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Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy is a highly respected, state-of-the-art maritime training center established for individuals who seek to enter the exciting maritime profession, as well as mariners seeking to advance their careers. MAMA offers 90+ USCG approved deck courses and engineering courses along with tailored courses. We are dedicated to providing outstanding training to civilian and military mariners from around the globe. Our expert staff of highly regarded, seasoned instructors provide a combination of unequaled teaching techniques with cutting-edge technology such as “hands-on” equipment, systems, maintenance and interactive simulations.

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Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy have their training centre located in Norfolk, Virginia, United States of America.

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  • Bella Ragazza

    Bella Ragazza

    Average rating: 5 months ago

    Is there a graduation or ceremony after you complete your classes for the merchant seaman ?

  • Francisco Torres Moreno

    Francisco Torres Moreno

    Average rating: a month ago

    the instructors the are very professional

  • Claire Marsden

    Claire Marsden

    Average rating: 3 months ago

    Great curriculum and professors

  • edtheenigma


    Average rating: a year ago

    I took my OICEW courses at MAMA this year and it was a good experience. They online courses were a blessing (saved on hotel costs) and they will work with your schedule in many ways.

  • George Lassiter

    George Lassiter

    Average rating: 2 years ago

    I'm taking the AB to 3rd and 2nd course. At the moment I'm halfway through the course. The instructors are great. Plus The administrative team really try to work around your schedule. I fully recommend MAMA for any Hawsepiper trying to upgrade their MMC.

  • Eddie Espinosa

    Eddie Espinosa

    Average rating: 29 March 2021

    Very professional and helpful in assisting me with my CG credentials

  • Corey Downing

    Corey Downing

    Average rating: 16 December 2020

    In the Norfolk area Mid Atlantic Maritime is a fine choice. They teach current and practical information with no filler. I recommend them and would go again if I need additional training.

  • Peter Prime

    Peter Prime

    Average rating: 16 December 2020

    MAMA Trained me well... Go Mid-Atlantic. Peter@Fourchon. Presently training on a Chevron Tanker... MAMA Knows Best.

  • Mystic Candor

    Mystic Candor

    Average rating: 16 December 2020

    Mid-Atlantic is very professional. The instructors here are very respectful and above all Knowledgeable with their training including from their actual backgrounds. Very grateful to have been a student here and will continue with them for any other training.

  • olay akins

    olay akins

    Average rating: 16 December 2020

    Great instructors and clean classrooms, very attentive in making sure i gain the knowledge needed to succeed. Always my Sch to go for my maritime Certifications.

  • Dutty Boukman

    Dutty Boukman

    Average rating: 28 October 2020

    Great school, great instructors.. took a lot of classes here over the years ... the back office staff is great as well

  • Lalaqueen Madanna

    Lalaqueen Madanna

    Average rating: 19 October 2020

    I’m so glad I went to MAMA training. Very Excellent hardworking teachers.I love everything about the school respectful and caring people. I wouldn’t mind going back here again It was fantastic.

  • Robert Meekins

    Robert Meekins

    Average rating: 11 October 2020

    Went here for my dde 4000 horsepower. This school was very helpful. And very informative. The staff was also friendly and helpful with any questions that I had. Definitely recommend this school for your license upgrading needs.

  • Dustin Hawkins

    Dustin Hawkins

    Average rating: 10 October 2020

    Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy gave me a great week of instruction for my STCW certification. The staff is friendly and professional. My only criticism is the breakroom coffee.

  • John C.

    John C.

    Average rating: 8 October 2020

    Thanks for teaching me something new everyday. Teachers really went above and beyond for different levels of learning from students.



    Average rating: 7 October 2020


  • Andy Ackerman

    Andy Ackerman

    Average rating: 7 October 2020

    Super easy people to get along with. Very knowledgeable in their field.

  • Adam Dobbins

    Adam Dobbins

    Average rating: 7 October 2020

    I've taken several classes with MAMA throughout the years. The facilities, instructors, support, and curriculum are always spot on. They teach and supply information in a clear and concise way for students to grasp the information and go to work safely to return to their families as well as adhere to all USCG mandates and requirements.

  • Charles Robertson

    Charles Robertson

    Average rating: 7 October 2020

    Always have had a outstanding opinion of the Academy. The instructors are seasoned professionals, with decades of experience and expertise. Additionally, it’s a fun atmosphere, where the instructors take their job seriously, but don’t take themselves seriously. No attitude,
    just information and education.

  • Paul Nevins

    Paul Nevins

    Average rating: 7 October 2020

    Always good to work with, give 4 vs 5 stars as I got spoiled with big fire fighting fields vs smaller ones. Their approach does work, just the burns are smaller ones in container cross connected to make a basic format to work with. Is enclosed to give the feel of ally space vs "open burns only" - so it does work. Other aspects were good and well managed. Reasonably priced. Not far from the airport (hotel shuttle pickup and some have shuttle to the school too. Car is handy but not required. Can jog to the school from hotels.

  • Teresa M

    Teresa M

    Average rating: 27 May 2020

    Great instructors, reasonable prices. I attended to renew my BST and ended up taking some other courses while there.

  • A Google User

    Average rating: 27 May 2020

    Great instructors, reasonable prices. I attended to renew my BST and ended up taking some other courses while there.

  • Colton Givey

    Colton Givey

    Average rating: 27 May 2020

    I highly recommend Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy to anyone looking to pursue a career in maritime. They are always very professional, educated, and have years of experience.

  • Joe Kazzazza

    Joe Kazzazza

    Average rating: 27 May 2020

    I attended this school for several classes in 2015 and would recommend it to anyone needing license renewal/upgrade classes.

  • Paulino Murillo Velasquez

    Paulino Murillo Velasquez

    Average rating: 30 March 2020

    Very good School, I learned a lot.
    Instructors are very Proffesionals.
    Also had a good Experience on the Fire Fighting and Survival Training, Instuctors were very friendly and Professionals.

  • David E. Flanagan, Jr.

    David E. Flanagan, Jr.

    Average rating: 17 December 2019

    Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy is incredible! I cannot imagine a more professional and technologically advanced maritime school. They have a bridge simulator that is so real you can get seasick on it!

    Captain Ed retired from 30 years of service on the USNS Comfort and decided to usher in the next generation of mariners. They really care to deliver the highest quality of training to keep everybody as safe as possible at sea.

    I highly recommend Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy.



    Average rating: 8 May 2019

    Good school I learn a lot shout out to my teachers who are focus to us and making sure we will learn something to it.. :)

  • William Self

    William Self

    Average rating: 17 January 2019

    They don't offer many opportunities and don't teach you much . I was in the 2017 class it seemed like all the females got more opportunities than the dudes . Waste of time plus couldn't focus in class alot of classroom disruptions and the lady Janice has a nasty attitude .

  • chris horn

    chris horn

    Average rating: 25 October 2017

  • Mateo Butler

    Mateo Butler

    Average rating: 5 October 2017

    Great school. This school will teach you how to succeed in the Maritime industry but you gotta pay attention and take notes, you get out what you put in.

  • B 97

    B 97

    Average rating: 10 March 2017

    Good school with good teacher's Mr chuck is the best !

  • donte hargraves

    donte hargraves

    Average rating: 9 November 2015

    bad service at front desk, if your not in the military then your options on class times are few

  • Larry Marek

    Larry Marek

    Average rating: 26 May 2015

    No worries...lots of parking!

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STCW Basic Safety Training (New Entrants)
1799 | Basic Training – (formerly known as BST)
1711 | Personal Survival Techniques
1710 | Personal Safety and Social Responsibility
1735 | Basic Fire Fighting
1707 | First Aid & CPR
STCW Refresher
1737 | Advanced Fire Fighting Refresher
1807 | Advanced Fire Fighting Revalidation
1733 | Proficiency in Survival Craft Refresher
1734 | Basic Training Refresher (formerly known as BST Refresher)
1798 | Basic Training Revalidation
1735 | Basic Fire Fighting
1737 | Advanced Fire Fighting Refresher
1807 | Advanced Fire Fighting Revalidation
1736 | Advanced Fire Fighting
1707 | First Aid & CPR
1740 | Medical Care Provider
1741 | Medical Care Person in Charge
Life / Rescue Boat
1733 | Proficiency in Survival Craft Refresher
1768 | Proficiency in Survival Craft (MIDATL-372)
Safety Management
1794 | Crisis Management & Human Behavior
1793 | Crowd Management
1743 | Maritime Security Awareness
1744 | Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties (VPDSD)
1750 | Vessel Security Officer
Deck, Bridge, Dynamic Positioning, Navigation
1780 | Electronic Charting Display and Information Systems: Transas Software
1706 | Terrestrial & Coastal Navigation
1773 | Chief Mate / Master Assessments
1773 | Chief Mate / Master Assessments
Engine / Electrical
2734 | High Voltage Safety
2734 | High Voltage Safety
2730 | Management of Electrical & Electronic Control Equipment
2731 | Electrical Machinery and Basic Electronics (MIDATL-861)
2736 | Instrumentation (MIDATL-230)
Tanker (Oil, LNG, LPG)
1720 | Tank Barge Dangerous Liquids (Tankerman PIC Barge)
1725 | Tank Ship Dangerous Liquids (Simulator)
Additional STCW courses
1700 | Radar Observer (Unlimited)
1702 | Radar Observer Recertification aka Renewal
1703 | Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA)
1704 | Visual Communications (aka Flashing Light)
1705 | Celestial Navigation (Operational Level)
1708 | 40 Hour Meteorology (Operational) (ONLINE)
1708 | Meteorology (Operational Level)
1709 | Rules of the Road
1714 | Ship Construction and Basic Stability (MIDATL-449)
1717 | Cargo Handling & Stowage (Operational Level)
1718 | Emergency Procedures (Operational Level)
1719 | Search and Rescue (Operational Level)
1719 | Search and Rescue (Operational Level) (ONLINE)
1721 | Tank Ship Dangerous Liquids
1745 | Bridge Resource Management
1754 | Rating Forming Part of a Navigational Watch (Assessments only)
1758 | Radar Observer Refresher
1759 | Marlinespike Seamanship
1772 | Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch (OICNW) (Assessments Only)
1776 | STCW Deck Officer Refresher
1777 | Leadership and Managerial Skills
1778 | Search and Rescue (Management Level)
1781 | Advanced Cargo Handling & Stowage (Management Level)
1781 | Advanced Cargo Handling & Stowage (Management Level) (ONLINE)
1782 | Operating Principles of Marine Propulsion Plants (MIDATL-337)
1783 | Ship Management
1784 | Basic Shiphandling & Steering Control Systems
1785 | Advanced Shiphandling
1786 | Advanced Navigation
1787 | Advanced Watchkeeping (Management Level)
1788 | Advanced Meteorology
1789 | Advanced Stability
1792 | Celestial Navigation/Oceans Navigation (500/1600 GRT)
1796 | Simulator Instructor Training
1797 | Qualified Assessor
2705 | Qualified Member of Engineering Department (QMED) – Electrician/Refrigerating Engineer
2709 | Engineroom Resource Management
2721 | Leadership and Teamworking Skills (MIDATL-768)
2724 | Rating Forming Part of an Engineering Watch (Motor Only) (MIDATL-746)
2729 | Officer in Charge of Engineering Watch (OICEW) Diesel Engine
2733 | Auxiliary Machinery
2737 | QMED – Pumpman/Machinist
2740 | Machine Shop Assessments
2741 | Welding Assessments
2742 | Gas Cutting Assessments
2999 | OICEW – Engineering Terminology and Shipboard Operations