Rood Boven Groen

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Rood Boven Groen is a registered and approved training provider which offers various STCW training courses for the shipping industry. Classroom and online (refresher) trainings. In addition, Rood Boven Groen also provides shipping safety training customized to your wishes.



STCW Training Centres

Rood Boven Groen have their training centres in the following locations:

  • Harlingen, Netherlands
  • Hoek van holland, Netherlands

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Customer Reviews

Rood Boven Groen reviews as published on Google:

  • Magalie MILLIOU

    Magalie MILLIOU

    Average rating: 9 months ago

    Since 1 year, we're delighted to be working with RBG to obtain the SSA certificates required to obtain their seaman book.
    Everything is running smoothly and responsively, which we really appreciate. Our customers are often in a hurry to get their booklets.

  • Fiskerman 43

    Fiskerman 43

    Average rating: 2 weeks ago

    Nice people to work with! Extensive experience and knowledge in applying for navigation licences.

  • Jan Vriesinga

    Jan Vriesinga

    Average rating: 10 months ago

    On board we use the 'Drill scenario selector' from Rood boven Groen: with ingenious dials to select scenarios in different circumstances. The selector is on the table, naturally we start talking about safety - highly recommended!

  • Ben Giunchi

    Ben Giunchi

    Average rating: a year ago

    Is the second time I take courses with RBG and the experience is always great. Particularly this time I had issues with my navigation and starting the exams due to what I think it was my computer problem, but Dominique from the support team did a superb job by staying in touch with me all time and assisting me to get the things done. Very good courses, well explained and intuitive web design to make it easy to reach the navigation and the courses done.

  • Derek Thomson

    Derek Thomson

    Average rating: a year ago

    Excellent Computer-Based Training programme

  • Kevin van Luijn

    Kevin van Luijn

    Average rating: 7 July 2022

    Requested a sailing license via Rood Boven Groen, great service and quickly arranged. Thank you !

  • Antonino Costantino

    Antonino Costantino

    Average rating: 3 March 2022

    Very interesting new learning for me as I will work on a cruise ship as a Executive Chef in south America and Europe.
    I will recommend to my colleague who need the stwc courses as they are very clear and informative! Very satisfying courses!

  • Darryn Quinn

    Darryn Quinn

    Average rating: 7 February 2022

    very professional, quick takes the stress of doing the paperwork yourself. Thank you for a great service will definitely use again I the future!

  • Tom en Marjolein Cleerdin-Kuypers

    Tom en Marjolein Cleerdin-Kuypers

    Average rating: 31 January 2022

    Excellent service and exceptionally 'unburdening'. Many a sailor knows how difficult it can be to do business with KiWa, an organization that is not exactly known for their smooth service. With Rood Boven Groen you are already 1-0 at the beginning of your application, which saves a lot of worries. Communication is smooth and clear and the rates for facilitating an application are more than worth it in my opinion.

  • Martine Goldenbeld

    Martine Goldenbeld

    Average rating: 27 January 2022

    Easy personal contact with friendly people who are knowledgeable. It's great that they always think along with you, recommended!

  • Junior KING!

    Junior KING!

    Average rating: 8 January 2022

  • Ruth Giesen

    Ruth Giesen

    Average rating: 19 November 2021

  • Marggy Aguirre Matheus

    Marggy Aguirre Matheus

    Average rating: 18 November 2021

  • Arnold Timmer

    Arnold Timmer

    Average rating: 20 October 2021

  • elske van der Knijff

    elske van der Knijff

    Average rating: 9 September 2021

  • Rood Boven Groen

    Rood Boven Groen

    Average rating: 3 March 2020

  • Tjeerd westra

    Tjeerd westra

    Average rating: 30 December 2019

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