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Cornish Cruising is one of the largest marine schools in the Southwest of England, we sell the full range of STCW 95 courses to our clients as part of a package which when purchased as a whole costs only £980. All of the theoretical courses are based on our premises in Falmouth, and the practical courses are conducted using our local swimming pool and the closest fire training centre, in Plymouth. Besides STCW 95, we have approval for the AEC, are seeking approval for PDSD, PMC & PMF courses, on top of the full yachting syllabus from the RYA. We're based with easy access from Port Pendennis as well as transport links which are as good as they get down in Cornwall, with a regular train and bus service to Truro, and from there direct trains to London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and others. We are also situated around 30 minutes away from the nearest airport, Newquay, and provide a car service from there to our premises. 

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Cornish Cruising have their training center located in Falmouth, United Kingdom.

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  • Greg Miall

    Greg Miall

    Average rating: a month ago

    Yacht in very poor condition despite being only 4 years old (2016 model). Lots of major issues found on check-in, luckily we were diligent
    - dinghy and pump were incompatible (so no dinghy for the whole week)
    - outboard was stuck onto yacht rail, no way to remove without specialist tools (no so outboard for a week)
    - cooker only worked on one ring (so very hard to cook)
    - eventually first two were fixed, but the outboard was super badly maintained, cut out often with little power. So we had no way off the yacht except in marinas and the cooker barely worked. Complete nightmare.
    - owner did not bother to come for the check out and when we called him was at home with his kids and would not come back to help
    Avoid bareboat hire from here under all circumstances.

  • lee white

    lee white

    Average rating: 2 months ago

    The guy answering the phone was in a bad mood , and seemed very aggressive this morning when i asked some simple questions, they obviously don't want any trade at all, decided not to book the course and try another company

  • Ovine Awful

    Ovine Awful

    Average rating: 7 months ago

    Had an awful experience doing a yacht master fast track here. One of the instructors verbally abused me until I cried because I didn't understand passage planning, another instructor repeatedly belittled me, another one blew an air horn in my face while I was sleeping, another one left 2 of us on deck during a night crossing of the english channel that nearly ended in a collision with a military vessel while the instructor slept, and to top it off I never received any qualifications. All sounds quite funny looking back on it but was terrible service and a scam.

  • Alex Owen

    Alex Owen

    Average rating: 6 months ago

    VERY RUDE (unless you are instantly spending money with them) - Wouldn't bother, there are much better & more friendly charters around Cornwall.

  • Reuben Carter

    Reuben Carter

    Average rating: a year ago

    I did the competent Crew course with Cornish Crusing and had an excellent experience. Mike the instructor was extremely good.

  • Gerben Soepenberg

    Gerben Soepenberg

    Average rating: June 23, 2019

    Just completed a Milebuilder course to the Isles of Scilly. The instructor was friendly, but the boat desperately needed some maintenance. For instance, the outboard engine did not start, the gas detector was not working, the carbon monoxide detector was not working, the heads were leaking into the bilge, engine was leaking oil, the door to the heads did not close properly (so we had to tie the door to prevent it from clapping during sailing), the light for the chart table was broken, one of the water tanks was contaminated and could not be used.
    The course was supposed to start at 4 o'clock on Saturday, and the website said that the intention is to go sailing the same day. We did however not leave port till Sunday 2 o'clock because two students would only arrive Sunday around lunch time.
    I give two stars, because of the instructor, otherwise it would have been one star. I will not sail again with them.

  • simon walsh

    simon walsh

    Average rating: June 20, 2019

    I did my comp crew with my son in January 2019 and later my day skipper both courses with Mike Allen who was a consummate professional, for the price of the course it was like a mini break basic food however, a few tips on cooking and its surprising what you can knock up with a bit of imagination... hard work on day skipper we were tested constantly questioned and challenged to preform , some times under pressure .. please do not shout man overboard as I developed a twitch :) but mike dealt with it all in a calm manner. I originally met Nick at the Southampton boat show of all the stands and I spoke to them all he was happy to talk even though his lunch went cold, he was clear on details and answered all the questions, I will be back for more with Cornish cruising January 2020

  • Jon Burtenshaw

    Jon Burtenshaw

    Average rating: April 6, 2019

    Just finished Day Skipper Theory course with Simon, he was an awesome instructor, I’ve learnt loads! Highly recommend

  • Tom M

    Tom M

    Average rating: May 7, 2018

    Thanks to all at Cornish Cruising who helped me pass my Yachtmaster Offshore during my development program. Great team, great sailing area, great people to sail with. Thoroughly recommend Cornish Cruising if you want to learn to sail.
    Experience is affected by the weather so be prepared for sun, rain, wind (too much & too little) and the occasional snow.
    Will be going back.

  • John Wells

    John Wells

    Average rating: February 13, 2018

    Donna Louise - June 2017

    It is nearly nine months since we chartered from Cornish Cruising. I write this review in corroberation of the review from Graham, where I was mate on the vessel. We are a very experienced crew of six and have chartered throughout the UK and the Baltic for many years. We are therefore experienced charterers. I agree with all item listed in Graham's comprehensive snagging list. This was possibly the worst condition charter yacht we have ever taken over, which was a pity because with a bit of TLC she could be an excellent sail. It serves to emphasise a major problems affecting most charter organisations: they all run on a shoestring budget and do not allow nearly enough time for maintenance between charters. As a tight knit crew we pride ourselves on bringing a yacht back in a better condition than when it was taken over.

  • Graham Payne

    Graham Payne

    Average rating: February 12, 2018

    Donna Louise Snag List 14-20th June 2017

    •VHF aerial failed. Loose on bracket and no signal. Deployed emergency aerial. We were told over the telephone that 'It tested OK in port' Testing it with a receiving station a couple of hundred metres away is not a test.
    •No proper selection of cutlery. One knife missing
    •No glasses
    •No small plates
    •Misc mugs (5 only)
    •Only one USB outlet. We were advised 5 on board by Michelle
    •Microwave oven does not function
    •Missing lamps in saloon, one cabin, navigator's table
    •Bow thruster not working. Battery registers 1 volt. no instructions on charging
    •Few instruction manuals on board
    •No ship's papers
    •One fender flat. Needs pumping up or replacing
    •Outboard kill switch lead missing. Replacement purchased but not refunded
    •One outboard securing clamp missing
    •Outboard will not start. Carburettor needs servicing
    •Saloon table loose (and was reported in log in January! S/b table flap support fell off but was repaired by crew
    •Missing pin In halyard snap hook
    •No signal halyard
    •No courtesy flags
    •First aid kit on Spanish
    Very Inadequate tool kit
    Small Frying pan falling apart
    •No cleaning materials on board
    •No fixtures for Cook's belt
    •Oven front falling apart
    •240 volt outlets all Euro and we were not advised to bring adaptors to U.K. 13A
    •No water hose supplied
    •No spare light line
    •Dinghy side rope failed

    All above were reported in writing to Nick on arrival back to port who then became abusive. I will never use this company again and I would advise other charterers to go over their chartered boat extremely thoroughly before leaving harbour. Especially safety items such as the radio.

  • Jim Dylan

    Jim Dylan

    Average rating: November 18, 2017

    Just completed day skipper theory & pratical ! Would recommend to anyone . Theory was with Simon , brilliant teaching, so knowledgeable & just all round nice guy! Practical was George & again brilliant teaching skills & great fun & goes well beyond expectations! Cool, calm & a really nice guy , getting everybody involved & the other instructors from there yachts always really helpful, great to chat too & full of great tips & information!! I have enjoyed my last two weeks so much & the thought of going back to work on Monday is real arse but hey “we’re all in the same boat”

  • David Bullen

    David Bullen

    Average rating: July 31, 2017

    Thank you Cornish Cruising and Nick for a brilliant day skipper theory week.  The instructor was very good, who was able to get across the information so that all us students understood the subject being taught.  Considering that there was a large age and ability in the course.  The instructor was able to bring our skill levels together and help each other after the days instruction.

    I look forward to my practical week in a few weeks time.  Thank you Nick.

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