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Seahaven Maritime Academy is a purpose built, full training centre in the port of Newhaven, East Sussex. It is run entirely by professional mariners for professional mariners. We also provide the same high standard of training for leisure sailors who do not have aspirations of working commercially.

As a training centre we are accredited by the MCA, RYA  and we are ISO 9001 approved. We provide STCW full basic training courses, as a package or individually, and refresher courses (Fire Fighting and PST), as well as preparation courses for those working towards their MCA Master's certificates of competence up to 3000gt. Our dedicated trainers have had considerable experience in command of commercial vessels and many years working as instructors. We are well known for "going the extra mile" for our students.

STCW Training Centers

Seahaven Maritime Academy have their training center located in Newhaven, East Sussex, United Kingdom.

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  • Charlotte Hounsome

    Charlotte Hounsome

    Average rating: in the last week

    I did the basic sctw. Low on cost but not on quality, everyone is very friendly and care about your learning.

  • Max


    Average rating: 2 weeks ago

    I recently completed my STCW here and had a great time. The teaching was engaging, there were many practical activities included and I would recommend to anyone, great value for money too.

  • René Wiggill

    René Wiggill

    Average rating: 3 weeks ago

    I had the best time and so much fun doing my STCW! Great people and truly knowledgeable. Thank you so much for everything!!!

  • Yssa


    Average rating: 2 months ago

    The most hands on and realistic training i've ever had. It was such a wonderful week with lots of laughter and lessons learned!! The instructors really do know what they are doing.

  • Thomas Souter

    Thomas Souter

    Average rating: 3 months ago

    I cannot speak highly enough about my experience at Seahaven. Never, after completing 3 STCW's now, have I experienced such wonderful, helpful, reassuring staff. Every instructor was so friendly and knowledgeable, and made the course not just interesting, but really fun. For the first time I actually really enjoyed the STCW course. I will certainly be returning for any refreshers or other courses I need, and I'll be 100% recommending Seahaven to everyone! Thank you all again!

  • Brigit Gunton

    Brigit Gunton

    Average rating: June 23, 2020

    Had a fabulous week here doing the STCW and Crowd Management course. All the staff were very knowledgeable and professional whilst also making sure we all had fun. We laughed a lot and we learnt a lot! I would whole heartedly recommend Seahaven Maritime Academy to anybody. They really looked after us all and made sure we all got the most out of our time there.

  • Taylor


    Average rating: March 10, 2020

    Been back for multiple courses, all the staff are honestly the most kind and hilarious tutors I've had!
    See you again soon!

  • Amanda Murray

    Amanda Murray

    Average rating: December 11, 2019

    Just did my STCW and Crowd Management a few weeks ago, and although learning to deal with situations that hopefully never arise I thoroughly enjoyed it! Instructors are amazing, serious but also make it fun and have a wealth of experience to share. Great learning environment. Was with such a great group on the course too. Thanks guys!

  • Kasparas Vickunas

    Kasparas Vickunas

    Average rating: December 1, 2019

    Amazing and extremely knowledgeable instructors with a hands on approach and fully set on making sure you can do what you've learnt.

  • Dan Grover

    Dan Grover

    Average rating: October 4, 2019

    Just completed STCW Course.

    Only positive feedback. Loved Mark what a legend!

    Brilliant I recommend them to anyone considering.

  • David Loftus

    David Loftus

    Average rating: September 16, 2019

    Excellent training provider from start to finish. Very personable, helpful and relevant in their approach to all students. They ensured that all skills were delivered relevant to the needs and working environments from those attending. They were more than accommodating to my own specific requirements. The STCW instructors were nothing short of excellent. I was very impressed with the quality of the Fire & Rescue and Medical training. The training simulators were something to be experienced and provided real world experience of fighting fires.

    The First Aid segment was delivered by Juliet. There was a very experienced Nurse on my course and I am a frontline Paramedic. This would probably be very intimidating for most instructors but Juliet was solid in her knowledge, delivery and techniques. I could also see that she had additional knowledge which she held back on as to not overwhelm students.... very impressive method of instruction and she should be very proud of herself.

    All students were thought, had knowledge reinforced and were then put through their paces with very systematic real to life assessments. These assessments challenged most students and a few overcame their fears of fire, confined space and water. Essentially, students were condition in a way that would enable them to respond safely to real life emergencies.
    The instructors were very hands on and helpful to everyone. They mentored, reassured and helped every individual on the course. The course was attended by people who travelled from wide and far, which is a testament to the availability and price of the course. The owner brought everyone for a drink post training and clearly wishes to see others progress in a fair and professional way. Very good ethics, training and facilities. I couldn’t recommend Newhaven enough to any and all, that are seeking maritime training. I undertook the STCW and the RYA VHF Radio License Certificate

  • Jason Evans

    Jason Evans

    Average rating: August 8, 2019

    Took the five day STCW basic set of courses with them. Top notch training by great instructors. The price was cheaper than most but I would bet the training was better than most !! I will be back to take more courses in the future.

  • Nadir Gallani

    Nadir Gallani

    Average rating: April 29, 2019

    Done my STCW last week all the staff and instructor very friendly and professional!!! Well done !! From 0 to hero !!! Very thanks to Steve, Mark, Sam, Juliette, Chris, Mark, Spencer and Kevin, thank you everithing you teach me.

  • bohemianbythesea


    Average rating: April 28, 2019

    I recently completed the STCW10 course & cannot recommend this centre enough! I learnt so much in such a fun, yet efficient way and feel very confident walking away from Seahaven Maritime Academy. Some of it was very intense, but everyone helped us along the way and made us feel confident in the scarier elements such as Firefighting, etc.
    What really stood out for me was the people who worked there- every single staff member and teacher was so friendly and helpful, even the ones that didn't teach me personally.
    I'd like to thank the owner, Steve, for creating such a wonderful school, at an amazing price that I couldn't find elsewhere. You can tell he values his school and even took us out for a beer before we finished the course.
    I came from Australia to complete this course before heading to Europe to work on the Yachts, and I still saved money even after paying for accomodation in Brighton. I will do any future courses or refreshers here.
    Thanks everyone,

  • Joe Fry

    Joe Fry

    Average rating: April 27, 2019

    Just completed the 5 day STCW course with Seahaven and I can honestly say it was the best course I have ever done. The staff were incredible, very knowledgeable, welcoming, professional and fun. The first aid scenarios were very real and the firefighting was even more so! Highly recommended, will definitely be returning here when my update is due in 5 years!

  • Tom Darnell

    Tom Darnell

    Average rating: September 26, 2018

    The STCW10 course was well run and very enjoyable! The staff at the academy are very welcoming and incredibly knowledgeable. The premises are well kitted out with everything you'll need to practice fire fighting, sea survival and first aid scenarios; the Firefighting is an especially realistic experience where you will be taught to use full protective gear and breathing apparatus to tackle multiple real fires within their containers, set up to look and feel like the interior of a ship. I loved the adrenaline rush from it so much that they let me go twice!

    You will come out of this course at the academy having developed a genuinely useful skill set as well as fond memories.

  • Alexandra Buczkowski

    Alexandra Buczkowski

    Average rating: August 24, 2018

    Couldn’t rate this place highly enough. Fun, educational and an awesome experience

  • AJM Campbell

    AJM Campbell

    Average rating: May 2, 2018

    Had a great time completing my STCW10 basic training at Seahaven Maritime Academy; the instruction was very clear and useful, and the course fees are a bargain compared to some other providers I could mention! The free pint on the penultimate day was the icing on the cake, and I had a brilliant week, thank-you very much guys.

  • Alan McHale

    Alan McHale

    Average rating: March 29, 2018

    22Years offshore
    I have never Ever experienced such a great training centre.
    Why ? From the down to earth approach of the instructors with real
    work knowledge and hands on experience . To the lay mans explanation and teaching methods and not talking down to students but taking everyone to one level of understanding and explanation .
    Everyone on my course was either 20 years experience or non experienced , yet we all gelled as a team we worked as a team and won as a team, under the guidance of our instructors. We learnt from one another and were incouraged to share our knowledge with those of less experience..
    This training centre is not for self gain, It is for Us People it is selfless , and honest.
    The price is the best out there , because they do not bull -s***
    It's straight its honest and I'd even work for them my self.
    I've come from Sth Ireland and I will again to refresh in a heart beat
    Can't praise you enough.

  • John Everest

    John Everest

    Average rating: October 25, 2017

    Took part in a VHF radio course here as is very local to our site, the guys are really professional and course is made interesting with a thorough test at the end. Would definitely recommend Seahaven.

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