school, that actually understands that people are paying thousands of euros for tuition and guidance. Not a miserable face, ranting and confrontation.

    If you dont want run the class anymore Collin, stop doing it or stop taking peoples money and being a miserable B*****D to them.

  • wasswa mathias

    wasswa mathias

    Average rating: February 18, 2021

  • Dean Moran

    Dean Moran

    Average rating: August 12, 2020

  • johnmark bland

    johnmark bland

    Average rating: February 21, 2020



    Average rating: November 21, 2019

  • Swann Cm

    Swann Cm

    Average rating: May 9, 2019

    The tender operator course was excellent, the instructor collin is very professional, he explains very well and takes the necessary time, he makes sure that you are confident and effective with what you have learned before giving you the certificate, I will come back ! thank you

  • Елена Брагина

    Елена Брагина

    Average rating: August 3, 2018

    This is one of the best companies, with amazing managers I know in the industry. Super-helpful, professional, really nice. I would strongly recommend them and their services!

  • Antonino Jr Hernandez

    Antonino Jr Hernandez

    Average rating: August 1, 2016

  • Michelle Kent

    Michelle Kent

    Average rating: March 28, 2013

    I did the powerboat level 2 at Zephyr and it was great! I managed to grab the March deal and the staff and instructor was so nice and helpful.

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