Seven Seas Preparatory Academy

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Offering STCW USCG approved courses and passenger ship training in Florida. Located in Orlando, Port Canaveral, Clearwater and Fort Lauderdale

Over 25 years experience training and facilitating courses, also specializing in passenger ship and yacht crew training.

  • Personal Survival Techniques (and revalidation)
  • Blended Basic Training  - Online + 2 day practical
  • Deckhand certitifed course. (STCW RFPNW)
  • PSSR
  • Fire Prevention Fire Fighting (and revalidation)
  • Elementary First Aid
  • Basic Training
  • Cruise Ship Entertinament Programs/Workshops
  • Crowd Management
  • Crises Management
  • Security Awareness
  • Yacht Crew Training 

STCW Training Centres

Seven Seas Preparatory Academy have their training centres in the following locations:

  • Cape Canaveral, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale- FL & Fairfield- CT (Bridgeport), Florida, United States of America
  • Port Canaveral, FL, United States of America
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States of America
  • West Palm Beach, FL, United States of America
  • Orlando, FL, United States of America
  • Clearwater, FL, United States of America
  • Fairfield, CT, United States of America

Customer Reviews

Seven Seas Preparatory Academy reviews as published on Google:

  • Abigail Holland

    Abigail Holland

    Average rating: 2 weeks ago

    Marcus & the team at seven seas is amazing!! Highly recommend this place for anyone needing an STCW. The hybrid course was super effective and you can go at your own pace. Awesome!

  • Alex Dixon

    Alex Dixon

    Average rating: a week ago

    Idk if I’m just an outlier or what but these guys have cause me a nightmare for the past 7 months. I thought I needed to take a stcw class before I went to my ship in a couple of days so I booked a class to go. Well an hour after booking my captain calls me and says I don’t need it until next year. So I go on their website to see if I can cancel online, didn’t show anywhere being able to do that. Next I tried to call them directly and explain what happened and try to get my money back. No answer. I called them multiple times and left voicemails but nothing. An hour and a half later I contacted my credit card company to cancel the payment because I had no other choice but to do that. Well here I am 7 months later still fighting with the credit card company because seven seas academy refuses to accept my refund. The way these people happily take my money but leave me high and dry when I need my money back an HOUR AND A HALF AFTER PURCHASE is disgusting. It’s not like I took up the seat to that class and prevented others from joining, there were multiple seats still available and I only held that seat for an hour and a half. I would love for these people to call me so we can resolve this but I doubt that will happen

  • Treble mc2einstein

    Treble mc2einstein

    Average rating: 2 months ago

    Super love it the officers are very excellent,and accommodating during actual training.

  • Franson Rodrigues

    Franson Rodrigues

    Average rating: 3 months ago

    I'm glad and had a positive experience with the STCW course at Seven Seas Preparatory Academy. The comprehensive curriculum, experienced instructors, and practical training provided a valuable learning environment. The emphasis on safety standards and industry-relevant skills undoubtedly prepares individuals for a successful maritime career.

  • Maricel Samson

    Maricel Samson

    Average rating: 3 months ago

    Having fun while gaining knowledge is what we acquired here in Seven Seas Academy. Excellent facilities and Superb Instructors.

  • Kaitlyn Espinosa

    Kaitlyn Espinosa

    Average rating: 19 December 2023

    I took the Yachting Interior Crew training course at Seven Seas and it was fantastic! I had already taken my STCW and was looking to gain some interior experience before applying to jobs. I am so happy I did! The course was very eye opening and our instructor, Meghan, was great! I will definitely consider Seven Seas for future courses and refreshers.

  • Courtenay C

    Courtenay C

    Average rating: 22 November 2023

    Excellent from start to finish. Helpful, highly qualified instructors, and very clear communication and support all the way though. The blended course really distilled everything necessary into the 2 in-person days, and the online portion allowed me to review and take in the information on my own schedule. Would recommend Seven Seas to anyone. I'll be back for my re-cert!

  • Melissa Neugebauer

    Melissa Neugebauer

    Average rating: 18 November 2023

    I had a wonderful experience with Seven Seas Preparatory Academy. Their Basic Training was top notch. They are professional, friendly and made the 2 day event easy and smooth. Most importantly, I actually feel well-trained to tackle emergencies and procedures with confidence now. Thanks Seven Seas!

  • Rhys Griffiths

    Rhys Griffiths

    Average rating: 17 November 2023

    Great experience! Instructors really wanted to make sure you understood everything and were really patient. Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs to get their STCW certification!

  • Ronny Roskosch

    Ronny Roskosch

    Average rating: 10 November 2023

    Amazingly profesional, helpful, advanced hi tech and deep knowledge. Best solution I found for my course need on the globe. Simply great. Highly recommend this facility.

  • James Richardson

    James Richardson

    Average rating: 3 October 2023

    I had an amazing time with the courses at Seven Seas. The whole process was a seamless. All the information was conveyed in totality and in a manner that was easy to comprehend. Marcus was a delight to work with, and he was very insightful when answering the countless questions asked by my peers and myself.

  • Mark Moore

    Mark Moore

    Average rating: 12 September 2023

    As a safety professional, I can't recommend Seven Seas Preparatory Academy enough for their STCW Basic Training Blended Course. The hybrid model of this course is perfect for busy folks -- engaging online content and invaluable hands-on training.

    The practical exercises in the pool and the firefighting scenarios were beyond valuable. They take you from theory to real-world application seamlessly.

    For those of you who are required to take this training, do yourself a favor and sign up with Seven Seas. Their approach is top-notch and geared towards working professionals like myself.

  • Valentina Velez

    Valentina Velez

    Average rating: 17 August 2023

    Very professional instructors.
    The courses very full of very important information. Marcus is very fast answering emails and clearing any questions.

  • Skylar Garvey

    Skylar Garvey

    Average rating: 16 August 2023

    I had an amazing time! The instructors were so helpful and made my time with them a fun experience. I would definitely recommend this academy to anyone looking into an STCW course.

  • Cam Travers

    Cam Travers

    Average rating: 10 August 2023

    I just completed the Basic Safety, Crowd Management, and Security Awareness and I learned so much. The instructors are great and you come out so prepared to board a ship.

  • Lourdes Gilo

    Lourdes Gilo

    Average rating: 9 August 2023

    I was very happy because I was one of those who entered the academy and I am very grateful for this opportunity. I learned a lot and gained a lot of knowledge. Thank you very much..and more power!

  • Michael Ardolino

    Michael Ardolino

    Average rating: 12 May 2023




    Average rating: 27 January 2023

    Thank you so much and we learned a lot. The Instructors and staff are very cool they manage us so well. I Salute Seven Seas.

  • Rollie Atienza

    Rollie Atienza

    Average rating: 15 December 2022

    Excellent training academy. Teachers and Trainers are helpful and knowledgeable every aspects of each training we took. Highly recommended.

  • Sean Mitchell

    Sean Mitchell

    Average rating: 31 August 2022

    Worth every penny... effecient, professional and informative, if you can't spare the 5 days these guys are a great way to get your cert. I had a blast!

  • Thomas Jamison

    Thomas Jamison

    Average rating: 21 August 2022

    I attended the STCW certification class and everything was perfect. The instructors were all friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable. They made the material actually fun to learn. I can't recommend seven seas preparatory academy enough!

  • Ian Weinman

    Ian Weinman

    Average rating: 13 July 2022

    Loved my experience with Seven Seas! They did a great job explaining and presenting the information. I learned a lot and am grateful to Marcus and his crew! Don’t second guess booking your STCW training through this company!

  • Miles R

    Miles R

    Average rating: 7 May 2022

    I did my STCW training with Seven Seas using their online/in person blended program and it was great! The elearning section was easy to use and understand and the in person practical training was really great and also a lot of fun! I would definitely recommend Seven Seas!!



    Average rating: 24 April 2022

    Great program! Thank you Marcus.

  • Valentina Torres

    Valentina Torres

    Average rating: 23 April 2022

    Seven seas academy was the best choice I have made. The courses and the instructors Marcus & Scott were just awesome. We made such a great bond with our group and we all worked together to achieve the same goal. I left here with a lot of knowledge and a lot of friends. I loveeeeed every second of this experience. Now I’m certified and ready to make my dream job come true.
    Thanks Marcus you were so great. We appreciate all you do and did for us.

  • William McMichael

    William McMichael

    Average rating: 8 April 2022

    I am so glad I chose the Seven Seas Preparatory Academy to complete my STCW training. Marcus and the other instructors were great and wanted to see everyone succeed. The ability to do the course work online and then do the in person practical evolutions and exams was very convenient for me. The scheduling of the course was very easy. The email communications from the Academy was outstanding. The practical evolution locations were awesome! Pool training and evolutions were conducted at an indoor aquatic center with plenty of training space both in the pool and the training classroom. The firefighting evolutions were held at the Port Canaveral Marine Fire Fighting Academy, which is also awesome! A simulated ship made out of steel containers is used and lined with propane lines to give the students a very safe area to train as well as close to real life situations as one can imagine. The fire instructors were also great and worked with all students to help them succeed. Very impressed with the entire operation by Seven Seas Preparatory Academy. Thank you!!!

  • Chloe White

    Chloe White

    Average rating: 8 April 2022

    I took the STCW+PDSD course with Seven Seas and I was extremely satisfied. The online coursework was easy to navigate and had a lot of information. The practical days went over everything we learned and put it into use. My favorite day was the firefighting practical day. Getting to learn life saving techniques was an experience the I am grateful for. Marcus and the team were amazing and I will be using them for any recertification’s in the future. HIGHLY recommend

  • Joshua Brown

    Joshua Brown

    Average rating: 24 February 2022

    Excellent service! I highly recommend Seven Seas Preparatory Academy. Recently I took the Online Crowd course, it was affordable, convenient and an overall great experience. The response time from the academy was prompt and I was able to pass the final exam and receive my Crowd Credential very quickly. The convenience of doing this online course from my home saved me a lot of time and money. It was a great investment and experience. I will be using this Academy again for future credentials and training. The staff was professional, kind and courteous. Thanks again Seven Seas!

  • William Merryman

    William Merryman

    Average rating: 9 December 2021

    wanted to give a shout out to this company Seven Seas. I was able to get my STCW course and did a two day training with them. If you are needing a great company for your certifications you got to try this one! Special Thanks to Marcus Cheesman Founder of Seven Seas!

  • Richard Rubin

    Richard Rubin

    Average rating: 17 August 2021

    I received my STCW Certification from the Seven Seas Preparatory Academy, and I highly recommend it. I needed to join a course at the last-minute, and the owner, Marcus, was prompt, professional, and very accommodating. The program itself was informative and thorough, and the instructors for the various courses (including personal survival techniques, First Aid, and fire fighting) were not only knowledgeable, but personable, as well. I have only the best things to say and give it 5 stars without hesitation.

  • Tonia Cascio (Travelgyal)

    Tonia Cascio (Travelgyal)

    Average rating: 14 August 2021

    I really enjoyed doing my STCW course with seven seas prep. Was a little worried for the firefighting but all the instructors were awesome and made it a lot of fun! Planning to take some more courses with them in the future.

  • Kasano Mwanza

    Kasano Mwanza

    Average rating: 27 July 2021

    When someone actually takes the time to teach you a new skill, to walk you through a process, it inspires and energizes. The material becomes that much more important because they're not only investing their time, but also patience, kindness, positivity, and knowledge. My group had the privilege of learning from Marcus for our training, and we all left with smiles and photos that reflected an experience we will remember forever! It was fun, insightful, and I learned a lot. Truly a company I would recommend over end over again!

  • LC Marine

    LC Marine

    Average rating: 15 July 2021

    Excellent course. Well organized, smooth, informative, with enthusiastic knowledgeable instructors in all disciplines.

  • William Quimby

    William Quimby

    Average rating: 21 June 2021

    Absolutely incredible! Marcus is the greatest. Knowledge, experienced, with an ability to break everything down so it's easy to understand and presented in an engaging way. I can't possibly recommend enough.

  • Matthew Atkinson

    Matthew Atkinson

    Average rating: 19 June 2021

    Outstanding training. Professional and well presented. Highly recommend Marcus and Seven Seas to any mariner looking for training.

  • Ty McLane

    Ty McLane

    Average rating: 11 June 2021

    I took both the STCW basic training, and the STCW navigation/watch rating courses. Each course was very professional and Thorough. Marcus was very prompt and informative through email and in person. Enjoyed the whole process.

  • Melissa Lopez

    Melissa Lopez

    Average rating: 2 May 2021

    I really enjoyed the training. The instructors were very professionals and the content of the course was appropriate. I highly recommend Seven Seas Preparatory.

  • Dallas Beauregard

    Dallas Beauregard

    Average rating: 12 April 2021

    Excellent training. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Loads of fun and educational. Definitely recommend!

  • Billy Rogan

    Billy Rogan

    Average rating: 24 March 2021

    Attended both STCW training in Orlando and Deck/Stew courses. Marcus is a seasoned professional with a lifetime of experience and the eagerness to share his knowledge and get students ready for the knowledge they need to succeed in the Maritime industry. Additionally, seven seas has been great with follow ups, suggestions and recommendations on ways to best move forward in obtaining placement for employment.
    Others staff and fire safety teachers (firefighters) were all helpful, knowledgeable and a great group of guys that made the training an absolute blast and memorable experience. Would highly recommend seven seas again and again

  • Alex Pomeroy

    Alex Pomeroy

    Average rating: 12 March 2021

    Unbelievable experience! Marcus and his team do an incredible job Preparing his students for the yachting world I can’t wait to take my NAV and watchmen course and then get on a boat all thanks to these guys! great things to say about seven seas preparatory academy. I highly highly recommend these guys!

  • Ben Ferraro

    Ben Ferraro

    Average rating: 13 February 2021

    Very well set up from a logistical standpoint- made it very easy to do a quick trip over a weekend instead of having to take a full week! All well planned out and straightforward- locations easy to find. Instructors were very knowledgable and experiences- would highly recommend!

  • Capt. Glenn Bregman

    Capt. Glenn Bregman

    Average rating: 1 February 2021

    The STCW Blended course was very comprehensive and the on line portion allowed me to spend the time needed when I had time rather than taking time out to spend days in a class room. Same information, but on my time. The practical portion only took 2 days and was delivered very professionally.

    Marcus was very accommodating in scheduling the practical portion and I highly recommend using Seven Seas and Marcus for your required training.

    Thanks Marcus!

    Capt. Glenn Bregman, 100 Ton USCG Master

  • Matthew Rajendra

    Matthew Rajendra

    Average rating: 26 January 2021

    Great experience from start to finish. I just completed the 2-Day Deckhand course in Ft. Lauderdale. I am starting out my yachting career with the most basic of knowledge of the yachting industry. Marcus the owner and instructor was extremely helpful and professional from the initial booking throughout the teaching of the course. He’s a wealth of knowledge and a tremendous instructor. I highly recommend this course for someone in my shoes, getting started in the industry. I plan on coming back for the STCW training in a few months as well.

  • Tim Paylor

    Tim Paylor

    Average rating: 11 January 2021

    I took the STCW Navigation Watch Rating course here. The course format was excellent and the instructor was extremely knowledgeable and experienced and went above and beyond to make sure the material was understood. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in working on the water. I will be doing the STCW Basic Training here as well and a few other courses.

  • Jesse Pryor

    Jesse Pryor

    Average rating: 15 November 2020

    I had a great experience with my stcw. The instructors are great and very knowledgeable. Marcus was very involved and there for any and all questions. I highly recommend using seven seas to anyone.

  • Danica Barron

    Danica Barron

    Average rating: 15 November 2020

    Excellent course. I had almost no nautical experience prior to do this so I had a lot to learn. The online modules were engaging and informative. The best part was the practical, however. The lessons really helped solidify the information and I feel much more comfortable working on a yacht or ship. Thank you so much!

  • Michael Farah

    Michael Farah

    Average rating: 31 October 2020

    Great experience both online & in classroom. Well organized, user-friendly approach to achieving new mariner credentials or refreshing to current status. Recommended and will return in the future.

  • David Schwenk

    David Schwenk

    Average rating: 21 October 2020

    Basic Training was so much fun and challenging also. The instructors were great and supportive as were my classmates ! Thanks Marcus ! Five Stars !

  • Sara Brudnicki

    Sara Brudnicki

    Average rating: 8 July 2020

    I took my STCW course in Cape Canaveral and it was great. All of the instructors were so friendly and great at demonstrating. They also took COVID distancing seriously and made us all feel very comfortable. 10/10 recommend

  • Patrick Carey

    Patrick Carey

    Average rating: 21 June 2020

    I completed Seven Seas' STCW Navigation Watch Rating course in order to acquire my STCW RFPNW certificate. Prior to enrolling, Marcus was quick to respond in detail to any questions I had about the course, and continued to be very helpful leading up to the start of the course. The course is very well done and offers a high level of professional training. Marcus and Anthony were very knowledgeable and personable instructors and created a great learning environment for the course. I would definitely recommend getting any STCW certificates you need through this company!

  • Ray Hurst

    Ray Hurst

    Average rating: 19 June 2020

    Seven Seas is a great place and the owner Marcus is even more helpful. Everything was in order down to the toppings on my Lunch. If you are looking for Maritime courses then give them a call.

  • Shelby Jones

    Shelby Jones

    Average rating: 15 June 2020

    I have taken several classes all over the U.S. And Seven Seas Preparatory Academy is absolutely top notch. Marcus, the owner is outstanding and extremely knowledgeable about everything. Three courses overall, and I am super satisfied and happy with each one. I cannot say enough to thank or compliment them.

  • Victoria Navarro

    Victoria Navarro

    Average rating: 2 March 2020

    Instructors were all great and very informative! 100% recommend

  • Jack Blake

    Jack Blake

    Average rating: 23 February 2020

    Marcus was extremely accommodating to all of us. I was able to get the information I needed (logistics, logging, food, nightlight, etc.) for my time in Cape Canaveral to make my week great. That's not even mentioning the course. The instructors he partners with are incredible. The fire fighters were so fun and energetic, the eduction was great, the process was simple, and the entire time there were smiles because it was fun.

  • Jaquay Lundy

    Jaquay Lundy

    Average rating: 11 February 2020

    My STCW training experience was extremely rewarding. The course was nothing short of exact and concise. Each emergency circumstance was explained thoroughly, and we (my class) were given the tools needed to find a grounded mindset within a setting of chaos. I was surprised to find that we weren’t just going to read about how to react in an emergency situation, but actually be exposed to different real life scenarios. Marcus, Anthony, Lieutenant Bob Keane, as well as the other leaders at the fire department; did an amazing job with making us feel confident and in control, no matter the state of the environment. I have no doubt that if an emergency ever presented itself, I would be able assist in anyway needed.

  • M delaLuz

    M delaLuz

    Average rating: 29 January 2020

    This is absolutely the best training school one could attend. I just completed my two-day combined STCW course in Port Canaveral/Cocoa FL. The instructors are seasoned professionals with so much experience. The material was presented in the most professional yet simple way to understand and everyone was very personable and helpful. I felt personally challenged since I was clearly older than the rest of the students, but I was able to perform my tasks with success and I had a lot of fun doing it. Thank you, Marcus for open lines of communication, your patience, and for the encouragement. I can't imagine why anyone would go anywhere else for training. Great job!

  • M Stef

    M Stef

    Average rating: 29 January 2020

    I had a great experience when I took my STCW certification through Seven Seas. The owner was very easy to communicate with. The trainers were very personable and presented the information very clearly. I highly recommend this business if you need training or retraining for maritime certifications.

  • Kim Manawatao

    Kim Manawatao

    Average rating: 27 July 2019

    Had an amazing learning experience with Maritime Safety academy. Marcus, owner and instructor, was very knowledgeable, patient and made sure everyone was equipt and up to speed. It was a very comfortable environment whether you're already in the industry or brand new like myself. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the course especially the fire fighting course as it is the most thrilling part to be faced with real life fire situations. Thank you Marcus for sharing your years of knowledge and tips in the industry.

  • aj mascolo

    aj mascolo

    Average rating: 20 April 2019

    Excellent course all around. Loved that it is owner operated by Marcus who is highly experienced in the industry and holds an unlimited captains license. Flexible course options to fit your needs. Learned way more than expected. Excellent facilities including classroom, fire fighting, and in water training. I recommend this company for anyone needing Maritime safety training.

  • Alexey Trofimov

    Alexey Trofimov

    Average rating: 7 April 2019

    I took my STCW Basic Training Class at Cape Canaveral. I was very impressed with how knowledgeable and helpful the instructors were. The course felt comprehensive, very well put together. The owner of the school is very approachable and professional. Would recommend to anyone !

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